суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Crazy Poker bonus added

Crazy Poker: + $ 3.63

Another bonus Prima, what should I do? Somehow, it pulls me back then. But $ 40 for 200RHs are also not so bad. The RHs are contributed and must be played at 0.25/0.50, but then I become once again simply because a little limit. $ 15, I even get a gift, I do not know why, because you really only get $ 10 ... But I will not grumble. :)

But it's getting good again, $ 5 are already gone and the FL to a table. They started it really well. Well, yes 200RHs may not take so long, just stupid that I have not re-hab RH display. Werd again, I probably need to write emails.

Edit: So, even a small session at Crazy filed. Stressful, 4 short-hand Tables can be a very nice sweat. It has served the purpose of the $ 5 + $ 3 to make, and so I am again a good mood. The 4 Tables should also have to have raked Hands.

Edit 2: According Support 8RHs I played ... Hmm ... I hope times strongly that the only RHs from my first Session, otherwise I start to scream. :)

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