вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

The beginning

It is now certainly two months ago, when I was surprisingly a lot of "No Limit Hold'em poker seen on television hab. Although it is a poker game in television is not really exciting imagines, but it has somehow fascinated.

Even then, I have played not immediately, only when I have a PC poker game in the hands much, I am slowly starting to employ. Random way came on the day an old pal with me, this was just starting to play Hold'em poker, and told me the rules more closely. He also showed me Party Poker, which then my "career" began.

In the beginning I played Play Money Games, the rules and learned a few tricks. I started in poker forums and decided to read my first ever $ 50 at Party Poker account. The luck came and went (unfortunately, it often as it was) and my first $ 50 were relatively quickly playful. Thanks to the forum, however, I found other places to play poker online. Example Poker Time, where I got $ 10 gift and this also increased personal contributions.

Over the last few months I had then, inter alia, my first $ 30 bonus at Party Poker achieved, and then all the money deducted from Party Poker and Poker Time challenge. The reason for this was that Party Poker me no more than "Beginner" concern, and I no longer play the Micro limits. The Sit & Go tournaments there were very expensive.

bei Poker Time, womit ich allerdings trotzdem knapp $100 im Minus bin. The current situation is about $ 100 at Poker Time, which I still just $ 100 in minus bin. That will, however, change in the near future and in this blog, you can pursue the further course.

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