вторник, 23 октября 2007 г.

Small books Client

In recent weeks, I had a lot of time to read poker literature and want my book reviews to publish this way:

Winning Low Limit Hold'em
My first book was previously also the best. There is also much on the issue received Low Limit (people call everything), and specific tactics for this game manner described.

Little Green Book
Even a very good book, it demonstrates very well how to play aggressively. However, the book should really read to the end. Fields man returned to the middle to play, then you simply have to play aggressive and too many hands. Nor is it for Low Limit players limited mobility because the rules do not always apply.

Hold'em Poker for Dummies
Scrap absolute scrap this book. On quite a few pages here is a little more than the basic rules of Pokers taught.

Advanced Concepts of Poker
This book is rather less for the daily poker needs. It describes more like a poker professional life. However, it quite amusing Between stories.

There were still some small books and guides you, I did read. These books have mostly cut.

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