суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Shot at NL50

Sun Poker: $ 13:55
VC Poker: $ 2:16

Today, I have a short shot into the NL50 daring. I wanted to just take care snuffle like there is so. Therefore I am at Sun to a NL50 and NL25 to a table. But I must say that it really was only briefly, 34 hands to be exact. A nice Flush has me there, but a few dollars and brought to me I will also be satisfied. Overall, it was pretty satisfying, was the only NL50 table is a lot tighter than the NL25 table, however, was determined only by accident.
The $ 13 profit consist of $ 10 in NL50 and $ 3 for NL25.
For Sun, I have tried all the way, because I wanted to see whether the bonus will be a bit faster. Something went really fast, but still only 0:25 points almost at once, but often.

It is today, I will then leave, did just not a good mood and with anger in the abdomen should we not play.

Nagut, I did not turn my back and still held a round played at VC. Re $ 2 more, somehow NL10 is fairly easy or where it is easier for me to play aggressively. With one hand, I have shaken his head, but after I checked the River hab, I actually had a high Bet need to do. Here is the picture:


Trident Poker: $ 29.04

After 20 minutes, I stopped. At two tables at once, it ran at the same time so well that I even knew where net, I was the first look. Then I got me my first Full House minded, which I find on the River with QT get hab (Board: TT33x) and got as something other than the enemy.
At the other table, it was even more beautiful than I with the A4 BB reingelimpt bin. The board looked at the end like this:

By the River, there were almost no action, was not raised preflop and on the flop, my opponent grad times a few cents. Turn and the River durchgecheckt he also checked to me, because I have it with the sighted to $ 3 Bet tried and hoped that something, and he thinks that I am the pot now wants to steal it. His rise was obviously a nice knot as a gift! Of course, I also raised again and get all his money. He was so kind and has revealed: KK! What do we learn from this? KK is not the slowplayen da! :)

It stinks at Trident

Trident Poker: $ 27.48
VC Poker: + $ 3.96

Yes, Trident is a stench in the air. It stinks after fish. Sometimes I was not really sure if I just Ultra-Aggressiven Könnern games, or whether people are simply too stupid. Meanwhile, I find it in any case, a very dangerous mix. Because either it works fairly well or flying on the face.
Today, it works first, let's look at what the evening brings so.

Now I know what the evening brings it: $ 10 Again! What annoys me was that it would have $ 20 more. But unfortunately I have a friend on my AK, but unfortunately it was KK, and that was not enough for my two boys.
But I rausgeholt later than it actually was almost exactly reversed. My opponent and I had JJ AA, and he wanted to AI, because I do not say no.
Schoenberg was also gefloppten KT and the King-high straight. One simply does not want to stop and put on the River was even the Nut-Flush from my straight. At the time, I also increased for the first time, I ask myself just how much I would have abknöpfen him. The $ 5 Raise he gecalled without reflection.
Schoenberg somehow I found the following picture, even if it is me, in fact, only cost $ 7. But somehow ists just beautiful to look at:

Now even the evening update: After a film ( "population 436", it was quite ok), I am once again at the tables. This time again to relax at VC Poker. It is good if the people a Top Pair enough to AllIn to go. Since VC but somehow just short Stacked people play, it has not all too much. But hauptsache the $ 1000 mark is broken again!

Table Bully was there ...

Sun Poker: + $ 5.10
VC Poker: + $ 1.88

Slowly evades the Trident curse again from me. Only some point, I must also the last couple of hands at Trident. The heb I especially motivated for a day.
Today, the cards were actually not even particularly good, or I was really rare. However, I have almost every hand that I have played preflop geraist and with a CB on the flop then the pot fetched. Did surprisingly well. However, it was only small money halt.

So, now was the evening round at VC Poker. Here again, I have gained a tremendous amount of money. ;)

A bit what

Sun Poker: + $ 3.95
VC Poker: $ 3:04

Not really a lot of what today walked into my account, but at least hiked again was there. For that I got 3x AA today, it is still quite low.
Except for my AA-Serie (2 of them directly row), but nothing happened today. I am fairly quickly from the tables adopted, which are simply not wanted to run. At one table, unfortunately, after losing $ 8, well ...
These are a few points for Sun and a little rake, so I let the Friday evening probably pokermäßig ausklingen.

Nagut, I could not and did a few hands with the children of VC Poker. The main thing, a few dollars more. Only me, it is already 2x happens that I FH floppe and not simply (and not) get action. Until River checks everything to me, and even the smallest Riverbet have all gefolded. Well ...

Och what is the matter?

Bonus Trident Poker: $ 25 + bonus
Sun Poker:-$ 28.85

I really knows what's going on net. Yesterday, I made almost break with games today and grad is still so bad. This time I am again raced against AA, think for today, I let it first. No more pleasure!

Supplement ...

Yesterday, I have only a $ 7,000 Freeroll played, and I am relatively early Ret. Someone said with a pair of 4s than under any pair of Bet AQ my call to have my AllIn itself at the end. I probably just to keep impatient for tournaments.

I will not talk about that ...

Trident Poker:-$ 25.91

Why does it never even several weeks at the piece well? Is that really too much to ask?
Today I got all the time to +-0 and kept only wanted my next $ 25 contribution.
Towards the end I bekomm QQ on the hand. Before me are now three people in the hand, all have an increase of $ 1 gecalled. So, I raised to $ 4. Two people are with me in the flop, which brings only Crap. Since the pot was already quite large, I AllIn gone. One folded and the second says only: "Gambling Time" and called me and shows A6s. Unfortunately, he has two of his color has taken on the flop and, of course, the 3rd Even.

At least I have another $ 25 bonus unlocked, which then should come soon. If that continues, the bonus is fairly pointless. I think the next few days I will Trident-break and again comfortably at Sun.


Trident Poker: $ 10:38

Would have liked to say that today I won something did, because I have played so well, or at least my cards were so great. But I admit that it was just pure luck. AllIn with QQ vs. KK (where I had QQ), and on the River was still a lady. Otherwise, it would have again today bleak ausgesehen.

If it goes down times ...

Trident Poker:-$ 28.83

... Then it remains so.
But first I want to tell a beautiful hand. I pocket 9s and the flop brings me my set. A Short Stacked AI goes with me. Now you can see the cards unfortunately the AI at Trident not, but he had pocket Ts The Turn brings a T and the River still a 9th So much for the happy part of today.
Otherwise, I agree with the last hand with my pocket Qs Pocket ace raced against. Shortly before that with my gefloppten A-High-Flush against 86o lost because of the River yes absolutely had to get a full house.
Well, there are again below $ 1000. But it will also go back up. Still, the figures for this month very well. :)

Next up ...

( +$25 Bonus) Trident Poker:-$ 40.52 (+ $ 25 bonus)

Have only a small play in the morning session, were two or three nice cards and the flop a little taken. But there was actually nothing special in the process for $ 10, it still does.
Otherwise appeared again $ 25 on my account, they probably come from either "George" or "no_luck999." Thank you for whom they are now. :)

A small lunch session on the profit, unfortunately, has somewhat diminished. Was pretty mixed and that has me after the $ 5 cost. No matter ...

Evening Update:
Ouch, that would save me. J-High-Flush vs. A-High-Flush, Two-Pair vs. bad. Good Two-Pair, Trips with bad kicker vs. Trips with a better kicker. My $ 5 profit, unfortunately, in order to convert $ 40 loss. Well, I stay on the $ 1000! :)

$ 1000 cracked!

Bonus die eben bei Trident eingetroffen sind, habe ich eine magische Grenze durchbrochen. It is done with the $ 25 bonus just for the Trident arrived, I have a magical ceiling holes.

~ ~ ~ $ 1000 ~ ~ ~

Let's celebrate! :)

Pocket Pairs from the circus to elope?

Trident Poker: $ 58.40

Session 1
Today I tried seriously to play at Trident. So with $ 20 on the tables and it was also quite good. Almost my entire profit today, I owe a player named "deatharr." First, he was so kind with my Re-Raise AA to increase again, as I am, and he AI gecalled. The flop came KQx and I have trembled, but he has probably AK or AQ or something in the nature had. Later, he was so kind again AI to a call after I had taken a set, and he even grad Top Pair (9 with 2 as a kicker!) . Otherwise, the Pocket Pairs now itself had, I did 4x within half an hour Pocket 6s get other Pocket Pairs were often attended today, I have only a total of "only" 2x my set.
Total earnings: $ 48.63

I still do not know how and when I continue to play today. Actually, I still have to do something, but the weather is grad shit. Perhaps it is imputed to me tomorrow morning, as I have always gone. Yes, I think that sounds good.

Session 2
Well, I did it on tomorrow morning and pushed me instead decided a little poker to play. It began to shit, was quickly below $ 20, but then it went up. The Pocket Pairs were continuing. Now I really do not exaggerating, I had EVERY Pocket Pair, apart from TT at least once. AA, I had 3x, 2x QQ, and the rest came often. Somehow quite unbelievable.
In the end, it again served for $ 10 and the first 250RHs for the bonus are managed. Unfortunately, it takes somewhat to the $ 25 transfer, but they hauptsache.
Yet what good has also visited me: my first Straight Flush, and he was kind of badly paid. : (

Total earnings: $ 58.40

Already over half again

Trident Poker:-$ 29.76

Four tables, each with NL20 $ 5, not very professionally, but it brings but quickly points. A bit what I lost, Straight Flush and K-Flush vs vs A-Flush were net so cheap. The last hand was then AA and someone got me gecalled. $ 9, I had at the table, then $ 18th Naja.

Session 2 has me at Trident unfortunately again a few dollars. If I look times the next day to find there is still time to look seriously to play.

* * Hmpflgrz
Well, if lose, then right. Vs. Straight Flush, Two Pair vs. Set, vs. Flush Flush, AA vs. 99 (I had AA!) And no idea how often vs. Top Pair Set.
Am I glad that I am the profits of the last few days quite calmly ignored. Only the $ 1000 I could not come closer!

Trident Poker

Since I have just $ 200 at Neteller rumfahren had, I now turn to Trident Poker poker shoved. There are 100% bonus for the $ 200, according 2000RHs, each hand with $ 0.25 Rake as RH counts. After each 250RHs get $ 25 So you then have a little incentive. :)

Link: Trident Poker (if those who registered, so he must like my name: Feroc);)


Sun Poker: $ 37.96

So, now we play the same game as yesterday. Short sessions, with breaks in between. Hopefully with a good starting the same way as yesterday.

Session 1
First, I found it very nice to my friend with AA, that he me with 97s, SB has reinlimpen, the flop has brought me two 9er and his showdown (unfortunately very small) stack. A straight on the River, the remaining dollars. :)
Total earnings: $ 18:51

Session 2
Ok, that was a very short session. Can me at the moment is not so great focus and I can not decide whether I just warm or cold. Well, perhaps later in the night again.
Total earnings: $ 20.81

Session 3
That was again a productive session. Mainly an AI with my AA, I owe to the profit, which was 64s (and a flush Draw) gecalled. AA has held, and thus it was mine. A little, I lost with AK, which has the 4th River A color map that was brought to me and then too hot.
Total earnings: $ 37.96

Happy Birthday and holiday start

( +$30.52 Rakeback) Sun Poker: $ 23:20 (+ $ 30.52 Rake Back)

Fortunately, I was able to leave my durchboxen yet, so I quite comfortable this week fröhnen the cards. My girlfriend is studying until the evening, so enough time.
Additionally, today my birthday, the 26th In the age must be something better on the cards. Yeah ... It only goes downhill. ;)

Today should be a couple of updates. I try my individual sessions are not too long to let enough breaks in between to make.

Session 1
From 12 to 13:00 am Session 1 was very bumpy, but a few good cards have prevented the worst. Actually, it started very well, my first hand (QT) at the same time turned into a full house. The flushing today and were from the textbook: 1 of 3 hit, the others are not very favorable. A nice A-High-Straight River on the case he has done usual.
Total earnings: $ 8.60

Session 2
Another hour is played and it looked pretty bad. A player had 2x exactly the counterpart of my hand. I have AT, he has TT and in a T-flop as a high-Card. Treff then I think on the Straight River, but he has long been his full house on the flop had. In the end it has given me a little money, however, a gift. He AA and I KJs on the flop I flush and straight-Draw and he embeds always something less than the pot, which is then purely rechnerich well enough. Feels still funny with nothing yet clear but relatively too. Well, on the River came my Nut-Straight.
Total earnings: $ 13:55

Session 3
I think this is likely my last session for today. But, now look. My girl needs to learn for exams, so tonight could have a session in it.
The session was quite ok, Trips vs. Flush gave me a little was brought. Only this time it was very, very tight tables, also did little to win points.

Thanks, incidentally, for the congratulations, gifts in the form of money or alcoholic beverages. ;)
Total earnings: $ 23:20

Rake Back
Just, the email came from Sun that my Rake Back arrived. fürs Konto. This again makes an additional $ 30.52 for the account. This is also the $ 900 mark cracked! Something to 4 digits soon.

On and off ...

Bonus Grand Bay Poker: $ 30 + bonus
Sun Poker:-$ 53.50

After the second e-mail was then the bonus finally on my account of GBP. This results in the following picture at GBP Bonus:
Deposit: $ 50
Payout: $ 113.19
These Bonus: $ 30
Of Profit: $ 33.19

For Sun, it was now rather then return to the "off". Where were my losses today? Once I Top Pair with Mr. "I klau every pot" gecalled. Of course, if and only if he has taken his set.
Then I think A-High-Straight on the River gefolded because there was 4x Pik, which of course I did not and shows me what my opponent? Two Pair, no Pik far and wide.
Finally, then Mr. Lucky. I bekomm Turn on the KT with a A-High-Straight and 2 go with me AI. One of them had also KT, the other AJ, and thus Two Pair and on the River course, he still gets a J! Kotzen To!

Well, I was just before the 900th $ But today would have to actually have the Rake come back, then that would be done. Now I do eh first break and kill a couple of virtual humans.


Sun Poker: $ 30.55
Grand Bay Poker: $ 33.19

But not too much to talk about any Upswings, otherwise Lady Luck still comes and takes me back my good cards away.

Was a rather brief session at Sun, but is also very good. Major donors were Mr. AK, which has a K on the flop has taken and thought that he was so quiet times AllIn go. Only stupid if I did Pocket T's and my set meet. So it makes it fun. * G *

Afterwards I sometimes with the bonus of Grand Bay Poker started. I still do not how many RHs I actually need. But at some point I have werd times a reply from the support. Something between 100 and 150 should be. They are playing fast. At GBP werd I probably something as a player trying Short Stacked and the NL20 tables to graze.

A little later * *

Nagut, that was easier than I thought. Meanwhile, I also support replied. For the $ 30 bonus just need 100RHs, I quickly played at 3 tables. Short Stacked (with $ 5 to NL20 tables) to play was quite funny. On a table from the first $ 5 through $ 25, and almost everything was done by the same person, to the $ 30 profit, the added bonus of course. For the month to go further ... Look how long times GBP needs to the bonus to move out, so you can hear not only good for running.

Today, I was once on it!

Sun Poker: $ 50.45

Today after work, I was first briefly in the city to tell me about a new monitor to buy. This will, of course, also had to be tested and, therefore, I am just 3 tables, which now fit comfortably side by side. ;)
And today it finally ran again. After all the failures, it was indeed time again. Today, the cards were clearly on my side. Pocket T's voted against AK. KK has twice visited me and AA was two times since. When was the last time someone so kind and is equipped with KK AllIn gone before me, well then even if AA holds.

Thanks to the profit, I am now back at Sun Plus and absolutely in my bank roll has for the first time the $ 800 limit passed. Let's hope that now again a few sunny days.

From a little adversity, I must still report. Normal yes, I had announced that I will leave next week. Unfortunately, I forgot my idiot holiday in the office to apply, so it has at the moment while my boss was received by e-mail, but it is unfortunately not in the system and not been officially approved. Not only can happen to me. Well, tomorrow I werd times with my boss calls. Let's see what comes out.

Day of the Flushing

Sun Poker:-$ 1.69

Today was the day of Flushing, of course, I did not have the Flushing, but my opponent. It is also a minus again before the number Otherwise, the day would be really good. But vs Set Straight Flush and against Flush were unfortunately rather expensive. : (
The meißte I then with good hands brought back here (discussion of a hand). For the day at least a couple of points back and rake. Better than nothing.

New month!

Sun Poker: $ 14.40 +
Party: $ 24.40

This begins the month pretty good, I even think that it probably is the first month in which I am the first Make no loss. Since I now probably no more time to play will find, it will be in the profit hopefully stay.

From the session at Sun, there is really not much to tell, just got to wait for my chances and then slammed. Two rather lose-aggressive goods tables, then at least a couple of points. Hopefully, the month as well.

Evening Update:
Since I just did read that people just a little money from Party tournaments, I have to look at and see there: $ 15 ... Not at poker may be wasted. Well, then stop off to the slot machines, a few times already been pressed and it is almost $ 25 which I could then pay off. This has also served to them to pay off. Again, Party was changed. Previously they had to pay at least $ 50 and no odd amounts. This time it went without problems. Thank You Party!

The October

Profit and loss
Paradise Poker: + $ 1.90
VC Poker: $ 22.79
Dream Poker: $ 26.86
($86 Bonus) Party Poker: $ 127.63 ($ 86 bonus)
($50 Bonus) Sun Poker:-$ 0.25 ($ 50 bonus)
($55 Bonus) Crazy Poker: $ 45.74 ($ 55 bonus)

Total: $ 224.67

Among the numbers
Sun Poker is my single room with a loss this month. It is a pity that it is the last week ran so bad, otherwise it would have a few dollars more. However, there still Rake Back added, however, I have not included because this is up next month on my account.
Party Poker is the winner of the month. This is, however, in a generous bonus and two very good days at NL Party.

My game
It is virtually the first month I again NL games, I think that it was quite ok. I still have a little balance between the aggressors and calculated play. Think this is the moment my main problem. I have to learn that I am not an aggressive player with even greater aggressiveness should try to beat.

There are at the moment at $ 200 bonus money which I freispielen. At Sun $ 100 and $ 100 at Paradise. If I am correctly informed, but also the next Sun bonus, as it is this 100% up to $ 100 every month.
Another prospect is my week's holiday in November, where I will hopefully so much time and desire, that I, at least one of the bonuses clearen and with a bit of luck finally something more "normal" profit making.

The last few days have the motivation and the profit slightly pulled down. In retrospect, was the month but not even that bad times. Of the more than $ 200 profit, unfortunately, was again the most bonus and just over $ 30 erspielter really profit. I see myself still in the learning phase, especially since I now so often the system really changed. Hopefully, this time I am finally decided, but I also think that my trips to the different system also brought something. So now, I can at least always a bonus in Limit poker handle it and knows what I do anyway.
I look forward to next month and I hope that I have the $ 1000 limit will crack!

geht noch an meine Leser. A big thanks goes to my readers. My blog is now in the 6th Month, and I am pleased to be able to say that I am now more than just a regular reader. Above all, I am pleased that many reading this blog, though I disagree with such a large amount as other herumhantiere and some of my large losses or gains can only smile. I hope that my blog the next few months remains up to date and its continued hard lest abgebt and comments!


Sun Poker: + $ 9.50

In very small steps, I now try again aufzurappeln. Sessions let me not too long, so I will not frivolous. Today it for a small profit-enough so that I am up to $ 0.25 again exactly at the level as in the deposit, unfortunately, including the $ 50 bonus. Well.
Today there is really only one good hand to say, with KK, and a $ 2 increase, I am with an opponent and out of position in the flop. This brought me a beautiful king and I checkte. From my opponents, I knew that he enjoys trying to steal the pot, and so I wanted to wait on him. He checkte however. The Turn pairte (great word) the board, so I think fast-Nuts held in the hand (except my opponent would have had a couple 3en). I checkte again, my opponent too. After River checkte again and this time I beat my opponent with a 3 / 4 Potsize Bet ($ 3), I increased to $ 10 and was gecalled. A few hands before I had something with QQ bleed, it did quite well.

Otherwise, I have not made me more aggressive to play so if I am out of position. Think this has cost me more than it has. Even with the Re-Raises I should be a little more on the eighth and opponents get back on the right opportunity wait.

Supplement ...

+$50 Bonus Sun Poker:-$ 7.79 + $ 50 bonus

Blogger has the last two days zicken. Therefore, there is now a small addendum. Actually, I have always played only on Friday until I had the bonus, and otherwise the weekend poker without rum.
My Poker this loss is probably one of the lowest of the week, however, it was deserved. Once again I have tried through aggressiveness to win a pot (which was in the trousers), I was at the other table, and I gefrustet with AQ and the top pair on the flop AI gecalled and was gone. But this time it was, so I was able to offset the losses again.

The next week I try a little back to hold, will read more as a play, so I then for the week (holidays!) Fit and motivated me. If Rake Brain punctually with the transfer, then I am even again at Sun Poker in the Plus and can almost start a new beginning.

Edit: I can just see that a whole post with me missing. Well, because the problems were probably still at large nature bloggers. geärgert... In my last post I am over-$ 60.45 angry ... We must not repeat. ;)

Mist ...

Sun Poker:-$ 17.52

Tjo that was once nothing. It started really well. On my desk I was a slightly Card Dead, but it ran at the other actually quite good. Until I make a semi-bluff with my JJs got started and the time is quite backward and completely started. The result you can see above in red. : (

Well, I pendel at Sun continues to break even. But the first part of the bonus should be done soon and Rake Back gibbet even more.

Sooo ... A few concentrated hands after a short break, from the then-$ 40-only $ 17. If my blödes AI would not come in between, it would have been a really good day.

Finally green ...

Sun Poker: $ 17.55 +

After the up and down in recent days, today was something high. Mainly that I owe this to hand. In retrospect it was not even playing well, but because of the flush Draw yes but all the time there was. But hauptsache first back a little and so won a $ 40 pot is always something beautiful.

Bin today, then unfortunately no longer came to play. However, it was finally my Rake stand again updated. Yesterday, I got so lost about $ 5. The Rake Back bekomm I also $ 5. :)
If someone wants to try, I can only recommend Rake Brain. I was once so freely me as a referral indicated. ;)

Real again Sunday?

Sun Poker:-$ 5.83

It is really again Sunday, it was not until last Friday? The time is simply far too quickly rum. Well, another two weeks, then I have another week off.

You see that horrendous profits at Sun? 37 cents! And so I can really be satisfied. In the beginning it went pretty well, after a few hands, I was already $ 20 plus. The biggest part of it came from someone with KK against my AA wrong. Indeed good.
Then hats caught me angry. I raised preflop with TT and will gecalled. The flop comes 9-high, perfect. I do something that will be increased and calle. The turn brings a J and I check my Raiser also checked. "Very good" I would like to thank me, if he fear of a J, then perhaps he has a lower pair or A9 or something. The River brings a 5 and I check and my first opponent bets $ 15 ... Ui but I think calle. Was he covering up? 85 s. .. I mentioned that even flop in a 5 and he stood on the River Trips get? Afterwards, I still ran well against QQ and already changed the sign in front of my profit or German: Now did - $ 20
Then I caught myself again and got me back a few dollars back fetched. Thus, the session also break even, but again with a couple of bonus points and Rake back there even more.

These few cents so naturally I could not leave, so again at the tables and a little lost.
In the beginning it was really good, maybe I should play after 10 minutes ever stop? In any case eventually came with a $ 5 to the table and played extremely aggressive. With its large Bets managed it, almost every pot to decide for themselves and in the end, he had on his $ 5 over $ 30. The whole time I have been waiting for good cards, so I gave him a piece of the pie away, unfortunately, someone else has the cards in front of me and so had he left the table without money.
Well, I am still in the Plus at Sun, and now it must slow even go up again.

Since I am again

Paradise Poker:-$ 0.20
Sun Poker: $ 21:38

The last few days it was a little stressful, and only long work, then a birthday. That is why I am only now returned to the cards come.

Until now, not much happens. Have a few RHs in Paradise, and I gathered around the break-even time. Think later, I will go one more session to appeal.

So far, Sun again, and finally it is again an increase from the figure was actually quite funny and enjoyable to play. At best, I was actually the first hand with my second Table. I sit me out, wait a round of the BB and then get KK on the hand. Then I could look like all first to SB folden out and I had no hope at some money. But there goes my (unfortunately Short Stacked, but otherwise it probably would have not made) friend on the SB AllIn even with its $ 7, and he shows me KTs, but my kings.
Funny then later was still a little discussion between two players. One is AllIn with 77 and is gecalled of Q6o. A lady appears on the flop and the pot goes to the player with the lady. The then makes it funny that he goes with 77 AllIn thus suspending the other makes it funny that he Q6o called. There were "evil" and "poverty" fought against one another.

How funny

Sun Poker:-$ 38.90

Yes, very funny, totlachen. Two hands, two tables, both directly after the other.

Table 1: QQ, flop is 339 and I sit a AllIn he covers 89 and gets on the River's Full House. The whole with a $ 3 increase preflop!

Table 2: KK, flop comes only Crap. I sit a little, the other increases. Turn also brings Crap, and I just sit AllIn him. He has obviously taken a set and at the Turn of FH.

To sucks!


Sun Poker-$ 16:19

Ok, now I was really very briefly before full tilt. At each table, I advised against any idiot. But "idiot" is the wrong word, rather against someone very, very aggressive. But once we start to what has annoyed me today:
First With Top Pair Set against losing is not so unusual, it was not won after several Pötten but very nerving.
Second Two times a A-High-Flush to get only small and less money for them.
Third With Full House at the turn against a higher full house on the River to lose.
Fourth My totally unnecessary Re-Raise to $ 10 against the idiot because I really thought that he did not always have something. His AllIn was me then but too weird, it was just $ 10 away.

Now I go round a scream, then a few fish sticks eat and then rest in World of Warcraft.

No tickets on Monday

My Warlocks wanted to Level 54, and by 11:30 I wanted to be not ready to play. If I look times today more time to think ...

Rake update!

Finally, rake Brain times keepers. On 14 Again, I have $ 14 to Rake caused sinds now total about $ 30 to Rake and $ 10 so I get back. Missing Zwischendrin times a day, because for 11 In October, I somehow seems not to have received (that was my Evil Win). Perhaps ists just with the 14th Mixed or so.

But is pretty much Rake because of the Sun. What is clear is that not all of me, but as you can see how much the first since deserve.

Once again Sunday

Sun Poker: $ 8:38

Somehow passes at the weekend the time faster than during the week. This is a problem which scientists should devote even necessarily. But the evening is still young and I hope I later find the time to play a bit.
Previously, there were many small pots and many did my friend, "I raise pre flop with every second hand" to thank. The game was always the same: He raised preflop, now there are two possibilities: a) he missed the flop, and checks or b) he meets and sets the flop was. Of course, a) often happened, and every time we then positioned on him, and what has, then he is out.
Today was strange that whenever I had a good hand increased hab (AQ, AK), then there are many people, when I had a very good hand (AA), then of course all out. No matter, again $ 10 and a few more RHs.

The whole week I got myself on the irregular (or none at all) for updates of Rake Brain annoyed. Sometimes I would read the news, then I would have probably noticed that the update until this Sunday, it is probably because of technical difficulties. Since I am anxious times ...

So, now is also the evening session over and my income has, unfortunately, from $ 10 to $ 8 reduced. Not the world, but also not encouraging. But this time lag probably mainly on the cards, and more than a bad Top Pair today, I could not see.
On the update from Rake Brain wait, I unfortunately still ... Grrrr ...

A weekend

Paradise Poker: $ 2:10
VC Poker:-$ 15:38
Sun Poker: $ 28.67

In short, I look at the NL tables at Paradise Poker, but immediately got canceled because I still had to be away.

Later, I had the desire not to "serious" poker and wanted a few short Stacked with VC Poker exempt. Unfortunately, the shots were not going backwards.

Something gefrustet me, then I just have to take a $ 1000 Paradise Poker tournaments are logged and it even started really good. After the first two hands, I had bought chips by 1000 and later I was able to get some pots. Then, unfortunately, I am against KK when I raced Top Pair AJ had, of course, with K flop. The remaining few chips I verdonkt then. For tournaments, I have somehow not the patience, I think it does sometimes, when I really want, and the time for hab.

Evening Update:
I did a little back and forth about whether I prefer the first Paradise Poker or rather the Sun Poker Bonus abarbeite. In the end I apologize for Sun Poker, and apparently decided was the right place. In the beginning, it was again not good, because my 4x BB increase with my pocket K's was probably not high enough for my friend from Turkey and its 64o-Hand. With the course, he had two more 4s in the flop meet ... Logical.
Then I got my first sought another table and two beautiful. There, I was one with his geriverten Two Pair then All In. Pity that I at the time my Full House already had. In the end then, a couple of Euro Short Stacked stolen, as he and his Pocket 8 AllIn's gone ... And against my pocket 9's first. So it can go.

Crazy done, Paradise to come ...

+ $40 Bonus Crazy Poker-$ 3:47 $ 40 + bonus

The last couple of hands at Crazy were no major incidents, it is managed.
Deposit: $ 100
Payout: $ 145.74
Profit by Poker: $ 9:26 -
Profit by Bonus: $ 55 +
$45.74 Total profit: $ 45.74

The whole pulls my normal poker winnings back down somewhat, but the bonus hauptsache agrees first.

This is not boring to me, Paradise Poker has given me a nice e-mail. A 50% bonus up to $ 100 and the lass I obviously not escape. Is 10x is a bonus, but I make gains again after each 100RHs $ 10 on my account, and with Paradise yes, I would have only good experiences. Once I look like the parallel with the Sun hinbekomme bonus. The good is that not all the bonuses expire, and because I really can play where I just want to hab.

Crazy Poker confusion

Crazy Poker: $ 9:42 -

Today, I really wanted some quick RHs at Crazy Poker and got me for one hour at 5 FL tables. That should be the long session yesterday, actually quite a lot RHs.
Since I did not return to an e-mail had to wait, I live with the spoken Support and was told that I had about 145RHs. That, however, was not up to date because the system is only updated every 45 minutes. So, I just an hour later asked again because everything would be up to date. The response from the Live Support: 75RHs. Since then, I was somewhat confused and after a little back and forth, rausgestellt that the entire probably just a few problems and has not properly updated. The last word was 163RHs then, but I still hope that this is not all. I got the good side of a page and get on the RHs I can look myself. Well, the last 37RHs I would probably still somehow.

On the outcome itself is not much to say. At 5 tables, I am not really that good. The $ 9 is a mixture of bad calls and some bad beats. The main thing the bonus comes soon.

Blogs ...

Once again I just noticed is that I blog a loyal reader is not yet in my list, do I just have a general call:

If a poker blog, and yet in my blog lists, which should please leave a Comment. Would obviously nice if whoever me, too. :)

Crazy Poker bonus added

Crazy Poker: + $ 3.63

Another bonus Prima, what should I do? Somehow, it pulls me back then. But $ 40 for 200RHs are also not so bad. The RHs are contributed and must be played at 0.25/0.50, but then I become once again simply because a little limit. $ 15, I even get a gift, I do not know why, because you really only get $ 10 ... But I will not grumble. :)

But it's getting good again, $ 5 are already gone and the FL to a table. They started it really well. Well, yes 200RHs may not take so long, just stupid that I have not re-hab RH display. Werd again, I probably need to write emails.

Edit: So, even a small session at Crazy filed. Stressful, 4 short-hand Tables can be a very nice sweat. It has served the purpose of the $ 5 + $ 3 to make, and so I am again a good mood. The 4 Tables should also have to have raked Hands.

Edit 2: According Support 8RHs I played ... Hmm ... I hope times strongly that the only RHs from my first Session, otherwise I start to scream. :)

Evil Win

Sun Poker: + $ 6.66

After almost 2 hours to play in a gain of $ 6.66, na least, the number beautiful. In the beginning, I once again caught a stupid table. I think that I am now quite aggressively, but there are still what, yet aggressive, and my Bets reraisen and although I am quite sure that they have nothing eh.

Two beautiful hands is to report, once I had QT and am with 4 people in the flop: AJT rainbow, it was a little. The turn brings the K, which anyone with a Q the Straight. All 4 people go AllIn and, of course, each of the 4 a lady: 4x Splitpot. Pity.
Then there was a fairly large pot, I had Axs and in two of my color. Unfortunately, I was the $ 10 Bet my opponent but then something too high. But I later another large pot with a A-High-Flush cleared.

Otherwise, the earnings are not too high today, a pity really, because I finally awake again was enough. With the bonus is also slow, more than 1 / 4, I now from 1 Bonus, but then again so is a bonus for which I need 500 points. Anyway, it goes ahead and rake back there even more, I am curious how many times has this today.

Semi Bluff

VC Poker: $ 3:12
Sun Poker: $ 4:11

Today, I wanted to try something, sometimes it happens that somebody from my CB geraised and I will be the tail einziehe. This time I wanted to try, whether it is serious about. I get A3s in the hand and the flop brings 455 with a card of my color. So an Inside Straight Draw, and a backdoor flush Draw, I do a 1 / 2 pot CB and increased again to the pot. As I thought to myself: "This is not!" Eh, since he only had $ 3, in AllIn I thought, and not that it is still called. Did he but with A4.
"Pity" I thought to myself there, as are the $ 5 halt lost ... Lady Luck was very courteous to me and gave me turn and river in the correct color.

Now I have a round of poker played at Sun ... About 3 hands. In the 3rd I hand the AllIn ShortStacked a player with AKo gecalled, he revealed A4o, which brings me a flop K, and then the following ...

... Somehow it has completely dismantled, and Sun has some time before I was able to re-connect. After a few minutes, my money and the money of my former opponent with me on the account. However, I am just full of the joy.

Too tired ....

VC Poker: $ 6.10

Work can be so tiring, not just that the whole day in the office and everyone is stressed for a walk around, if no one is at home then, it is only tired. That is why I am now just a little lying, something remote, and now something geschaut Poker. Only a few laps around the conscience to calm, even if it was very easy today. I have two hands in the showdown win once against someone with AA Top Pair and a geriverten Straight (yes, I must, at times, I reckon). The remaining hands, I actually all on the flop or turn won. My opponents were very passive, only once has a resistance and me a few cents off, but then that's it.

Dream Poker Bonus done!

Reminds you still? There was times as a bonus, which this year was so stupid that I did with it Experiment page hab. Thanks NL25 I managed it.

Deposit: $ 50
Payout: $ 105
These Bonus: $ 50
Of Profit: $ 5

Had bad run. Nevertheless werd ich erstmal an arc around Prima ... If the net bonuses would always so attractive. * G *

Time passes

Dream Poker: $ 6:01

The time moves inexorably forward, and my last day is coming to an end. My girlfriend is visiting her parents, so I have a little time to poker. I think that my bonus at Dream Poker now finally done, unfortunately, the RH display so lame that there are still 177. 23RHs But somehow it should have been, and then comes the money as well leave.

Vacation almost over

Sun Poker: $ 15.80

Actually, my vacation already gone, and it's just the normal weekend before going back to work. The good is that I have in a month again a week's holiday hab.

Today, I have lunch once more to the Sun Poker Bonus worked and learned something: Pick the right tables. I was at two tables, which was a fairly passive, it was hardly increased, and an increase in almost all went out. That was especially nice if it was someone has managed to get to the pot. At the other table were two aggressive players sat and each Raise after the flop was a Re-Raise, just to see if it really was. From the table I then quickly passed me and I still wanted a passive. Already klappts well with the neighbors.

My bank has now rolling for the first time the $ 700 mark cracked! :)


Sun Poker:-$ 5.92
VC Poker:-$ 0.60

Today times a day in a red, but I think the losses keep within bounds and it is slowly but surely advancing with the bonuses. A beautiful thing offers from VC Poker to report there for October just $ 10 for nothing, it only needs the code by the Cashier at home. In VC I currently stand at $ 42.51 and $ 10 with at the beginning that I get there. Apparently, it also gets another $ 35, if you have enough of the items collected there. This is, however, not so fast ...

The rake with the back seems not at all as to be unprofitable. Yesterday, I got $ 8.62 an Rake caused them and get $ 2.76 back. At the end of the month could not little. If I do well again at Sun would win. * G *

One can not always win

Dream Poker: $ 5:17 -
VC Poker: $ 14:09

Today I again for a little NL20 Dream Poker played there, and tries to finally freizuspielen bonus. Then, I can spend my money there once again pull off. If not, of course, so well today. At one table, I have more than doubled, but on the other it would simply not work.
For VC Poker I then again a little NL10 tables and grazed my losses somewhat minimized. If things continue this way, then the month, but still quite profitable.

Edit: So, even a small Dream Poker Session lodged and from the $ 20-only-$ 5. Sounds better ...

Edit 2: A little child in VC Poker gutted and there is a few dollars dusted. Sometimes it is really a shame if the opponents are only $ 2 to the table with it.


As you may have noticed, is the level indicator disappeared.

This is because, as I do now and then the game changed and got me in the moment in the NL SH feel pretty well. I think I slowly all variants of Hold'em, and can say what I like about what options do. When limit can be beautiful and everything calculate quite accurately calculated. With No Limit, however, may be somewhat better controlled, especially when one bad player at the table. In the NL, the blinds are not so expensive and if you have to play SH, plays a few leaves more than limit, which is of course also be more fun. Let's see how long I stay in the NL ... ;)

This time, there will also be no new target level, but I will after bank rolling targets. At the moment I am still very scarce in the area of NL25, and it is also my current maximal level. Depending on your mood werd I also NL10 play, I will do my daily depending on the form.
NL50 is obviously still some time, but also the werd sooner or later, I can play. Look time, in three weeks I think probably my eh again. Maybe I should try Omaha times yes! ? ;)

Halloooooo Sun Poker

New providers, new happiness ... Not until now. In any case, I am at Sun Poker and wants logged got a few experiences with Rake Back collect. Times look like and whether it works for me is absolutely worth it. Incidentally, I have since also two bonuses for elimination.
Schoenberg is that the bonus is also used to play. So now I paid $ 150 and I am there now on $ 300th Unfortunately, it ran at Sun Poker is not soooo good, because I am an aggressive player or two, and eventually even with AQ raced against AA. It's a good thing that my opponent was short Stacked and therefore not much I could lose weight. Even I had to again find that a A-High-Flush is higher than other flushing. This experience, I could also return to my players. Here it was again a great pity that my opponent was short Stacked. Because on the board was a K-High-Flush and I had the appropriate Ass The pot was not at all times so small, I think he would also be more money gecalled.
The software from Sun is not bad, what pleases me is not so again that Poker Office is not supported. The Cashier, I find there are not so succeeded, mainly because every time you go strictly by its current account balance to learn, and even then it gets to be difficult out.
What I do well is the display of the MPP (the points where you need for the bonus), which you can see right on the table, so you always know how rewarding the table.

The numbers today:
Sun Poker:-$ 9.70
VC Poker: $ 8:24
Lotto: 3 ... ;)

NL Training

After my bonus at Party is over, I did what first new umgehört, unfortunately without success so far. But for what I did because my provider Experiment Dream Poker? Also at the tables and NL20 SH play. Unfortunately, there were some problems a few Connection (yet again), so I had to prematurely terminate session ... Gewinn. With a $ 26 profit. This gave me the Menschenkentniss the money. A AllIn against the Bully Table with Q as top pair with A kicker.

Because I also have a few dollars in VC Poker had. With whom I will just take me to a table NL10 .. The man seltsamerweiße could take $ 20. Regardless, it was hardly anyone with more than $ 5 in the table. gereicht. Has then again for $ 7 meals.

четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Party Bonus done!

That is the nice thing about Party: The bonuses go very fast. Today I played the last 75RHs, but unfortunately lost $ 4 (again would be more, unfortunately, a bad flush still better than Top Two Pair), but my entry into the NL SH quite succeed. Think because I will first work on it further.

Watch me what time this party was so:
Deposit: $ 430
Payout: $ 482
These Bonus: $ 86
These profit-$ 34
Total: $ 52

Can Although my poker winnings "at party not better, but at least my insgesamter profit increases again under-$ 100 limit. One or two Boni and I did even at Party Plus. ;)

Feroc vs Party

At the moment it is actually really good. Although I have one or the other time in a wicked hand am wrong, I still lie in well-NL25 Plus with my game. gewonnen und es hätten noch mehr sein können. Today I now $ 23.79 to win and it would be even more. Unfortunately, I have a BuyIn verschossen. I think AT and the flop comes TJJ, turn brought another J and I was AllIn with a. Since no preflop action came from him, I gave him up QQ AA not bought. That, however, he had the last J was probably unlucky. Even my K-High-Flush vs. A-High-Flush was not so cheap, but is it good enough for today.

Think tonight werd I nor the few remaining RHs play and then party with at least $ 50 plus leave ... Hopefully, nothing in between.


Hab quite forgotten my monthly financial report for September.

Poker Stars: $ 15.70
Paradise Poker: $ 21.75
VC Poker: $ 1:43 -
Dream Poker: $ 28.85
Casino Club: $ 145.58
Golden Riviera: $ 11.50
Party Poker:-$ 75.63
Total: $ 146.32
Bank Roll: $ 545
Cashout: $ 200

Party scrambles to me again the statistics, but thanks to the bonus werd because I also upset with Plus. Casino Club, thanks to his bonus was the winner of the month, I will be there regularly but not play.

So I really did not come forward. I am also coming back on the thought that if I continue to do so whether or not my system a little change. At the moment, yes, I rather No Limit packed. Maybe I have a little practice, and then to continue. After the bonus of Party Poker, I probably the NL10 SH tables unsafe.

Not a very good month, but it still has something to gain enough. By the end of the year I had my bank roll really happy again doubled. Look time whether the work.

The main thing Plus

My stated goal of the Party Poker Bonuses, it is, with a plus of the whole thing to come out. Today I got to be very focused NL SH, I must say that this is really fun. If the bonus is over, werd times when I Dream a little poker NL10 SH play.

gereicht. Today it has (until now) for $ 22:44 sufficed. However, there were also no major Bad Beats and other things there. Now even missing only 236RHs and then I am back away from party.

Party Poker curse

The Positive:
After yesterday I no longer desire to limit tables at Party had, I am just two NL25 SH tables. Has actually quite fun and I won a nice pot. I think TT and the flop comes TT5, was still on about how I am most money in the pot get, as is already one of 55 AllIn.
Are even something positive, the day brought me some 480RHs.

The negatives:
verloren! It can be actually quite well expressed in figures, since I did eingecashed PP (how long is that? Two days?) , I lost $ 75.63!

Raff, I really do not, I clearly in the NL SH not really the experience, just because I also played hard and at least lost. That was meißte, FL. Of course, even a few stupid beats, as the geriverte flush against my set, or the runner-runner straight against my Top Pair. But still it was easy to Kotzen. Well, I hope times that I just now have a few dollars and then somehow win with a plus rausgehe. This is not my level, incidentally affect the rest of that game I NL SH done ... It goes faster. ;)

Back at Party

I was scared! Will the party continue curse? Will I complete my bank roll on the hunt for the bonus verzocken Party? We shall see! I have $ 430 to hunt and party paid to a $ 86 bonus. 860 RHs in 7 days to contribution. If it somehow to create.

(Party Poker) Session 1 (Party Poker)
Anything else I anxiously a mini-session lying. After a Pot and lessons gained a Sidepot I leave the table.
Result: 1.25BBs


What has black clothes, and makes "huiiiiiiiiii"? Exactly, Feroc in free fall ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Listen, I got no good maps, then I got a couple of cards and got the flop misses. Zwischendrin once I was getting good, but does that still has a long way.

Despite the really big pot was a fairly crude shock. On my vacation I catch a lot.
Result: -23.75BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
Since the dog is still in the pan crazy. In Session 2, it was really good, a few have held top pair and I was almost 25BBs forward. Then, it washed washed washed, and the 25BBs were away again.
Especially nice was it to two tables, while I use the top pair with a good kicker or best gefloppt, both to the River was not in danger. At both tables, I lost both sets against. * In the table edge beiß *
Result: -0.5BBs

Extra Dollars of Golden Riviera

Well at least something. In addition to the $ 45 bonus, I still $ 5 for the registration of Neteller and $ 1.50 Rake back. Then there were a total of at least $ 11.50 that I have done well there. Cashout is already done.
Additionally, I have my money on stars paid, so I then has about $ 400 when I can deposit Party to a relatively large cash bonus to. Hopefully this will be better there.

Nearly four months, and + -0

Yes, I do for me, my private finances in poker, but I also dokumentier how much I Poker, and by how much bonuses earned hab. The Mini-down swing and the result grottenschlechte at Golden Riviera (of which my bonus because I still have not heard!) I have in the four months through poker at the moment - around $ 1.
As you can see yet again that the whole Boni really worthwhile. When you consider that my $ 600 or less only by BR bonuses built hab. However, I think that I, I would have been no bonuses and weitergespielt normal, I make a little more profit would have. Also, the $ 150 that I at Party Poker in the sand set hab, it is obviously not forgotten.

Party Poker is a good term, because I saw again a bonus of running. I am just difficult Consider whether I should take. There is only a 20% bonus and a lot of money, I just did not liquid, but I think that $ 250 can I got into it and I get $ 50 bonus. Some seem even $ 30 to get on the course, I may not do.

Then I should also finally coming back to my level, and somewhat more concentrated and longer than usual next week, so I thank God vacation, I like to look and see whether there was create a little catch up, the 200BBs least, I would like to slow through times.

Otherwise, I just work again "Small Stakes Hold'em", especially my post-flop game is probably still need improvement.

Normal Operation Game

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
At last game of normal operating with "normal" people. My "before meals" session was not very long, but profitable. In the beginning, I was a little in my "I krieg eh no good cards" mood, then came up ...

Has been somehow well angefühlt again to win a pot. Actually, I wanted to have a flush yes, but a full house so I will take you with.

In table 2, I had a sit Maniac, the first increase each hand. This had the consequence that at the table, I really only played a handful did. The told me then of course very well paid!

Result: 25.75BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
So, in the evening a little gezockt. Gingrich, and, unfortunately, at the end rather than at. Goods but a few things are hard. Above all things where I would have more profit rausholen. With AA, I had to turn on the flush of danger and someone geraist. Since then, I only runtergecalled and he covers 83o. I got on the board wanted, because what he has taken, but except for his pair of 8's, there was nothing. So there were things most often today. No matter, still a very good day.
Result: -8.5BBs

That has paid off times

So the bonus of Golden Riviera was once pure waste of time. If I change the next time a bonus for Prima see it, then I do an arc about. In some books is something about "Table Selection" and the man in the "juicy" play tables. With GR (or Prima), there are tables, but these are not easy. Either you just supertighte people at the table or Calling Stations. Against the latter, I actually nothing, but came no cards with which I would have to exclude people.

Yesterday I 10BBs so again in the sand, but at least I make my RHs complete and the war Bonus:

Deposit: $ 50
Payout: $ 55
These Bonus: $ 45
These profit-$ 40

Yes Can everyone expect myself how much I have won by now. One question I now go to my readers: Should I really 40BBs now deduct from my level, or should I ignore them? Because I really would have never volunteered at tables set so! Bin times on your comments curious!

Back at Prima

I hate the Prima Network. To my PL times, I liked it, but when it comes to FL, it is simply cruel. "Unfortunately," there's just a fairly simple bonus at Golden Riviera and must be played. 100% up to $ 40 Is not the world, but have only played for 250RHs. Actually, I had to take a bonus at Poker Wide play, which is in principle the same as the CCP. However bleats of support is a little rum and good reviews in the forum, I have not read. Therefore, I have my money back immediately paid.

But it was still a session yesterday ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
It was not easy, wrong maps, wrong opponent. The next time it will be better again.
Result: -15BBs

(Golden Riviera) Session 2 (Golden Riviera)
If you "Card Dead" controls, then there is a picture of me. And yes it is true net altogether. 4 x I get good cards:
AA: Blinds money
KK: Blinds money
AJ: A on the turn, lost to AA
KT: K on the flop against AA lost
It was with the RHs fairly quickly, I hope the bonus is like my losses at the end ever. ;)
Result: -16.25BBs

(Golden Riviera) Session 3 (Golden Riviera)
And another one gone, a BB. So, I can still glad to have my pocket 6's Turn on the set and not in the River to Full House moulted, it would still be a few more.
Result: -1BB

CCP done Bonus

Another bonus done. Here is my little bonus to review and CCP.

Eingezahlt: $ 50
Paid: $ 195
These Bonus: $ 125
Of Profit: $ 20

The software was not the yellow of the egg. The tables were not resizable, so we always had overlapping work tables (not everyone has a monitor with resolution 1600s). The chat was very confusing and really only understand if you really are on the table respected. An advertisement on the RHs has also missing, so you always had to support your site.

Clearly a very good bonus. Signup $ 125 with $ 20 min. Payment is not to despise. On each of these bonus limit was equally well off. What disturbed me in retrospect, is that a RH only as RH counts if you participate actively in the pot, and has disrupted that you could find anywhere.

My face was badly unexaggerated the worst player I have ever seen. Ok, I was only at 0.1/0.2 FL tables on the way, I still have to play Money tables a higher level. I really do not like it when the opponents are so bad, because then you can not put on a hand or somehow trying times the enemy another.

No Bock

Man today, I had no desire to really play. Maybe sit me, the loss of yesterday is something in the bones. Well, so the bonus but finally there is, I am back in CCP on the tables. I think I had today 3x KK and one of them I even won, but I was probably up to the River back, because I think straight. Once I then against AJs lost on the flop got his flush. Unfortunately, I had the K in the paint, so I pretty much got lost (for the limit). The defeat was not bad, AJs is a good source. What was bad was the 72o against because he got straight.
Once a word to all beginners: You called 72o with no increase! Actually called with 72o nothing!
waren das heute... - $ 12:42 were today ...

Experimentation ...

Casino Poker Club had a few problems today, so I could not really play long. verlieren. Nevertheless, I could always lose $ 0.10. ;) Also, I have learned that not every RH counts, but only those for which it participates actively in the pot. Well, the last 300 schaff I still somehow.

As the evening I spend pokerlos not wanted, I am back in my experiments Dream Poker. The times were good in the pants! verzockt. * G * First, I am back to the 1 / 2 FL tables set no idea whether I have played badly or simply had bad luck, in any case, I have almost $ 35 verzockt. If they are indeed 15BBs only on the level.
Then I tried something completely new to me and a NL20 SH table and it was like it had to come: I got my BuyIn quadrupled ... * Wart *... verloren. At least in the dream I had, in real life, unfortunately, I lost $ 15. die ich verspielt hab. Overall, it was $ 47.15 and I got wasted.
But this is only my Experimentiergeld, try again tomorrow.

Keep whoring, whoring, whoring ...

1000 RHs can pretty much, if you do not have much time to play. So again an hour at 4 tables, and around to see what happens. There are two hands today, which I am a little annoyed.
Once Pocket Qs against K9s and a runner-runner flush and have lost once Pocket K's, although I won, only on the River, the third K, but in color with a flush possible, and my Bet geraist, so I only have myself and gecalled already prepared the pot abzugeben. But what has the Depp? K4o ... und einige RHs gereicht. At least it again today for $ 6.79 and some RHs sufficed. Blöd only that you can always inquire by e-mail.

So, are 703RHs managed only 297 are missing and the remaining Bonus Dollars are also still me.

How I hate Micro-FL

It is really unbelievable, I know slowly, FL why some people do not like. The set itself to a very low FL table and play, maybe they play good, but they lose! Poker spielen könnte, ich wette, dass wenn man eine Gewinnkurve über die ganzen Limits macht, dass diese dann einen Bogen machen würde. Let us assume that someone could play perfect poker, I bet that if a profit curve on the whole limits, then that would make a bow. In the low FL would be the profit minimal, if at all. In the middle would be the greatest profit, because people are still not right at the opponents on your can and in the higher, it would then go down somewhat.
an die Fische verfüttert! Well, in any case, I have $ 8:34 at the fish! MeiBra, if you read it here: go one or two higher limits, you will win without end!

Somewhat depressed, I wanted to be coming back to my level, and therefore I did look at the higher tables.

(Casino Club Poker) Session 1 (Casino Poker Club)
In the first hand, I had KQs and my opponent AT, the flop brings ATx. Charities still something of my µ -Sessions influenced calle I flop and the turn brings me my Nut-Straight indeed, no chance of a flush. With the T on the River was the cause but also has done. Not second hand brought AJs, the flop unhelpful. I show strength, will geraist and pull the tail. Not the next obvious: JJ, the flop comes with a Q, I show strength, will geraist and pull back to the tail. My Table image was pretty well in the ass ... But this very useful at the end, when I was within a few hands twice got AA. In table 2 ran it well from the start and I can finally coming back a few BBs at my stats count. RHs gabs this probably less, sometimes by mail ask.
Otherwise, I always come more on the idea to write a book, the title has been: "Missing the flop."
Result: 16.5BBs

And it goes on ...

The bonus must be some way to create. Actually, the moment always runs alongside min. A table at CCP. gewonnen und mit der ersten Hand hab ich gleich was schönes bekommen. Today, I have until now and won $ 6:26 with the first hand, I was pretty equal. The Turn Incidentally, I was allowed to watch for free.

Then it was a case of first down for a time, was simply nothing. That was still only at a table, as I also played WoW hab. When I then went to 4 tables, it went back uphill.
Just stagger the mail with my RHs. I am now at 548 RHs, already more than half done.

Straight forward

I have the bonus clearen back to my old values prudent, because otherwise we can in these pipes not win. So I played gefolded if I was bad or nothing, and continued when I was on the hand.
Gewinn gemacht, davon allerdings $31 Bonus. So I did yesterday for some time and have played at the end of the day $ 44.45 profit, which, however, $ 31 bonus. So then I lie again in the Plus at CCP and can be reassured the remaining bonus play.

The casino battle

Again, I know why my first attempts limit so cruel to me, because people are just so bad that it all just luck again. My favorite example of this: I raise UTG with AKs, UTG +1 called me, as well as two others. The flop brings unfortunately nothing, I make a cont. Bet, raised UTG +1, one goes out, the other goes, I calle. The turn brings me nothing, I check this, and all else. Sah for me for a half of Bluff UTG +1. Well, River is only Crap, I do this again Bet, UTG +1 called and the last folded. I lost the pot to UTG +1, he has a pair ... Bottom pair to be exact, a pair of 2 ... Because of the good man had 52o to the hand. Is it clear to you that a Raise called.
At least now I could also run in two major pots, which dampens my losses somewhat. an die Fische verfüttert. $9.46 hab ich dort jetzt schon an andere Spieler verschenkt, nur gut, dass der Bonus dort so hoch ist. So I now only $ 1:02 at the fish. $ 9:46, I got there already given away to other players, only good that the bonus there so high. If I zusammenreise something, then so should somehow be staged to bring. Only the constant e-mail to my geschreibe RHs to learn a little annoying.

Work Bonus

As is the nice bonus Whoring again ... I did yesterday and yesterday one little bonus of Casino Club worked. One can I say, my face there, the players are bad! The course is also at the very low limit that I play, but there is simply EVERYTHING played. Especially yesterday, I am there with things weggedonkt was simply the first cream. Unfortunately help in most cases simply made Hands, because everything else is just because someone who has taken something. Especially flushing are dangerous because suited to know the Cards since nix, which will be played no matter what Raises since.
Gewinn machen, gestern hab ich dafür wieder $6.80 verloren. In the session yesterday, I could still make a profit $ 2.55, yesterday I make $ 6.80 again lost. verzockt. Overall, I already verzockt $ 8.50.
But that's not important any RH I play there is worth 12.5 cents. Actually, it would be smarter almost five tables and have to be everything to folden QQ-AA what is not. :)

Cashout succeed!

Many people who are not so much of Poker understand always believe that everything is fraud and one of the money obtained eh never something. But now I have the proof on my account.
As already mentioned me I can pay $ 200 and they are now also arrived. . Converted and after deducting the fees are € 153.61. A pity that the good old DM no longer exists. There would be more. ;)

But the payout is now eh first one of the last, which was just starting my costs and my conscience a little too calm. My new bank roll is now around $ 500, and after reaching my goal BB is still enough of 1 / 2 FL to play.

By holding ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
It is strange whenever I sit at two tables, then running it in a good and the other bad. So it was this time. On most have my Pocket J's cost, only the pot was simply too large to get out. No matter what annoys me more was my QJs hand, QJ comes on the flop and a Q on the turn. Only I could not do anything, my opponents have always durchgecheckt to me and my first Bet I both expelled.
At the other table ran it a lot better. AQ was this kind to me, especially when it against AT higher than Two Pair won.
By winning today, I will also be compensated for the bad day again and have a positive balance in Paradise.
Result: 18.75BBs

Since I find just one that I have something of a bonus have read, the more I wanted a closer look ...

... Ah because it is yes. $ 20 deposit and 1000RHs a $ 125 bonus. It counts again each hand.

(Casino Club Poker) Session 2 (Casino Poker Club)
Because I will also make time off and sit me of the low limit tables. That would be the 0.10/0.20 FL tables. I got only a little incidentally played (and not really very good), the few hands, however, should not be a problem.
Result: $ 4:19 -

Blah ...

Somehow I do not feel like today on maps. Think I sit still the $ 60 loss in the bones. Therefore, I am now just coming back to the 1 / 2 FL tables.

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
War is not quite as tight as usual, but still tight enough. Lange did I not played, just long enough to the table a few idiots Dollars approve ... And with a top pair from the BB out. Well ...
Earnings: $ 6.50

Damage limitation

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
This is probably the variance in the other direction. The following three hands in a row, I have to get a table: 55, brings me my flop, and proposes to set a couple of Pocket Kings. Then came the same AA to visit and, until the end. The final hand came with AK AK on the flop ... Even mine. Within the 3 hands, I have the $ 25 to almost $ 70. At the other table, I have lost something, but a good session for the pain again yesterday something to alleviate.
Result: 32BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
For 100 points at Paradise Poker, it was possible to a $ 1000 tournament. As with the points eh nothing else can employ, I have the time. Unfortunately, I am very soon eliminated. Can we do nothing ...
Result: 653 of 2,000 square


After absolutely beschissenen session, I give a little money disbursed. To be more exact, I will pay $ 200, so I just get back what I had paid. The decrease in my bank roll a little, but I can reassure sleep. :)

Variance proposes to

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Jaja ... The variance, as it is. War, but also as jinxes. Although I did get some Pocket Pairs, but never very high and a set I had never met. AQ brought me no happiness, just as an aggressive White game. On annoys me most, however, is still playing with AJo, I will increase and gecalled. The flop brings nothing good, just like Turn and River. Nevertheless called me one, no wonder he has his two. After all, they called a preflop Raise yes, if you 72o to the hand! But the name I will remember me!
Result: -21BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Something I just do wrong ... I just really not what grad! ? Glaub for today lass I prefer times.
Result: -41.75BBs


The weekend has started again. Unfortunately total managed again, I have today is not really played a lot today and I will no longer play.

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Although the chief of Paradise Poker has been arrested, so I still wanted to continue to play there first. However, it was not so good today. In about as yesterday, although it came back a couple of great tickets, but somehow they were also very often in the sand. But thanks to the advice of SSH, especially the advice twice Bets prefer to risk and make a big pot to be able to win, pays at the end. It is also this session with a slight increase has been completed. Schade ists but to my Pocket Kings of the AT been sunk.
Result: 4.25BBs

Aligns ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Somehow, the grad fairly slow. The cards were actually not bad, I only have two hands and then something runtergezogen. Once AK, flop brought TQT and still turn a Q. There was then I also re-raised and I am out. The slowdown, however, were larger A3 in my big blind, the flop, the first and the second third Turn Unfortunately, someone had already set his 10er and had taken with the 3en then be completely full house. Thanks to Pocket J's, Q's and A's, it was still a positive session.
Result: 4BBs


As already announced, I wanted to with the remaining money from poker Dream a little experiment. I have also done today. First I could not decide what I wanted ...

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
... Then I just decided I ever try the next level. So off to a $ 1 / $ 2 FL table. Seltsamerweiße were looser than the tables of my levels. Well, then did just before hingespielt me. The people are still often abandoned on the flop, I was after the first two orbits with + -0 there are lies. Then came as a button ATs in my hand, my increase was only one with the game. The flop brought KKA (chance at Backdoor flush) and I sat, my opponent went with. Turn was another diamond and I sat, my opponent went with. The River then finally gave me my hoped-Flush and I sat, but behold, my opponent increases, I do the same, he called, I win. So easy it can be. * G * Since the same pizza messenger at the door, should I have in the first place ceased.
Result: $ 13

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
Since I am again, back in Paradis. Either there, I just schweinemäßiges luck or I come with the people there clearly better or SSH always pays more. Regardless, it is. The special session was in the now, that I actually rarely to the showdown gone bin. Thanks to the aggressive play are the people meißt previously (also from relatively big pots) went out. Bin really surprised that so well.
Result: 9BBs

This is also another bank rolling mark cracked, now it's over $ 700 to me to play are available. With a little luck and maybe a nice bonus, I will perhaps $ 1000 this month still crack?

The spasm with Dream Poker

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
That is really wonderful there. Now, not only is that the games there are unlikely tight, no now is the whole thing just lame. This was for example So paralyzed that he had me at a table continues to "Sit Out" has left, although I wanted to set the BB.
I only played one orbit, then to me it was stupid.
Result: 2BBs

Since I was there just stinks, I will be with the Dream poker differently. Currently there, I have $ 66.50 ($ 50, bonus, $ 10 from me and $ 6.50 profit). With whom I will be experimenting. Wanted to take a long attempt at $ 1 / $ 2, and yes, I think maybe sometimes in the evening or night a few playable tables. Maybe I will also just a few times SnGs or MTTs try. The whole is then of course my level independent. If it fails, then I halt $ 10 in the sand, and if it works, then perhaps I may someday auscashen everything.

(Poker Stars) Session 2 (Poker Stars)
Two light tables smiled at me at the table, so I just take a chair and put a few cards. Today, I have the chapter "Card Protection" SSH implemented and it has worked pretty well. So I got my pocket J's success against the King on the flop defended my Two Pair turned on the River on a Full House and proposed the obvious flush. War certainly a lot of luck, too, but I may have, at times, yes.
Result: 10.2BBs

Why you guys are not crushing Micro limit these games ...

Bin straight at the Forum to an article in a 2 +2 Forum attention. It is a letter from Ed Miller. If everyone reads.

Link to the article

Dream Session

Well, who can guess the word game? No, I have no 200BBs won, but my bonus at Dream Poker started. Unfortunately, with the same pay $ 100 less worked. $ 40, I paid $ 60 and I have yet to play.

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
One could somehow grad believe that all only two aces to wait and nothing else to play. Meißt has one at the table, just every hand raised, because he so often simply steal the blinds. So does that then forward until you have a good hand and then everyone Re-Raise rises. Actually, I had only one good hand, AKo with which I have taken my King and so I could be a little what do. Many RHs did not really happen.
I will return to Paradise Poker ... * * Schnief
Result: 4.5BBs

Tomorrow is Monday

Unfortunately, I had little time today to play. But somehow even more so, is apparently not so good. Hopefully soon Office supports Poker Paradise Poker. Think then, I will adopt and Stars of there.

(Poker Stars) Session 1 (Poker Stars)
I have tried me two light tables rauszusuchen and actually did what with over 35% of FSR. At one table was nothing, everything I got was in the sand. My AKs River meets to be the ace, but unfortunately, the 4x flop from the heart and so I have to give Re-Raise on the River. My JJ's getting A and K on the flop served, and so on. In the meantime, the tables are again below 30% FSR like, my second JJ's no flop get to see everything that goes out.
In table 2, it was not much better, except that I have not even got tickets. Eventually one said to me: "Come on Foldem Feroc, play some cards!" . That was the moment I got AQo on the hand and I did him the favor, I was a $ 10 Pot brought. That was actually the last hand I wanted to play, but unfortunately, I had forgotten the "Auto Post Blinds" rauszumachen hook, I was again brought AQ and the flop of AQ. Again $ 10 for me, what makes me even then the session positively to leave. Still, I miss the very slight Paradise tables.
Result: 5.5BBs

Even a small tip for the Verspielten, invites you look at the client from www.pkr.com down. Online Poker in 3D, with chip tricks, Charlene preparation and all the trimmings. To money because I would not play, but is somehow funny.

Verbibsch egg ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Since yesterday I did not came to play, I present a slightly longer session prescribed. At first it just looked shitty. There were no maps, and if so, then I think Draws missed, I was zeitweiße again 10BBs negative. But eventually turned the tide and it is time again for a nice profit sufficed. Additionally come back to $ 10 bonus and the last $ 10 I would still pick tonight.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: 20.75 BBs (+ $ 10 bonus)

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
So, since we would have done the bonus. In the last few hands is not much happening. Wanted to now only the last RHs still get done and I have done.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: BBs -2.25 (+ $ 10 bonus)

Paradise Poker Details
Eingezahlt: $ 200
Paid: $ 344
(davon $50 Bonus) Profit: $ 144 (of which $ 50 bonus)
Hands: 750 ~

It was very pleasant to insgesammt Paradise Poker to play, the tables were covered with more than 40% FSR very loose. The software was also very pleasant, especially the fast-live update of the bank and points Uses Stat. Pity that poker Office could not use it and I now have a few hundred (successful) hands in my database are missing.

The $ 50 bonus now also appeared on my account on Dream Poker, I got frecherweiße times simply tries equal to the $ 100 auszucashen. Let's see what happens. :)

The WE begins again ...

Friday, however, was not good. At least he has not started well, it was first to go for it, that my boss me out of bed jingled, followed by a very, very stressful day in office, which also ended with overtime. Therefore, I will now probably not serious Poker Session appeal. Only a small VC Poker-WoW-Session I made ...

(VC Poker) Session 1 (VC Poker)
... And lost. If, however, lie if I would say that I am fully concentrating on the game, and only the best hands could have played. Was just a loose, flockiges zocken.
Result: $ 1:43 -

By email to me today, however, is a new bonus fluttered into the house. For 200RHs at Dream Poker, I get $ 50 The course, I will not miss. However, I will probably bonus at the Paradise Poker clearen finished before I Dream at the poker suspect in attack.

Monthly Review-August

That was a great month, the bonuses have voted, I was lucky poker also quite hold. What more do you want? Once something breaks ...

Let's start with the cold numbers
Poker Stars:-$ 12:55
Party Poker:-$ 24.65
Titan Poker: $ 11:25
Bet365: $ 111.88
Wild Jack Poker: $ 24.50
VC Poker: $ 14.99
Empire Poker: $ 90.63
Paradise Poker: $ 105.50
$333.55 Total: $ 333.55
Bank Roll: $ 576.46
Real Earnings: $ 383.47

This month I was very concentrated on Whoring bonus and it has really paid off. Of the $ 333.55, about $ 230 bonus. I think I will continue to do so and I raussuchen bonuses, which I like in my level of processing.

At the beginning of the month but it ran pretty slow and I was glad when I was around 50BBs hold. Thanks to the last couple of days but then I was able to break through 100BBs. Nevertheless, I think that I probably have one, two or three months will be to the level I really geschaft.
However, I will limit the levels down somewhat. Even without the bonuses would be my bank roll after 500BBs already large enough to access $ 1 / $ 2. New action and are therefore no longer 500BBs 750BBs.

My game
Every now and I have noticed yet, as I me the money from one or other of the bag did pull. Cold calls to the River probably have me on the most cost and I do not believe that the total + EV, even if you repeatedly see what a scrap for the people but then at the end to win.
Hopefully I create in the next few days to read a little, perhaps because I find some fault in my game.

It remains only to say that this month I quite satisfied with the outcome.

Last Match in August

In recent times, I still somehow only one session per day. Well, someday I will also have more time.

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
It is a strange feeling KJo away just because it sits UTG. But it really works and saves money. Even the extra hands, which I have not played before, bring something. So is the book that people in the small blind all suited to play cards. No sooner do I already flop my flush. War is not the Nut-Flush, but enough for a large pot.
At two tables, I was again today, which gave me an unfortunately brought no maps, the other for the more again.
Result: 17.5BBs

Now times have the month-end ...

If, as alone ...

It's really amazing what a little adjustment for the starting hands can work wonders. Small Stakes Hold'em is finally a book that at the previous Anknüpft and not always everything from the front. Therefore, even a special thanks to Iascaire (unfortunately did not link to blog or homepage of you), this book is my last recommended.

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
At the beginning I was sitting at two tables, it ran on a well at the other ran it worse. Lag but mainly to a Draw is not worked out (the pot odds were of course there), and someone who is a Full House has played passively (not even my Bet on the River has increased!) . Eventually, I am still at a third table, in which it also ran no better. But really were simply no maps, and the flops because the times I did, which was nothing. But what is not bad, then we finally win favor with the flops which meets all the more. So it was also at my desk, where I use my $ 20 more than doubled, and so come to a good end.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: 13.5BBs (+ $ 10 bonus)

Apply a small change in my blog, so far I have always rounded BBs, which could in time, however, somewhat distort the statistics, so I will now specify that, then I also need nolonger the dollar value behind.
With the BBs today I have finally broken the 100BBs border, and in addition, a goal achieved by me, which I quite at the beginning of my blog, and even had the time to have achieved: My bank is in fact now roll over $ 500 ($ 558.96 at exactly to be $ 192.99 which I paid at the beginning).

Hihi ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
... Somehow, I just can not stop giggling like a little schoolgirl. But we start at the front: yes, I did get the hint, but I sometimes Small Stakes Hold'em through. Today in the office, I have 1 / 3 of which are managed and with the motivation of the so bring a book, I am now at two tables. I wanted to try, if I read the same implement. Although in the first third of nothing is not what I already knew, so it seems after the umpteenth time to read slowly but routine. In any case, I still played tighter and more attention to my position because I wanted to look at the whole unnecessary BBs so I verpulvere off.
Then it went off slowly, Pocket J's have me back into first place Plus, a top pair at the other table Quests there the same. On the first table I visited the two guys again, this time with more action and brought me a pot $ 41.75 (+ $ 31.75), then I actually wanted to stop and just wait until I returned to the big blind would . At the other table then I had the good fortune that I have two aces and I am still surprised at the table so some brought two.
( $48.50 ) Result: 49BBs ($ 48.50)

Again Sunday ...

... And again, the WE almost over.

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
At first it ran here again at all Sau, I must also say that I just played bad. Then I wrenched myself together, and really turned on music played. So I could be the $ 10 I had lost again, and also win a few dollars profit concert.
( $4.00 ) Result: 4BBs ($ 4.00)

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
It would have been so times a day can go well, but ... neeeeein The cards were against me again. Particularly has taken me my 2er Set against a Straight. Otherwise, it was nothing special, except for a beautiful hand:

At another table, however, I did something none of cards received, I found not even funny. No matter, at least to 100RHs and $ 10
( -$5.25 + $10 Bonus ) Result: -5BBs (-$ 5.25 + $ 10 bonus)

Empire bonus done ... Again

The course was very fast. Just 5 tables set and losgespielt. Actually, I was all the time an additional $ 10 in the Plus, only then I am with my 2 Set, which is on the River to the full House, unfortunately, against a higher full house gone. These two straights of the opponents that I in the hectic unfortunately overlooked. But not bad, I was really just the bonus.

Eingezahlt: $ 150
Paid: $ 169
(davon $22.50 als Bonus, macht -$3.50 beim Pokern) Profit: $ 19 ($ 22.50 as a bonus, makes $ 3.50-at poker)

As I said, the bonus for me was really just a matter of him off quickly. Nothing much is yes ... ;)

Bonus Whoring continues ...

First still something quickly to yesterday's session ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Is really nothing special to report, except that the first 100RHs are managed and me, the first $ 10 bonus equal contributions. There must be genuine praise Paradise, which will be a RHs immediately, without delay, and the money has been available on the account (including a message box with notification). At Bet365 I was always very annoying, and only had 15 minutes RHs delay in the ad, and then we also had only via email the bonus request.
Anging As for the play, so I could at least a minimal profit concert.
( $0.75 + $10 Bonus) Result: 1BB ($ 0.75 + $ 10 bonus)

Otherwise, I have an email from Empire Poker against, I hardly got a bonus finished, yet there is the new. But only 15% to $ 75, because I just do not have $ 500 rumliegen, I could only the remaining $ 150 deposit at Empire. That is still $ 22.50 at 225RHs. gemacht. Yesterday I first played 34RHs quickly while still $ 2.19. But there is always yes then only on the bonus on it.


I cherish my times today calculated how much I have won this month. There is still a little out until the month-end, it still has me interested times. Above all, how much I have won without the bonus. Quite sobering if you ask me: there are $ 196 this month, $ 180 of which are bonus, still remain $ 16 which I really have achieved. Actually, quite sobering.
;) Let's face it: I am a bonus Whore! ;)

Nevertheless, I think, as I finally 100BBs least on my levels come, finally, should also go ahead somehow. I will find my faith again WLLH through, maybe I can still find a few fatal mistakes and thus can improve my game.

As poker in paradise

Since we already have the next bonus that I will execute. There are 25% to $ 50 on the deposit at Paradise Poker. So quickly out $ 200 and the 500RHs play. Slowly, it will closely what the good bonuses concerns, and I already see that I will regret it yet that I Boni at the Empire and party have not been fully exploited. Otherwise bonuses in my limit pretty cruel. For other sides I have at my limit on 6000RHs play as a bonus to get as much game but I do rather rare.

Session 1
Naturally Paradise Poker had tried the same times. The software is colorful and whether I use the "surround sound" really knows, I might not. Poker Office is unfortunately not supported. Those were the bad things already. Well, I liked that the limit tables about 40% per Players flop, they can then play well.
A special hand there today with KJs I am with 4 people in the flop, I just brought two of my color. Then still cheap Turn the times, my king-high flush completed. ). On one end was $ 19.25 Pot for me out (+ $ 13.75). Then I had already stopped playing. Let's see how long I need for the bonus.
( $16.00 ) Result: 16BBs ($ 16.00)

Session 2
How to win ... Well, you know the rest. That was probably the compensation for the fine flush of the first session Top Two-Pair with AK was cracked by a straight, my straight on the turn was on the River to Straight for all (and is still out *), another Straight was also a split pot, as my opponents, the same cards . And those were only the good cards.
( -$20.00 ) Result: -20BBs (-$ 20.00)

für heute, sicherlich nicht gerade was ich mir gewünscht habe, trotzdem ist es ja nicht die Welt und die ersten 100RHs habe ich auch fast zusammen. They were then also -4BBs for today, certainly not exactly what I wished for, but it is not the world and the first 100RHs I also almost together.

* Actually, I would have called the guy down. Was funny but, to 3rd We look at the River, the one without A-High-Straight Flush conjures danger to the Board. A player bets $ 1, I increment of $ 2 and 3 players really goes out. Are people already strange ...

Empire bonus done!

It was now time really very simple. Hab just about 2 hour session behind me, on 6 tables at the same time. In the two hours I RHs all necessary for the bonus achieved. Let us look at what the data say:

Eingezahlt: $ 279
Paid: $ 350
(davon $69.75 Bonus) Profit: $ 71 ($ 69.75 including bonus)

As for the poker would have, I do not know a lot about. ) und an den 6 Tischen eben, hab ich eigentlich auch nur schnell immer die richtige Tasten drücken können ( -$3.48 ). When I first got 30RHs made, yes, I also played WoW (+ $ 5) and the 6 tables just, I just really quickly is the right keys (-$ 3:48). While I was there a short time in Plus, but someday I probably lost the overview and some bad cards River, a total of 3x is my cracked been set, which of course is quite expensive. If somehow cruel, when everything begins to peep and on the monitors first find the correct window. ;)
Bonus time look what comes next. My bank has been rolling the way, the $ 450 is exceeded, which reported a net profit of about $ 250. Not bad ...

Today, I will no longer play first and the first new WoW Patch try.

Home Game ...

Yesterday was again a Home Game announced. After the last time everything was played loose, we had considered the limit should be raised a little and played so € 0:05 / 0:10 € PL. Since we have three new people, however, it had the no or almost no experience had Hold'em, the increase has also brought nothing but perked gecalled everything. Bluffing was again not.
My hands were a little better this time than last time, but I also needed, so I loss my pocket K's against the Ace on the River balance. abgeschlossen... So, I have the evening end with a gain of ~ 1 € completed ... I think at least. Bazuka was so nice to me my chips up before I do with the distribution of the money was finished, and so I could not just to recount, it was probably much more. ;)
Of the seven people went 3 with profit after home, except me just yet Bazuka (4, xx €), and David, one of the new, with 17 €. € The 17 were also deserves, at least if you schweinemäßiges luck than merit. ;)

Otherwise, everything was, as always: wine, women and song ... In addition to the wine gabs then beer, woman remained at home, however, and the singing was cruel. :)

RHs count

Today, it was a phone call from Empire Poker to make sure that I really I am. After a short conversation with the nice woman, then everything was settled and I was able to start my bonus clearen.

Session 1
Since each RH Empire also counts as RH, I ordered the lowest limit showing, which still regularly come together RHs (was for a pot of $ 1 is the case). So I am today to a $ 0.15 / $ 0.30 FL table and almost every hand was a RH. Today, I just played along something to try them out. It was actually quite good and the RHs should be done quickly. Think tomorrow I will look at four tables simultaneously, then the bonus could actually done in a day.
Result: $ 5

New Bonus

So, first of the $ 0.5 / $ 1 debacle and the rest of Empire clearen bonus. 25% bonus is available on the payment. Unfortunately, I have not just here rumliegen $ 600 to the full $ 150 bonus to come, but at least $ 70 ~ I can earn there and look ridiculous 348RHs. No matter what limit. Time how long I look for consumption.

New Rule

After small disaster yesterday, I voted for myself a new rule. erreiche, werde ich die Session beenden und erstmal Pause machen. As soon as I said in a session the -15BBs reach, I will finish the session and the first break. Thus, I would like greater losses and the "I must win back" feeling.

Nevertheless, I hope that I in the next few days will not return to such a situation brings.