вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Nothing new on Tuesday

Yesterday, I had not really much time to poker. Once because of a short bike tour, and then of course, because of the football game. After the game, I had then also strangely not want more.

For half an hour before the meal is served. Strange thing was that I actually one or two opponents at the table, not everything runtergecalled stubborn. If I probably would have stayed a little longer, then I would have something to gain. Unfortunately this has given me the short duration game brought no luck and it went back down a few BBs. gewesen sein. The exact number I just not in the head, but it should have been -15BBs.

The best result of the last day, it goes up! ;)

... Edit: Well, unfortunately, there were -38BBs ...

Where it goes down ...

... It must also go up again. Could someone please wake me when the time comes? Because at the moment I understand it is not easy, actually, it is fairly no matter what cards I receive. Either I can without equal chance after the flop away or I treff was good on the flop, but somebody else was better.

At least at a table ran it today. Within 4 hands, I have $ 10 in the doubles. First came KK, then TT with the 3rd T on the flop and, finally, a beautiful A-High-Flush. Would gladly know why it is not always so?

Well, despite the poor result for today: -74BBs

I am glad that I am at this moment in the low limit games. Nevertheless, it might be slow but go uphill again. Furthermore, I remain optimistic, and my bank is still rolling large enough to insert such setbacks. And with my bonus is also Toltec, which should be some of the setbacks auskurrieren. When I first achieved the bonus, I will still try for a week or so a poker break. Maybe yes, I am simply exhausted! ?

July captures so well ...

That really was not the dream start in July. But somehow wanted it today simply do not work. I think that today is simply the complete happiness for Mr. "100% FSR" was forgiven. The guy was really hard. He has every (and I mean every) Flop viewed, no matter how high the Pre flop Bet. If this is not bad, they can be exempt from the loveliest. Only has not worked in the financial statements had at $ 50 ($ 10, max. Buyin for the table). Once I thought I had him. I had ATo on the hand and the flop brought TTx, on the River was then still the Full House favor him and I just always nice to make the first Bet. After his Bet on the River, I AllIn, he called me and I enjoy it. Only a pity that he had the other T and therefore gave a Split Pot.
Otherwise I AA against a straight lost and 3x AK (both at 3 different tables) I have not really money.

Overall, I must say, however, that even if today it simply ran shitty, I insgesammt was satisfied with me. A few big pot I won, but unfortunately much more by River Luck of the other lost. But should I play so on (and so is a bit lucky), then it should go up again soon.

Results of today: -193BBs

June-Monthly Review

So my dear reader, which would then June. I hope that one or the other like my blog, and to the extent be. At the end of the month, I will always write a small summary.

Level System
The level of system B @ nd! T pleases me pretty good, and it gives the game an added incentive. Therefore, I will continue to hold to this system. Possibly, I will be there in one way or another agency nor my personal wishes, but by and large it fits yes.

Slowly but surely, I have completed my bonus. I am still missing nearly 70 points and for that I have 14 days. So 5 points per day, should somehow to create.

Although there at my level up and fall off wild with my bank roll went up and down, so I put the month but successfully completed. Since I unfortunately Poker Office is not yet the beginning of Roda did let down following are the statistics and graphs sadly incomplete. Well, I in my blog my financial status down.

Profit in June: about $ 75
Real Earnings:-$ 22:25
Bank Roll Total: $ 176.33

Last day in June

waren drin. The last day of this month was successful: 57BBs were there. But at the end it was not so good. Mainly because of a "oh yes, I got a couple, then I just call everything goes" -Lucker. My biggest loss was then KJo and a corner flop. Since I knew that my only opponents called everything and if he only has a pair of 4s, I shot him after Turn (Q) AllIn set, and he has gecalled, finally, yes, he has taken his lady ... And on the River came a sixth Now guess times, which was his second card? !

But regardless, in order to try one of my books are free to quote: "You will not play many hands and not many Pots win, but if you are even bigger!"
Law had the good man, with my two kings and the 3rd King on the flop, I could double my $ 10 and I am so good things from the table.

Poker Tips - The Tournament

Today there will be a $ 5 + $ 0.50 tournament, can play only the users of the Poker Tips Forum. Added are:
Royal Tiger, flittner, HSVer, Aussieboy79, tigga132, dacult, palim203, silent3k, w8meister, byronx, reicke, DrJ22, exxtromo, Hape42Titan, Fiiegi, teemike, MacMaarky

Price Structure
First Place: $ 45
Second Place: $ 27
Third Place: $ 18

I will present my blog entry almost as a "Live" report down and the circumstances so great comment.

Now we go along with reicke, HSVer, teemike, w8meister, byronx, exxtromo, tigga132 flittner and I sit with my 1,500 chips at a table. Teemike is the winner of the first-hand.
Exxtromo is currently slightly lagging behind, because he already twice a check on itself has taken leave.

My personal goal I have at this moment is reached, incidentally, I am not the last, at the other table is the first eliminated. If I do not get a few hands would, then it would be even more beautiful. The currently gets all flittner only AA, KK. Oha ... One of AllIn exxtromo with AA against tigga132 with AJ, his tigga is true in the J-turn, but unfortunately not enough. He still 130 chips, not a good start for him. The next hand is then made his own end.
Teemike it after a courageous AllIn (56s) against exxtromo (AKo) as the next. This exxtromo now has a comfortable lead. Unlike me, I am already down to 850 chips, and it will not come easy.

Reicke while trying to steal the blinds, or they flop to get me, he unfortunately gecalled and won with a flush. This is the evening after 45 minutes and 13 Space already gone for me.

After a tough final phase is finished the tournament:

Wednesday Thursday

Slowly, I believe that I play a lot better if I make only short sessions. I will be there regardless, it is it goes back uphill. gebracht, wenn es die jetzt täglich gibt, dann sollte ich mein Level ja auch bald wieder geschafft haben. Wednesday has given me 47 more BBs brought if there is now a daily basis, then I should also my level again soon managed.

I would also like to refer a small article, written in Poker Tips Forum. There Ozone describes his career so far, very interesting to read (and not too much;)) .
To article

Celebrity sightings at Party Poker

Glaub now do I delete Party Poker prefer right from the plate ... Has no sense!


I could not leave

gereicht. But only briefly, only for 7 BBs sufficed. Nevertheless, it was good that today I do not have played so much, but a little in the new book to read and a small lunch sleep made hab. If I so over the last few days it and my hands look so, then I have to really admit that I was not always so focused have played.

Fixed Limit

I have with me the pot limit and fixed limit again go through the head. As I do somehow have noticed that the people with 99% of Bets eh not get out of the pot and I Bets by large and people who call everything somehow lost more than profit, Level 1, I will change something. Since I always grade on + -0 bin fits pretty well.

Updated Level 1:
Limit: $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 FL
Objective 1: 750BBs
Objective 2: 273 Poker Points (News: 192.62)

Hopefully it with the bonus still continuing. If I notice that it is just, I werd one or two days before schedule a $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL session slide in between.

Hab just my first round FL behind me. Unfortunately, there are at Eurobet.com only $ 0.15 / $ 0.30 as the lowest. I have played it briefly, and must say that this is so not my thing - but still got a BB won (Note: In FL is a BB course, a Big Bet and not a Big Blind as in the PL). Therefore, I will probably stay with PL and after a creative break (at least one day) again the fight to deny Level 1.

Again from the front ...

hat sie mir eingebracht, damit steh ich wieder genau am Anfang von Level 1. So, and briefly as my session today: 26BBs has brought me so that I stand again just at the beginning of Level 1 Can yes now only better. For me today is also somehow already.

Hot Sunday

Unfortunately, only the relatively warm weather, because the cards now allow me quite cold. Previously, I had two sessions today. zu erspielen. Both were very mixed, but it is a total, in any case, at times to -40BBs contribution. I think this is just compensation for yesterday's success.

Today, I also want to SnG ($ 5 + $ 0.50), and now I am again why I really do not like to be playing. Through the blinds is simply far too often forced to play something, what you would otherwise not play. Would I basically do not disturb, but for the happiness of this too rarely on my side. Of course I am not finish as 4th

My real income (or loss), I will probably not be here next document (only in private for me), because I actually fixed my bank roll hab. Whether I am in total plus or minus is because I am not really that important.

Look times tonight if I still play a little session ...

Here, it suddenly started to rain as to what else, plus it was a little cooler. Kann mir ein Mensch erzählen, was sich manche Spieler denken? Actually, but the perfect conditions for an evening session. A SCHEISS! Can a person tell me what some players think? With what the call is simply not normal, much unnormaler is that the course on the River ALWAYS their card. I like the result did not write here, is too depressing. I update it easy on the side ...

So easy

I believe that I am now the secret of Micro-Limits cracked. It is actually quite simple: play just good hands!
Today, I have a little more extra attention and found out that almost all the moves in the Micro-Limits not work. A Check-Raise means for many nothing more than a normal increase, a pre increase is for many just another click on the "Call", but somehow people do not understand what is behind these actions. I think that my mistake at $ 0.25 / $ 0.25, I have simply tried to play too well. The next time I will be there, just as it is now playing: Straight forward! No gimmicks, no tricks, no subtleties. With good limpen leaves and leaves with a very good increase, if the flop was nothing, or it will be checked. Everything else is just a waste of money!

( $23.80 ) Result of my two sessions today: 238BBs ($ 23.80)

With this good result, I am now again in the Plus and am very glad! Unfortunately increase my bonus points in this limit only very slowly. I hope I can anyway. I have time until July 14, 2006, but have actually rich! ?

Level down!

How should I best express it ... Hmmm ... Yes, I think I know: What a fucking day!
Yes, I think so, in some way. But I will not cry big, will not even begin to call all the people who each card on the River hit me the money and the only way out of the bag. No, I am calm and relaxed.

Here is short and painless, the statistics for today: -199BBs

Throughout today, I was a bit of a Simpsons sequence recalls. There, you can see Bart, as he was opposed to four people playing chess simultaneously, and how amazed at all, then you can hear just how it all 4 opponents Schachmatt set. So roughly, I feel grad

Since my statistics in the $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 for not just me speaking, I will descend a level and then $ 0.10 / $ 0.10.

Completion of Level 2:
Limit: $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL
Big Blinds: -64

Begin Level 1:
Limit: $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL
Objective 1: 750BBs (Moved to 250BBs ... to the increased security)
Objective 2: 273 Poker Points (News: 155.68)

Yes really bothers me less of the level descent, more disturbs me is that I recovered in the red bin. My insgesammtes bank roll should still amount to about $ 200, so yes what should start and my bonus werd yes, I probably will hopefully get even.

More time = More Money?

It would be really nice if the bill would be so easy.
Today, I had the longest $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 Session counter 1h35min! I know some people now have probably read loud laugh, as there are only played warm. But for some, it simply is not as easy as much time to markets.

( $2.75 ) But we come to the green numbers: 11BBs ($ 2.75)

Really not the world, but why did some bonus points. And any profit, even the smallest, is always more value as a loss! I seh know, it should be with the Poker Career nothing, then I become a philosopher start ... Or at least as a writer for greeting cards.

The session was somehow quite mixed, at the beginning, I had pretty good cards, and was also a lot of profit itself. Unfortunately, I fool me once again too much on the Top Pair leave A with J as a kicker, of course, which promptly beaten by an AK. Otherwise, I probably me today, the wrong tables ready, the people at the tables there were so tight, when the go to the loo, then come out diamonds. You had the wrong Raise-Knopf only watch and already foldeten all ... Of course, only if you had a good hand. When times to semi-bluff wanted to start, of course, then came the re immediately. Well, at least I probably werd slowly but surely have learned that it is not too much to the top pair.

My book is also arrived today, now that I look in a little bed for reading brings.

No tickets on Tuesday

The only tickets that I got yesterday to face, the idea for the movie from the third X-Men War incidentally a funny movie, you can certainly watch.
Otherwise, yesterday was nothing to do with poker, was up until late at night working, then to the movies, then was still eat and then that's even with the day.

But today, I will go home earlier and then hopefully times to a longer session.

Nut Flush Draw

You know what's nice? It is a slight increase with AQs in the flop and meets two times its color. As you can turn it is to make a small increase, so that the other one does not want rausbieten. On the turn, then the 5th A map of the desired color. At that moment I had not even so happy, because it makes money mostly only when someone else also has its flush. und das Gegenüber setzt erstmal 20BBs. So first checked and already makes BANG, and the confrontation continues 20BBs first. Because I wanted to know, and then it just got to 80BBs increased. One could almost feel like my counterparts about, very slowly walked to the end of time beam direction, and shortly before closing, I thought he folded, the call came. Quite AllIn I was still not, the rest of 5BBs I then sat still in the River ... Pot zu einem wandert. It's just nice if so a $ 48.70 Pot to a wanders.

Summary of the day
Played: 35 minutes
Big Blinds: 107
Profit: $ 26.75

Small renewals

As you may remember, there are now about your rights, my new "status" section. So I have to press the whole state is not always under each post. Now of course I would like to say that my mind is so simple, of course, was not the case. The idea did I just try MeiBra's Poker Dojo stolen and fitted with me.
His blog you should look, especially if you take a little down Swing did. I think against his streak of bad luck, only a few. Lady Luck What he probably did that so they punished him?

Another renewal will be that I probably only at the end of the day with a summary post, and not every session individually comment. Think so exciting times are then not for you, and a little clearer it becomes too.


Look who time the error. ( $2.45 ). Results from tonight: 42BBs ($ 2.45).
* Waiting times, until all are done with thinking *


sind doch keine $2.45 ! Accurate, but not 42BBs are $ 2:45! But do not worry, I have not secretly changed the limit. I am only at the selection table Bottles and landed at three No Limit tables. There were then very quickly a few dollars away. As these tables, but not to my level fit, I werd BBs from there not count.

The good news is it Eurobet, where I finally earthquakes, as you look at the hand history as a text file can be. It is my database again completely.

But let's see what the day brought it today.
Result 1 ( $7.25 ) Session: 29BBs ($ 7.25)
Result 2 ( $10.50 - $8.05 (NL Exkursion)) Session: 42BBs ($ 10.50 - $ 8:05 (NL excursion))
71BBs ( $9.70 ) Results of the day: 71BBs ($ 9.70)

If it happens once, incidentally, that my US dollars bills not always with the overall results match, then it is probably an inaccurate translation of the Big Blinds in dollars. My summary at the end shows, in any case, always have the correct number.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: 113 / 500
/ 273 (28% geschafft!) Poker Points: 77.14 / 273 (28%!)
Real: $ 23:14

Lunch session

Exceptionally midday today, I had a little time to play. There was nothing special, was very concentrated and have also played well. Hab now only played in two tables and one wanted simply no cards (Flop Lakes: below 5%). At the other ran a little bit better. (~ $7.25 ). The result not even 30 minutes of playing time: 29BBs (~ $ 7.25).
Somehow, even though I thought about my Duration. When I look at the statistics look so, then I have in the new limit has never been more than an hour played. But it works, that's the main thing. Nevertheless, I sometimes make a nice evening, in which only poker is played by me and I do not let other things distract.

I got another $ 25 at Eurobet.com paid, so I can handle the monthly bonus. But now I am not quite sure whether I handle both at once, or whether I need to pay off the succession. Succession would not be so great, because then I will probably fail. Do I have to remember next month.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: 71 / 500
/ 273 (23% geschafft!) Poker Points: 63.77 / 273 (23%!)
Real: $ 20.99

Completion of the day Saturday

Puh, which was scarce. At three tables I played at each and somehow on the face. War shortly before tilt to go, but I was able to catch me again and I have played more concentrated.
Do I owe today's profit actually only my AllIn victory AA vs. KK. Otherwise, it would now probably must gloomy.
What annoyed me a little is that I have the statistics Eurobet.com briefly at the table has turned on itself, which in turn has led to the Office poker cards no longer could read and therefore again a few hands omitted. Well, I at least my bank roll even in Excel monitors. Hopefully I will soon find out how you Poker Office in the hands of Eurobet.com manually import.

(~ $11.50 ) Results of the night session: +46 BBs (~ $ 11.50)
(~ $26.50 ) Result of the day: +106 BBs (~ $ 26.50)

For now at least, I retract further into the black and finally have a positive outcome BB. Certainly, I feel this limit but not yet. Think, however, that in the next few days.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: 42 / 500
/ 273 (21% geschafft!) Poker Points: 59.57 / 273 (21%!)
Real: $ 13.74

Again 30 ...

, damit hätte ich den Verlust fast wieder ganz raus und befinde mich auch wieder in den schwarzen Zahlen. The evening session was also quite good: +30 BBs, so I would have lost almost entirely out and find myself again in the black figures. However, I do remember very much that the new amounts me something headaches.

Today, there was a beautiful pot, not for me. The flop brought three low cards heart and then the bidding started. Three players were still in it (I do not), all they were after the flop and AllIn all had two heart on the hand. The one with the Ace had most probably at about the more than $ 150 serious Pot much.

Look times tonight if I still have some time to find games, then I will probably finally be at $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 positive BBs can write.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
/ 500 Big Blinds: -4 / 500
/ 273 (14% geschafft!) Poker Points: 39.83 / 273 (14%!)
Real: $ 1.84

Dawn in gold in the mouth

For a few hands, it does, only somehow I should only play if I really know that I min. One hour can play. However, I Eurobet Poker Office and shown on the nerves.
Listen to me shows poker hands in my Office Live Tracker, and then not to smear me Eurobet.com. The beautiful is that I not only crashed, but even when I just KK on the hand. Well, that is precisely what I AllIn a gecalled and, as I had in my bank roll watched hab, I also won. Unfortunately, the good Lord had not much money at the table.
Well, after a reboot my PC does Eurobet.com then again and again. No idea why this is. But I have an email to the support written, maybe yes, I get an answer.

, damit nähere ich mich wieder einmal den schwarzen Zahlen. So the outcome of today's morning: +30 BBs, so I further once the black figures.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
Big Blinds: -34
Poker Points: 29.40 / 273 (10%!)
Real:-$ 5.81

Damage limitation

It was actually clear that the kick in the new limit is not so successful. But it ran at the end of $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 simply too good. waren das Ergebnis der letzten halben Stunde, dann wurde ich zu Müde und unkonzentriert und habe es lieber gelassen. But still I could in my evening session again a little good: 26BBs were the result of the last half hour, then I was too tired and falters and have it rather calmly.

When I look at the statistics look so, it is my complete loss only at a table, everyone else, I have a plus or at least with a plus-minus zero.
Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I will try again one SnG.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
Big Blinds: -64
Poker Points: 27.86 / 273 (10%!)
Real:-$ 13:26

$ 0.25 / $ 0.25

Well yes that was once a prelude ... Sucks!
Krieg Listen, I ne hour almost nothing, and if you take nothing and at the end I bekomm be nice AK in the hand, with a dream of AKx flop ... What happened? There are still two ladies and you are almost its entire money loose.

Well, that's now used to. Let us hope that it will be better tomorrow. Perhaps I will return to play a round, but now is first of all a little break.

Result: -90BBs

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
Big Blinds: -90
Poker Points: 21:49 / 273
Real:-$ 19:51

Level up and the black

Two positive things at once. First, I have just reached my Levelup and even on the BB accurate. For the time being, I agree with $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 from me and see the $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 accurate.
Even more gratifying is that I have my teaching money "now out again, and finally to black (or green here) figures write. Hopefully, the first fall in the $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 is not too large, would like to once Plus expand.

Closing Level 1.5:
Limit: $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL
( $25 ) Big Blinds: 250 ($ 25)
Time: June 14, 2006 to June 16, 2006

Beginning Level 2:
Limit: $ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL
Objective 1: 500BBs
Objective 2: 273 Poker Points (Current: 12.18)

Level 2, I will only watch tonight. Only once, I will eat something tasty and me a little something to my wife.

Current Level: 2 ($ 0.25 / $ 0.25 PL)
Big Blinds: 0
Poker Points: 12:18 / 273
Real: $ 3.14

Holidays are to play poker because

I know that and you know that, unfortunately, do the rest of the world probably not. Because yesterday was part of my family over to assist in the renovation of my new apartment to help, but it is also a good thing, which ultimately must be finished once and I alone playing it, perhaps even a grad IKEA shelf.
In the evening, there was still an appointment for a barbecue, followed by a team meeting, I Paintball teams. Before grilling, I have actually seen one hour, in which I would play. But I hardly begun, yet again, I was interrupted.

zu verlieren. In the 10 minutes I 5BBs it still managed to lose. Not the world, still angry. I am sure that I come to play today.

First Day at Eurobet.com

Soooo ... It's 1:30 at night and I would like the first day at Eurobet.com already quit. Altogether, I was very pleased with both the software, as well as with my profit. Altogether, I had three sessions today.

, für die paar Minuten spielen sicherlich nicht schlecht. The first session was the Probier-Session which I already wrote: +16 BBs, for the few minutes of play certainly not bad.

. The second session I presented in the hour before the football match, and succeeded in this pleasant to +171 BBs.

The third session was just up and was probably the most unsuccessful of all. At first everything looked really good, but then I was probably slowly falters and lost so neat. On my second table ran it better, which is almost the entire chose: -9BBs

If things continue this way, then I probably soon become the second level. It will also be necessary, otherwise I seh bonus for the black.

Current Level: 1.5 ($ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +178
Poker Points: 8.19 / 273
Real:-$ 3.96

Initial attempts at Eurobet.com

Since the Internet me back, I wanted even a few steps at Eurobet.com. Wanted to just let's see how the software works in the rough. Will I have been a little, but this is already going.

Current Level: 1.5 ($ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +16
Poker Points: 0,28 / 273
(dies ist jetzt die ganz genaue Zahl, vorher war ich mir nicht 100%ig sicher, da ich meine Dokumente auf dem anderen PC hatte. Hab euch also nichts vorenthalten) Real:-$ 20:16 (this is now the very precise figure, before I was not 100% sure, because I think other documents on the PC. Have you nothing to hide)

Level 1 finished ...

... At least so fast. At least when I Poker Time now been completed and will now get on me Eurobet.com. As I said earlier, I now have a few BBs there contribution. It's also another limit, which is $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 and poker Office eh own statistics that will, I will complete the first level and go to Level 1.5. There erspiel I nor the rest of 250BBs to the correct level two.

Closing Level 1:
Limit: $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL
( $74,80 ) Big Blinds: 748 ($ 74.80)
Duration: May 31, 2006-June 11, 2006

Beginning Level 1.5:
Limit: $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 PL
Objective 1: 250BBs
Objective 2: 273 Poker Points (for the bonus will be required)

The www has me back

What can I see, shortly before I left the house did? Flashing me because actually the LED my modem and announced to me that I had DSL again! Finally, it continues tonight, and I will be there myself comfortable in front of the PC and nothing will make me hold them.

The pause continues

It is unbelievable. Yesterday, I took a well-known in the telecom asked if he won the status of my DSL removal watch, so I know how far that is. Results of the research: There is no order!
The good is that my friend the job himself again now enters and tries to speed up the whole. With a lot of luck I can be online again this week.

At least I had the time, the remaining few pages from the "Little Green Book" through and can only recommend. Now, I must let's see if I have a book specifically for Pot Limit think.

Yesterday I take a look at my statistics thrown and must say that the not-so-bad looks. At the end of months werd I also publish times.

Short evening

This was a very short poker evening, dragging the whole of the furniture and moving boxes, I just no longer really fit and I have already noticed how my concentration towards the end nachlies. Actually shame, because it a) ran relatively well and b) I then tomorrow again have no Internet, and therefore can not play.

In any case, today I was sitting comfortably in my three poker tables at Time, at the table with my special friend "szww." Some call him the "China Farmer" by Poker Time. A very aggressive player who, at times, like a high use with nothing on the hand. I would be interested to know whether the guy at the end of one day green numbers writes. One seh him, I often times with $ 60 + at a table of the $ 10 max. BuyIn. However, I also have often seen how complete his money to other players.

We come to my current data:
Played I, as I said, not very long. The longest of my three tables was 28 minutes. reichte. What still for 136BBs handed. This brings me once the 1000BBs Level 2 for a step closer and also use my real approaching the green numbers. Grenze habe ich durchbrochen. At least the $ 20-limit, I passed.

Current Level 1 ($ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +784
Real: $ 19.92

Network Exchange

Once I do for my next level Network was looking for another (because Time is not really poker tables for $ 0.10 / $ 0.20 offered), I was looking for some help in the forum now my choice: Eurobet Poker
One part of my bank Rolls, I have heard of Poker Time Neteller transferred to the Internet and once in my own apartment does, I will try the missing ~ 350BBs at Eurobet Poker contribution. The beautiful is that I probably also releases a small bonus.

Let's just continue to wait on my Internet connection. Well, later in the evening, I will have a round in time to play poker. Look what time today for Lady Luck keeps me ready.

Visit at home

This weekend, I once again in my parents' home to my recent furniture in the new apartment and to my carding time to sort.
Precautionary I had my laptop in the process so that here, at least, I came to the Internet. In the early evening, I have a small round played poker, but not really long, because I realized that I had played very falters, and within a very short time about 15 BB lost.

In the late evening, I then started again, this time concentrated and motivated. Thanks to the mini-Tables of Poker Time, I could also easily three tables on the monitor of my house TFTs. Since I unfortunately Poker Office is installed, but my concentration on the other PC, it had this time without the live tracker.

It actually ran from the start pretty well and I had two very good hands:
Once I could well with my two aces clean up. In flop were 8 8 9, and in turn, I met my third Ass As ever walked a large pot to me. It has helped me, among other things, that one of my opponents 8 9 on the hand held.

The second big pot came with my two kings, here was the flop K 4 4 for myself ready. Opponents held A A 4 on the hand and cared for so much action until after the All In turn finally gone, I was also at this table a juicy profit Bun.

Results of today's hour:
( $25,83 ) Big Blinds: +258 ($ 25.83)

Current Level 1 ($ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL)
Big Blinds: +648
Real: $ 33.55

Blogs blogs Blogs

After today's day was a little quiet, I could have another blog through. Can it really recommend, as you can see quite well with how much money in the "low" Limits umherfliegt.

Have fun reading: thecortster's Poker Blog

As a model system

Since today is a very quiet day in office, I had the time in a little B @ ndit's blog to browse. At the very beginning, he has similar goals as I do, only he probably somewhat better in terms of Poker language. At any case, I will be level system. This, however, I must first consider how I do this with my previous losses charge.
I believe, however, that I simply with the current data of Poker Office will calculate and my real loss incidentally further documented.

His level system:
At 500 BBs, a raised level, the bank must also roll for the next level at least 300 BBs.

This system, I will initially take over and see how it runs so. However, I will not like it at $ 0.02 / $ FL 0:04 start, but my $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL remain there because I just feel comfortable. Furthermore, I will only rise to Level 2, when my real return assets +-$ 12. Therefore, I will only be around + 1000 BBs rise.

Nor should the link to B @ ndit's blog is not missing: http://www.cardsharks.de

Current Level 1 ($ 0.05 / $ 0.10 PL)
( $39 ) Big Blinds: +390 ($ 39)
Real: $ 59.38

Poker Break

There must be an unwanted Poker, I pause. Unfortunately, the T-Com with the introduction of ADSL is not as fast as I move my boxes. Within the next week, the new port but since. So long, I will just a little bit of poker literature turn.

Swing Down

Today it was not easy. You know these days certainly: The flops come for the hands, folded it and if you have a good hand, it is against a flop. These were the tables today is not well cast. Hardly a 10er table was full and the people who sat on it all I knew. Tomorrow is a better day, and then the $ 50-cracked!

Current status:-$ 59.38


To not just for the day to play, I think of some goals for the next term are:

Goal 1
. First, I would like my bank roll a little up here, I thought to $ 500. I guess that I will need about three months.

Objective 2
With a larger bank rolling course also increase the limits. My current goal is that I relaxed at the $ 0.5 / $ 1 play. With rising bank roll, I will of course, the limits of which first try. One problem here is that, Poker Time is not really a lot of tables in this limit offers. If here who has a tip, so I would have a look Comment.

Objective 3
Attention, here, I will now have a little megalomaniac. pro Tag. Towards the end of the year I would have liked an average income of $ 50 per day. That would still not be enough to live on poker, but it would certainly be a nice little pocket money.

But first everything step by step. At the moment, eh private first a little stress on me to (move), then I will be back but hopefully more concentrate on playing poker.

Poker Office

Yesterday, I got my inner pig and dog overcome Poker Office me lately. The price is pretty cheap, but I have noticed that I have to play a lot better if I have a little electronic help hab. Look what time PO except the Live Tracker and the History still has to offer.

High Stakes Poker


Today, I would like you only times my favorite Poker Series recommend: "High Stakes Poker." This is a cash game with the best poker players in the world (Dan Daniel, Phil Helmuth, Jennifer Harman ...).
The beautiful is that it's not just about the cards and the game, but also about the people. There are jokes made and we dissed each other. If you sometimes have the chance to be a consequence of this, then they sneezed.

A beautiful evening

Yesterday was a beautiful evening. After I already my two good hands at lunchtime, I am again in the evening to go my tables.
At Poker Time falls on me that there really always the same people play and slowly but surely I can also appreciate. Had nice if it would continue to run!

Current status:-$ 57.83

Two beautiful hands

These are the hands and the matching opponents. So it should always run:

** Tripped Up [Hold em] (0.05 | 0:10 Pot Limit cash game) Real Money
- Mvalder sitting in a seat with $ 32.08
- Monstom sitting in seat 2 with $ 10:30
- Miss_ruth sitting in seat 3 with $ 1.79
Enslig-sitting in seat 4 with $ 6.30
- Robponpon sitting in seat 5 with $ 18:07
- Szww sitting in seat 7 with $ 13.90 [dealer]
- Feroc sitting in seat 8 with $ 9.60
- Kadet63 sitting in seat 9 with $ 0.00
Wilh-sitting in seat 10 with $ 6.40
Feroc posted the small blind-$ 0.05
Wilh posted the big blind-$ 0.10
Miss_ruth posted to play-$ 0.10
** Dealing card to Feroc: Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Spades
Mvalder folded
Monstom folded
Miss_ruth checked
Enslig called-$ 0.10
Robponpon folded
Szww called-$ 0.10
Feroc raised-$ 0.60
Wilh folded
Miss_ruth folded
Enslig folded
Szww called-$ 0.60
** Dealing the flop: 6 of Diamonds, 6 of Spades, 5 of Diamonds
Feroc bet-$ 1.10
Szww called-$ 1.10
** Dealing the turn: 6 of Hearts
Feroc checked
Szww bet-$ 3.70
Feroc raised-$ 7.40
Szww raised-$ 11:10
Feroc went all-$ 12:55
Szww shows: 8 of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds
** Dealing the river: 6 of Clubs
Feroc wins $ 19:30 from the main pot

** Skull Raiders [Hold em] (0.05 | 0:10 Pot Limit cash game) Real Money
- Feroc sitting in a seat with $ 12.00
- 666FRAZZX sitting in seat 2 with $ 8:55
- RObAllenC sitting in seat 3 with $ 7:10
- Oszi76 sitting in seat 4 with $ 12.00 [dealer]
- Ced75000 sitting in seat 5 with $ 35.72
- Sapparua sitting in seat 6 with $ 9.00
- Mvalder sitting in seat 7 with $ 10.75
- DiaN3CaeR sitting in seat 8 with $ 2:46
- Szww sitting in seat 9 with $ 32.33
- Crimson Rider sitting in seat $ 10 with 5:20
Ced75000 posted the small blind-$ 0.05
Mvalder posted the big blind-$ 0.10
** Dealing card to Feroc: 10 of Diamonds, King of Hearts
DiaN3CaeR folded
Szww folded
Crimson Rider folded
Feroc called-$ 0.10
FRAZZX called 666-$ 0.10
RObAllenC folded
Oszi76 called-$ 0.10
Ced75000 called-$ 0.10
Mvalder checked
** Dealing the flop: Ace of Spades, 2 of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds
Ced75000 checked
Mvalder checked
Feroc checked
666 FRAZZX checked
Oszi76 checked
** Dealing the turn: Queen of Diamonds
Ced75000 checked
Mvalder checked
Feroc checked
666 FRAZZX checked
Oszi76 checked
** Dealing the river: 8 of Spades
Ced75000 checked
Mvalder checked
Feroc bet-$ 0.20
FRAZZX raised 666-$ 12:40
Oszi76 folded
Ced75000 folded
Mvalder folded
Feroc raised-$ 1.70
FRAZZX raised 666-$ 5.60
Feroc went all-$ 10:20
FRAZZX went all-666-$ 2.85
666 FRAZZX shows: 9 of Hearts, 10 of Hearts
Feroc wins $ 17:10 from the main pot

Current status:-$ 71.24

$ 90-cracked

Another small success on the road to great wealth. gewonnen, der mir gefehlt hat um die -$90 Grenze zu durchbrechen. In a small game in the early lunch hours, the last I won $ 1.50, I was missing around the $ 90-limit to break through.

It goes up!

Current status:-$ 89.80

A little profit

So, since I still have something before, the Pokertag for me to the end. I must say that I am addressing this poker Office accustomed. Werd I probably have a little test, and if it continues to run even as good buy.

gereicht. Today it for a profit of $ 7 ~ sufficed. Think this is quite ok, but I only two 0,05 / 0.10 PL tables played hab. After 70BBs in about an hour. If I continue to so much bad luck with AK have become, then I become the pre-flop soon as 72o. Once I had today so lucky, only has a $ 1.20 pre-flop, and that was me too risky. The flop was obviously A K X and the Raiser lost at the end with some low Q5o against everybody.

Current status:-$ 91.45

Pot Limit

Due to a post in the Poker Tips forum, I now have a bit Pot Limit played. I think that just about right for me. Not as expensive as No Limit and not so slow as Fixed limit. The first two days I even made really good profit. The next two with a nice loss (but only got the bonus of SignUp Dream Poker, and Purple Lounge Poker playful, not so bad).

In any case, it runs better than my miserable attempts SnG. There, I felt relatively safe at the beginning, but the statistics speak not just for myself.

Let's see when the next time I find more time to play.

Whoever comes too late ...

Recently, I apologize to Purple Lounge Poker pending, as it has $ 3 gift gets. In the confirmation e-mail then I still read that one again gets $ 10, if within 24 min. $ 20 single. The course, I wanted to not miss out and I immediately got $ 20 from my poker Time Neteller account to be transferred ... A pity only that this is not within 24hrs went. Schade, so $ 10 extra are never really bad.

Small books Client

In recent weeks, I had a lot of time to read poker literature and want my book reviews to publish this way:

Winning Low Limit Hold'em
My first book was previously also the best. There is also much on the issue received Low Limit (people call everything), and specific tactics for this game manner described.

Little Green Book
Even a very good book, it demonstrates very well how to play aggressively. However, the book should really read to the end. Fields man returned to the middle to play, then you simply have to play aggressive and too many hands. Nor is it for Low Limit players limited mobility because the rules do not always apply.

Hold'em Poker for Dummies
Scrap absolute scrap this book. On quite a few pages here is a little more than the basic rules of Pokers taught.

Advanced Concepts of Poker
This book is rather less for the daily poker needs. It describes more like a poker professional life. However, it quite amusing Between stories.

There were still some small books and guides you, I did read. These books have mostly cut.

The beginning

It is now certainly two months ago, when I was surprisingly a lot of "No Limit Hold'em poker seen on television hab. Although it is a poker game in television is not really exciting imagines, but it has somehow fascinated.

Even then, I have played not immediately, only when I have a PC poker game in the hands much, I am slowly starting to employ. Random way came on the day an old pal with me, this was just starting to play Hold'em poker, and told me the rules more closely. He also showed me Party Poker, which then my "career" began.

In the beginning I played Play Money Games, the rules and learned a few tricks. I started in poker forums and decided to read my first ever $ 50 at Party Poker account. The luck came and went (unfortunately, it often as it was) and my first $ 50 were relatively quickly playful. Thanks to the forum, however, I found other places to play poker online. Example Poker Time, where I got $ 10 gift and this also increased personal contributions.

Over the last few months I had then, inter alia, my first $ 30 bonus at Party Poker achieved, and then all the money deducted from Party Poker and Poker Time challenge. The reason for this was that Party Poker me no more than "Beginner" concern, and I no longer play the Micro limits. The Sit & Go tournaments there were very expensive.

bei Poker Time, womit ich allerdings trotzdem knapp $100 im Minus bin. The current situation is about $ 100 at Poker Time, which I still just $ 100 in minus bin. That will, however, change in the near future and in this blog, you can pursue the further course.