среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

WE almost over ...

How fast can it go and it is again Sunday. Look what time of day it all. Hopefully some good cards.

Session 1
Let's start again at Stars. First, I must forget it a little annoyed that I have a pot against someone with Pocket 3's lost hab. But it would not be this good man, I would be with my Straight probably not so much gained. Had not the time for a longer session, so I really only played one orbit.
( $5.60 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 5.60)

Session 2
Unfortunately, I was fortunate enough probably no longer hold, but the other Donkeys, with the last Mist will still have won. No matter, sooner or later they will pay me!
( - $8.10 ) Result: -8BBs (-$ 8.10)

Session 3
As I said it. Sooner or later they will pay me back. Not as much as I really wanted, but at least enough to the day again with a plus to leave. Although .. Who knows what the evening brings so. Actually, I would have liked so slow times my money from Wild Jack Poker, so I do with the bonus of Empire can begin.
( $8.30 ) Result: 8BBs ($ 8.30)

Session 4
Jaja, the day would have been so nice to them, but no, I have absolutely yes me again at the tables. Hardly I sat at the tables, already has been removed from the 40% per player flop tables with under 20%. No matter ...
Somehow I turn in a circle. Every time I am around 80BBs, then I fall back on 50BBs back. Sometime this limit, but must be broken! Maybe yes next week ...
( -$31.45 ) Result: -31BBs (-$ 31.45)


Times look like today I come to play. About midday probably not so much, perhaps tonight, a little.

Session 1
Now, it at least once for a 10 minute test session at VC Poker sufficed. There will be $ 10 on the claw and another $ 25 in 4000 when Action Points. However, the limit tables are not really very busy, so I ordered this page to a new page incidentally zocken showing in the NL. Of course, the lowest limit: $ 0.02 / $ 12:04
Earnings: $ 1.96

Session 2
Wanted to be a little NL try, and did so in addition to the WoW play a little NL played at VC. As for the sessions, I can not say exactly now whether good or bad, because what I have done. But, in any case, I gained something ... Ehrlichgesagt and I think that the other really played awful.
Earnings: $ 2.62

Session 3
Do you know that? You play and you have really good maps, and the opponents are also all as we want them to, but then loses it, and you think: "Why did I not stopped?" I know the feeling and so I stopped today than it was best. It would also not be better. What we had as nice? Example Pia A-High-Flush vs. a lower flush vs. Pocket Aces. My gefloppter 9-High-Straight was also quite profitable.
On the second table ran it first not so good, but then came the first one's Full House with my two Kings and then again my two kings, which also without enough Full House.
Then I stopped, it was nearing a "positive tilt." Nevertheless beautiful again at Poker Stars have played. The difference to the Prima network is simply enormous.
( $20.10 ) Result: 20BBs ($ 20:10)

With the success of the last session, incidentally, I once again a nice intermediate goal. , da ich insgesammt knapp $200 eingezahlt hab, heißt das, dass ich mein Geld jetzt verdoppelt habe. My bank roll is now over $ 400, because I insgesammt just got paid $ 200, it means that I doubled my money now. Not bad as I think.

Wild Jack Poker Bonus Details

So, this morning my bonus was also there, in numbers all look like this:

Start: $ 70
Paid: $ 94.50
(davon $50 Bonus, ich habe als $25.50 beim Pokern verloren) Profit: $ 24.50 ($ 50 bonus, I have as $ 25.50 at the poker lost)

War is not really a pokerliche luster performance which I have since returned, thanks to the bonus, it was still the black again. Next, I will go to my free money grab Empire and the 25% bonus clear. At Empire, the beautiful, that everyone there Rake as RH counts, I think, therefore, that I put it there will be very easy and simple to the lowest tables will go I think.

Wild Jack Poker Bonus-Done!

And thanks to God, I must say. Is it now really gone fast, but somehow it was not easy. The two sessions today were not really very successful, it is thanks aberFeroc were no major losses.

( $4.25 ) Session 1: 4BBs ($ 4.25)
( -$3.75 ) Session 2: -4BBs (-$ 3.75)

Also still won $ 0.50. In the second session I had a much better finish. Someone has, however, decided my Top Two pair with a straight on the river to crack. Anyway, I now wait until times the $ 50 of loads, and since then I prefer.


This was now a real shot once in the oven, two sessions I played today, both actually interrupted only by meals. At the tables, you have a fish already detected the smell, everything gecalled, losses made without end. But what happens if I have something against them playable? Either I treff nothing, or take it on the River Full House. It was just like jinxes. If I had something, then I have the flop of course totally misguided. I AJ, the flop comes KQ, I did KJ, the flop comes QA. Actually, not so bad, everything is so close to the straight, I only ever get to? No! This is now a serious blow to my level, but at least I get a lot of RHs today, so that only ~ 50 for the bonus missing. The $ 50 werd However, I also need to turn the matter not to go out losses.

( -$6.50 ) Session 1: -6.5 BBs (-$ 6.50)
( -$19.50 ) Session 2: -19.5 BBs (-$ 19.50)

The closest bonus ...

Actually, I wanted the bonus at Empire next processing, unfortunately, I had a few problems with the application. Therefore, I will be the next bonus of Wild Jack Poker processing. Supported heard how Bet365 to Prima Network, also tighten again the same tables. This time, however, only $ 50 bonus, but of course, only 250RHs. Should not all too long.

Session 1
A new bonus in mind, a new skin Prima Network and the latest series of High Stakes Poker, because what can go wrong already? Not much, however, has not really much work. With a little luck in the last hand, I think a negative total return to a positive transformation. Much, however, was not released. Regardless, rather than plus and minus a few RHs for the new bonus, it also brought.
( $2.00 ) Result: 2BBs ($ 2.00)

Bet365 bonus done!

Session 1
Today it was me alone, and only that, I RHs the last couple of rum at Bet365 war and no more lose money. It was now really up and down, it was cruel. Ladies lose against a 9er set. My KQ meets flop in the first and the second K. Turn The River, the 7 for my friendship with the pocket 7's. KT meets two times in the K flop and 4 people go out after the increase.
Fortunately, I had, however, even today, again, that I think did not hit flush. Otherwise, I would have been pretty much against someone with his Pia Straight Flush lost. A $ 30 pot, I still won against two other, no idea what they had, not only in my case more than A-High Straight on a colorful board.
Gingrich also really up and down, down only $ 10, then I was again in the $ 10 Plus and at the end there for a few BBs in the Plus meals. In addition to the $ 20 bonus from Bet365, which I fully $ 100. So I will also Bet365 goodbye!
( $4.63 + $20 Bonus) Result: 5BBs ($ 4.63 + $ 20 bonus)

Concluding Bet365
Start: $ 50
Paid: $ 187.23
Profit: $ 37.23
Bonus: $ 100.00

Finally again ...

Was this nothing more to read. After the home game with me, I first made a small break, which for the most part, it was simply that I just days later the dead came from work. Today I did it again, but finally managed to play ...

Session 1
I wanted to continue my work bonus and I therefore once again to tighten the tables of Bet365 daring. There is really nothing special to report. There was little play and if you rarely with several opponents. Once I had got my happiness and OESD taken on the River (of course with the right odds), but also 2x bad luck, as my AA against a straight hit and my QQs against comradely. Nevertheless, it has a small profit for the meals.
The next 100RHs are also full, so again collect $ 20 bonus. If the bonus is there, then I have two beautiful intermediate objectives. Once my real profit is then $ 100 and my bank roll then rises to over $ 300th
( $8.50 + $20 Bonus) Result: 9BBs ($ 8.50 + $ 20 bonus)

Session 2
The nice thing about poker is that it is really quite easy to play along. Therefore, once again a small WoW-Poker-Session at Titan Poker. Of course, again only in the lowest limits. But every cent in my bank roll counts!
Earnings: $ 0.75

Session 3
Finally, I am still somewhat Bet365 bonus and had also worked a few RHs together. Now missing only about 50RHs, I can also back off me and then probably concentrate more on stars.
The session gave me a couple of tickets brought twice QQ and KK times, with both, I have gained a little. Much now I owe my special friend with 80% and 25% FSR PFR, but after almost every increase after the flop eingekniffen tail. I was at least well-paid.
( $10.00 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 10.00)

Too tired ...

There is even a saying that I did not learn from my mistakes. Therefore, I have no tickets yesterday and today touched, I will probably not do so. As I sit in almost asleep, and it would be today is not much better, I let the fingers of the first virtual cards.

The next few days will hopefully my chipset, and a couple of plastic cards, I took a look. Now it should be only once all arrive ...

Home Game

Yesterday, there was again correct cards on the hand. Together with four friends, we have a few hours 0:02 € / 0.05 € PL played. Even if I have this time a few more tickets than usual have played, I did not playable on the hand. Pots shoplift to 99% has not worked, because someone always gecalled. As usual, just as it is on the Home Game. So I just waited until I got to playable on the hand got. That was exactly three times the whole evening.
A A6s gave me for the first time brought a little luck, and I just got hit the 6 and after the flop all out. I think that was one of the few hands that are not on the showdown.
KQ was the second on the flop came even my K, but unfortunately also including an Ass Despite PFR gave me a juicy bet on the flop, but it very well from my counterparts about. A little back and forth and I was with my AllIn Mid-Pair. But it did!
The third hand was the last day, with AKo I missed the flop and the high total Bets have me then also out of the pot. Naturally, I met with my A at the River Runner Runner Flush, the locker for this big pot would have enough.

It was a very funny evening, I was at a Home Game always in the forefront. , doch damit hab ich zumindest meine Negativbilanz bei den Homegames wieder ausgeglichen. For a small profit, it also served, a total of only € 3.75, but so did I at least my negative balance in the Home Games equalized. The biggest gain was probably Bazuka (see blog links), one or the other winning, he has certainly presented differently, but with out bluffing unfortunately it has not worked.

Last day

Well, today is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow, I must also look at other way to earn money. Look what time the last day it brings.

Session 1
Here he is not already a lot. Somehow I had the pleasure to Titan still one round to play. It went quite well, I was $ 10 plus. Unfortunately, I lost against a Q-Flush K-Flush what my profit again not made.
( $0.75 ) Result: 1BB ($ 0.75)

Session 2
So that verged already hard at work. The tables were still not quite as tight at Bet365, but I was not brought much, because I just got no tickets. At one table, I had already lost $ 5 and an FSR of less than 10%. The US dollars were lost probably only the blinds. But in the end was still somewhat useful, and I was able to at least make some profit. A few RHs also came back in favor, but not as many as I would like. Still further, I always closer to the full bonus, and then I will probably stop at Bet365.
( $6.75 ) Result: 7BBs ($ 6.75)

That ends today my holiday. But tomorrow is my first one cozy Home Game. To much is it not, it must not, it is so fun.


I thought maybe one or two times yes a little balance between the various poker rooms quite interesting.

($50.77 Bonus) Party Poker:-$ 121.89 ($ 50.77 bonus)
($10 Bonus) Poker Time: $ 84.17 ($ 10 bonus)
($39 Bonus) Eurobet: $ 30.70 ($ 39 bonus)
Titan Poker: $ 9:46
Poker Stars: $ 10.70
($60 Bonus) Bet365: $ 74.10 ($ 60 bonus)

As you can see, gave me a bonus or other times the ass rescued. But at the moment it does so without bonus with green numbers.

Reaching for the Stars

Session 1
Today I wanted my luck again at Poker Stars try and got me there, so even at two tables. Have I not won, but it would have been more decisive. Unfortunately, I have a big pot to someone with a straight Pia lost, I would have my Top Two Pair held in the hand. However, I probably would not really expect, that someone with 68 after an increase in the flop. So can go ...
5BBs ( $4.95 ) Result: 5BBs ($ 4.95)

Session 2
Two words to Party Poker: FICK YOU!
It also said it would now have a promise: I will not again play at Party Poker! The only reason would be to their bonuses, which I would then handle and the money immediately auscashen. The remaining few dollars by PP now I let it lie until I again have some money available to make with it. Otherwise, it is just unbelievable what goes on. verloren (trotz $50 Bonus!), wenn ich jetzt sehe, dass mir Party wohl einfach nicht liegt, dann hätte man die sich ruhig sparen können. Altogether, I have to Poker Party lost $ 121.89 (despite $ 50 bonus!) When I now see that my party is not easy, then you would have to be calm save.
( -$16.25 ) Result: -16BBs (-$ 16.25)

Session 3
A little bonus of Bet365 worked. Not long, as usual with me. A set 5er then gave me the necessary BBs given to my party compensate for loss. That was not my goal of the session, but beautiful, that worked. The remaining $ 9 by party, I can pay me now and the remaining $ 0:31 I could not cashing out, I just look at a slot machine at Party challenge. This is the curse hopefully Party!
( $13.75 ) Result: 14BBs ($ 13.75)

Session 4
Many small sessions today. This was more out of pride and out of boredom. I saw that I at Titan Poker nearly $ 2 in the minus. What remains of the poker tournament tips them. Therefore, I am just as with $ 18 at a table set my limits and played. With KsQc I am on the flop, I had absolutely nothing except a Runner Runner Flash Draw. However, the pre-flop so much increased, and there were so many people in the game that I still have to turn times, which brought me a card more black in the color of my King and the pot odds were more than right to draw out the River can be seen. Which of course, the right color. I, too, can sometimes lucky.
Now, in my table only two numbers with a minus in front of it. One would Party Poker, which I have been ignoring. The second is in the Home Game column, but are hardly converted $ 4 and will I get back on Monday.
10BBs ( $9.75 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 9.75)

Work Bonus

Session 1
Today, I wanted something more on my bonus and concentrate myself again in two tight Bet365 tables. The beginning was simply awesome, wanted after the first two hands again to stop. JQs in the first hand, brings me a Top Pair, but unfortunately loses against Pia Flush, $ 4 off. The second hand brought me Pocket J's (which I really hate, it must look at what the times I have already tasted *), the flop has an A in it, but no action. I lose not only against the Ace, but also against his second pair, the 2s. So a PFR can call A2 course, if they would be least suited. No matter, and then it went up, Top Pair, Pair and Mid Q-Set quickly brought me back to a better branch.
RHs Enough for the next $ 20 course, I also achieved and also again in 100RHs 24h, which brings me to $ 1000 Freeroll qualified.
( $12.50 + $20 Bonus ) Result: 13BBs ($ 12.50 + $ 20 bonus)

Free Roll
Well, this time it was nothing. As 66th I am retired and thus no money for me. In the beginning, I had unfortunately Mr. AllIn at the table, so naturally, and his success had Stack tenfold. Once I was able to call and have doubled. This should, however, it also has been. With QJs then I am against KK rausgefolgen.

* My face, which I have already cost $ 12, I should get rid of the past.

There are coincidences ...

I think the dealer at Bet365 is broken, how can we explain something else:

But of course, is just a coincidence. The pocket 9's on the way, I won two tables.


Session 1
After a cleaning session in the apartment, I instinctively followed a party poker session afterwards. The funny: I really had no desire to play. Therefore, I after 5 minutes stopped again. There is nothing special happens. The first $ 2 Pot I have stolen, then still a beautiful flush J 9 against high and the conclusion of the blinds again with Pocket T's. That's it then, exactly 4 minutes.
( $6 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 6)

Session 2
In re Party, again only very briefly. Just 25 minutes, then I was tired of the dinner attacked. Actually, it was pretty close. I am with $ 10 to a table, so at least I was able to play two tables. At one table, I was already down to four before I with a "me everything no matter action again to $ 15 high bin. After the action, I knew even then that I probably better to stop.
( $5.50 ) Result: 6BBs ($ 5.50)

Session 3
During the night, I have it this time with Bet365 tries. Since the tables were not so tight, it was better not there yet. Gingrich up and down, and I was actually the last hand before a 2-digit loss preserved. But I played pretty long and got the next 100RHs almost full, I was then $ 20. Look how many times the morning still missing, more than 10 should not be.
-5BBs ( -$5.25 ) Result: -5BBs (-$ 5.25)

PP-Slowly, I take it personally

Session 1:
At Bet365 times today, I tried my luck. The tables had written about 30% of FSR, but after a few minutes I again abandoned. There was hardly a flop times, in which more than two players were in it.
Result: 1BB

Session 2:
That must really be true. The power PP deliberately? Today my cards were better times, they were even good, only the cards of the others were even better ... At least according to the River. What have we for example? Yes, it would be like with my Pocket 3's in the big blind, the flop upgradability Q3J me. There was no pre-flop increased, so I QQ and JJ just impossible. The turn brought me a J, and thus a Full House. What I did not know was that my opponent one of the J's. Ideal for me ... Until a Q on the river and he came to the higher Full House.
Then there was my AKs, the flop brought shaped, my K-turn and the river still my ace A. That would be better not come, because it was my opponent then of course his straight, as he J8 on the hand.
My bank roll at Party is already almost gone, I can simply not on this page to make a profit. On all other pages is a plus, I just PP has a big, fat, red minus prior to the number. $ 116 I have already spread to other players. Really sucks.
Result: -20BBs

Monthly Review

July went up and down with me. I have often not only won a lot of money, but also often lost again. One reason for this is probably my wechselei between the limits and the game species. Therefore, I suppose it still as teaching money in buying. I hope that with this I now limit my first thing found.

The bonuses were probably those months my life insurance, without them it would not look so good. Approximately $ 40 I owe the bonus at Bet365, the next month I will hopefully continue to expand and I also find the remaining $ 60 pick. Hint: The bonus is only available until today!

Ohje, which was once a really up and down. Level up, down Level, Level change. I really hope that it is now first at $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL. So far makes it really quite a lot of fun, the people familiar for the most part, so things like pot odds, and so it has not ever Drawer many in the hand.

The graphics let me off this time, by the cavort between the various rooms, and limits, which were not really meaningful.

Profit in July: $ 66.10
Real Earnings: $ 43.85
Bank Roll Total: $ 243.18

Rein money from her this time, it was not as much as in June (I have not played today, then there would be more! * Sigh *), but in June, I had even more bonuses ... Believe me. But nonetheless, I am continuing in the Plus and I try to remain constant now. I think that I am on the right track right now. Nevertheless, I have now from $ 200 more than $ 240, if there is the $ 100 to one, which I have wasted at the beginning, but then this is a very good profit.

Last Match in July

And what a disaster. Since you do not know where to begin. A good example might actually my pocket 7's. The flop comes AA2, everything checks out to me, so something. All Varna, except for one who called. I think to me that he perhaps something more, and we will check both the first-turn, on the flop, he again and I calle. He has AA on the hand. A strange Slow Playing. Then there were the two straights which I had, of course, both against higher Straights have lost. My hand, my flush on the turn, of course, only gave me a little more than the blinds.
Otherwise, I simply did not get tickets, except 38o, I get quite often, and if not, then something like Q4o. The main thing I can not play.

Today werd I can, that has given me the monthly average return spoiled enough.

( -$32.50 ) Result: -33BBs (-$ 32.50)

Now I will go and the monthly assessment.

Almost the end of the month

Shortly before the end of the month seems to be my statistics back something to improve. In any case I should profit from last month hold.

Session 1:
At Bet365 there was of course only one tighten table again, so again Party Poker. It was actually quite good. A player has my bank roll up and down ride, because you never knew what he really has.
A beautiful hand, he scrambles to me, I was in the flop with AQ, which brought me TQ5 rainbow, the flop brought me an A and a further fifth River At the end, a $ 12 pot together, of course, he had A5 (of course, so we called a PFR), and thus his Full House, but in the end, he paid more than me.
( $15.25 ) Result: 15BBs ($ 15:25)

Session 2:
The tables at Bet365 are still not better, so once the party tables unsafe. This time, however, only for 25 minutes, because somehow I simply played too much. At one table, I got more than 40% in the flop times. I did two times in succession Pocket J's and get what I first got to win, the second I lost again. Nonetheless, it ran fine for the couple of minutes. Now, I have to feed something first.
( $10.00 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 10.00)

Session 2 1 / 2:
I will not deprive you of course you still present and the result of my Titan Poker Session, so my "I play WoW and also try to play a little poker" Trust. There, I really just play the cards, without my teammates to respect. I think this may be the limit currently allow.
Result: $ 12:27

So then I finish the day, and see what times the monthly review tomorrow so.

Level Change

Yes, I know I am bad, and can never stay in one thing. But I am still halt in the self-discovery phase. This time I will hopefully stay. Changes I have to $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL. Here is the luck factor slightly lower and you can still win a little money.
I now have the BBs counted from the July 24, 2006, so I am already a few shares. The level will rise to 750BBs I do, because my BR should be large enough to make $ 1 / $ 2 to play, and I let the loss of not quite previous attempt by the board. Hopefully this will be a little better.
Another target bonus, I also set: 1000 Party Points. These are then enough to me a couple of ordinary playing cards at Party Poker.

bei Party Poker raus. Today I only played 30 minutes and came back crazy $ 2.75 at Party Poker out. Bonus sind allerdings auch schon angekommen. My $ 20 bonus, however, are already arrived. die ich bei Titan Poker erspielt habe. What course should also be mentioned, the $ 0:34 I achieved at Titan Poker. Here I am always on the $ 0.01 / $ 0.02 PL tables, if I play World of Warcraft. So, I have been there still around $ 3 profit made (and just $ 5.50 in the poker tournament tips lost).

* Update *
So, now I have my long session at Party still behind me. Once again 90 minutes. However, I would have to stop after 60 minutes, because I was still about $ 10 forward. ! But do not worry, I did after 90 minutes still Profit: $ 1.50!
Nevertheless, I was with my game today satisfied, a little more aggressive than usual, I was really one or the other has yet Pot. I should consider myself slow times, not whether I should leave the table if it is not running. Two tables, I have played both, I started with $ 20. On a table at the end, I still about $ 5, and at about $ 2 table 36th Kelly ran ...
Actually, I wanted to today, so at Bet365 continue to play, so I will continue with my bonus come. But there were only two tables occupied and both were below 30% per Players flop. That's me then but a little too tight.

Altogether for today would be then:
Party Poker: $ 4.25
Titan Poker: $ 1.64
(Bonus) Bet365: $ 20 (bonus)
Total: $ 25.89

Long Session

Today was my last working day, I now have a first-week holiday. To celebrate the occasion, I now have a longer session Poker mess. Entire 90 minutes I played, both at Party Poker as well as Bet365.

Party today was funny, especially the people were so easily assessed. Two had impressed me. Once again, there was a 75% Mr. FSR, this has also increased use of the buttons, as soon as he was off, his Bet already there. That he was never in the hand it has had less disturbed. I should make it pretty.
My second favorite was Mr. Vorhersehbar. Quite often I was alone with him in the flop when I saw it was, then he gefolded to 85%. Except, of course, what he had really strong on the hand.

When it ran Bet365 mixed. Especially at a table, I have lost almost $ 20. I really do not know exactly why more times. Remember, I can only to a handful, I am there with my Straight J-High against a Straight Q-High running. That's poker.

Party Poker: $ 15:25
Bet365:-$ 13.75
Total: $ 1.50

A dollar and fifty cents. The thing you must do is look at the tongue pass. No matter, at least, the next 100RHs managed. So I will just take me back $ 20.

Down and up again ...

Today I played two sessions, but I still $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL try.
Once a 30-minute session at Party Poker. Somehow the page brings me but absolutely no luck. abknöpfen. At the end of the session I had my teammates $ 12:25 buttons.
But anything half as bad, because in the evening I have a brief 15 minute session at Bet365 played. Shortly before quitting, I got on the button KTo still on the hand, actually not a very good hand, but somehow I like it. The flop was then bidding KxT and my teammates brought me up a $ 15 pot. . In the end, it was this $ 18.75.

That makes a combined daily income of at least $ 6.50

* Update *
I was with the party but not sit on me and did a few laps daring. Unfortunately, the server Party walked into the knee went. gereicht. Has yet again for $ 2 meals. Better than nothing.

Party Poker:-$ 10.25
Bet365: $ 18.75
Total: $ 8.50

Too warm

I think today I no longer than 30 or 40 hands. Then I recognized that I was simply too warm today. In the few rounds, I return the $ 0.5 / $ 1 tables unsure made up for a couple of RHs to collect. But, as I said, after about 20 minutes, I have the tables yet again.

Results of the day: $ 4.25


Today I have only played at Bet365. verloren. In Fixed Limit ran it is not so good, there unfortunately, I have lost about $ 9. vom Bonus überweisen hab lassen. What, however, is half as bad as I am at the end of the day had 100RHs and I therefore take the first $ 20 of bonus transfer hab. Then I can go back to at least two tables.

As a little bonus, there was a Free Roll at Bet365, the man was allowed to participate only if they 100RHs in the last 24 played. Altogether, about 200 player in the Free Roll it. This time I even managed to ITM. , doch die nehm ich ja auch gerne mal mit. Although only $ 5, but do I also like to give.

Sex, Lies, and Video Poker: Working in an offshore Internet casino

Here is the link to a little history:

Sex, Lies, and Video Poker: Working in an offshore Internet casino

Once again Plus

Finally coming back a little profit. And do you know how? With Fixed Limit! After I almost my entire party bank roll again verzockt did, I did with the last $ 15 on a $ 1 / $ 2 table and played there. The reason for this is that I have read that the limit from the players slowly least know what they are doing.
With JQ I am on the flop, which brought me netterweiße 89T. The rest was simple: Offer offer. ) am Ende wieder vom Tisch. So I ended up with $ 30 ($ 17.17) at the end of the table. The same I then made of pure curiosity at Bet365 and also tried Stars. und bei Bet365 $5.50 . For Stars brought it to me at $ 2.25 and $ 5.50 Bet365. The course is one not to my level, which is precisely eh paused, the bonus for me at Bet365 processing. Den I will be comfortable with $ 0.5 / $ 1 processing FL, as one gets the rake together and I did not risk in the NL neck.

Results of the day: $ 24.92

Bonus in No Limit

Since I have just the bonus of Bet365 abarbeite and there is unfortunately no reasonable Pot Limit tables there, I just take it to No Limit changed. Anders bekomm I unfortunately, the $ 0.25 little rake.

Unfortunately, I was also one of the disadvantages of the NF feel:
I bekomm Pocket 4's limp and me in the pot clean, bring the flop: 4 T T
Class I think, now look how much money I get in the pot. I check, the next is $ 0.60, the third and I called increment of $ 1.20. Both call. So far so good, the turn brought a 5th I check, the next is $ 1.20, the third rise. I increment, it increased. Since then, I sometimes considered. Either he has a high pocket pair like KK or AA or what I was likely something like AT. Anders would certainly not be the first call to explain. Also All In ... Well what can I say? Since my $ 20 went there because the man had good pocket 5's!

Since then, I first intermission ...

New Bonus

Now I am at Bet365 logged and start to the $ 100 bonus this year. What is needed 500RHs (rake from $ 0.25), it should be to create. It will also have first priority.

And now again very quiet!

Now I first contract, which led to my little break led to another bloody day on Wednesday: -66BBs
That, incidentally, I lost all the time at Party Poker. in drei Tagen) übrig. Of the $ 50 because I got paid, are now just $ 14:48 (-$ 35.52 in three days) left. Slowly, I really believe that party simply nothing for me.

Today, I am slowly getting there and a little daring in Stars played. eingebracht. Although I did not play long, it has brought me 73BBs. Is it up? Regardless, I will continue to quietly approach.

Sometimes I have to calculate exactly, but I believe that I have since the beginning of the month plus-minus zero is still standing there. This is of course mainly to the nice bonuses, which I have money.
Because in my mind, I think I will be a brief detour to Bet365. There is a $ 100 bonus for 500RHs, I think I will look at me today.


Now I really do first for a few days break. In recent times, I expect the losing almost, and the results of talk lately is not just for me (I later after contract). If things continue this way, then I am soon back where I at the beginning of the blog was (though I do not have long since bin again).

Therefore I do now first break, werd my latest book even if I completely understand and then from 31 Holiday did, in the right manner.

Short Session

Exactly 15 minutes I played today, then I also have the time to leave. While it is still relatively early in the evening, but today I still werd not continue to play. At the moment I play again at Party more than stars, where can I get the better tables aussuchen. Two hands, I have my profit today owe. Once QQ (I really something profit with the ladies), and again with a straight Pia. Unfortunately, with both hands, all the remaining players after the flop out. In the women's probably even use my little too much and I had to be straight with the somewhat higher, as Flush danger existed. No matter painstakingly fed the squirrels and soon I am back again, on my way back to Level 2 * Sigh *

Results of today: 20BBs

Articles in the mirror

Yesterday, I have not touched cards, thinking the day break has done me good. Tonight, I will then return abilities. Wait times what I Kartengötting returns.

I would like to an article in the mirror point: Calculation of luck
You see, poker is slowly but surely become the new national sport.

Thank god it's Friday

This past Sunday is really my luck. . In the morning, only two tables filled with poker stars, these were of course very tight -32BBs .... Since my nerves went on, I just got a bit of money to Neteller Party Poker pushed, as well as Pot Limit just fits my level. und am späteren Abend dann meine dritte mit -64BBs . In the early evening, I had my second session with -43BBs evening, and then later on my third with -64BBs.

It ran so well but with $ 0.10 / $ 0.10, but since it may not have such a great difficulty difference? Had I was just lucky? Did I now just bad luck? Should I return to Poker Time and $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 up to the end of my life? Questions about questions ...

Rounded makes for the day: -139BBs

Addendum to Friday

It goes up and down, but if it would go further, then I would be satisfied. abziehen. Nevertheless, I must again 65BBs deduct. I was probably too easy falters and eventually got played too many leaves.

Today, I will not play poker. Until the early evening today was the 3rd Matchday of DNL (paintball), and I was quite nicely done. Now, I will only be comfortable with my girlfriend eat, and the rest of the day with her. Tomorrow it continues, as the BBs then come back to me!

A beautiful hand, I would like to mention. Unfortunately, she was only really well and not very pay. But I let the best pictures speak ...

What bonus?

Now I mean no Reload or First Depsite bonus, but the FPP shop at Poker Stars. I 31FPPs Meanwhile, it's also quicker than I thought Toltec. Now I just do not know what I will work towards:

  • Anti-stress and for the ball or 100FPPs. That would be my "main thing I was krieg" solution.
  • Send a metal containers for 800FPPs (there were 800? Hmm ...). That would be nice, but I never drink coffee. Certainly one can reinfüllen other beverages, only whether the worthwhile for me! ?
  • Two card sets plastic for 1000FPPs. That would certainly still in the realm of possibility, but it would probably take the longest.
Suggestions? I will just continue the points and save myself probably at the end between the card sets and drinking. Look time ...

When the eagle cries ...

Strange headline? Jo, the song is just me and falls just nothing better. * G * Today, it ran fairly relaxed, two sessions, and both were positive. The best ride I was not big on it rum, at the end of it still sounds and Lady Luck will annoy me.

( $5.05 ), Dauer: 30 Minuten Session 1: +20.2 BBs ($ 5.05 or higher), Duration: 30 minutes
( $17.05 ), Dauer: 45 Minuten Session 2: +68.2 BBs ($ 17.05), Duration: 45 minutes
+88.4BBs ( $22.10 ) Total: +88.4 BBs ($ 22:10)

Meanwhile, I really 8th that the tables at least 40% of FSR. Seems to pay off. und an allen 3 Tischen fängt die Action an. Funny, I found today that I so easily found in the Plus and suddenly makes it BÄNG and all three tables, the action starts. Werd me a couple of times now in the hands Replay view, would like to know what I have gained so.

Hab me yesterday, a few replays times. In any case, I find it very beautiful first that in the hands History provides the gemuckten cards. If I am playing again, I werd a few comments about some players later, for example Something like: "He knows not what Pot Odds are!" Otherwise I can draw-erei after the flushing not explain.

But now ...

For now really short and flush times, because not a lot really happened. The cards were good and the opponents have also fitted. Many Show Downs had not, because my opponents previously often been out of the pot.

( $6.70 ) Session 1: +26.8 BBs ($ 6.70)
( $7.65 ) Session 1: +30.6 BBs ($ 7.65)
: +57,4BBs ( $14.35 ) Total: +57,4 BBs ($ 14:35)

I am in total again in the black figures, only the BB statistics is still negative. I just hope that it continues like. Unfortunately, the tables are pretty tight at Poker Stars. Look time when the next party poker bonus, then I werd perhaps because the PL tables again closer look.

Without comment

Results today: -137BBs

Ok, but one comment: Now I finally know why you choose the tables in advance. At one end, I saw that as just 20% of the players saw the flop. If I had was good, then of course everyone gefolded, if not, then had someone else was better. gekostet. Especially today ATs was cruel to me, I was almost alone cost $ 15. und der Rest wurde einfach so Stück für Stück abgeknabbert. Then again QQ $ 5 and the rest was just nibbled off piece by piece. But today, at least I learned something:

  • Before look like the tables are tight
  • Out on Top Pair leave (which I think have learned four times!
This is a very great loss for a day, but I had already been greater. At least now I reagier pretty calm when I lose a large pot, a Tilt-risk, I can almost exclusive. Then I must now only hope for better maps, and then fly me the money again. im realen Minus. With the loss today, I am back $ 4 in the real minus. * Sigh *

Slow start to the week

So first, I must say that my players at Poker Stars is a lot better than at Eurobet.com. At PS Varna people at least once if they have nothing, and even if it does so only one fish at the table then you can exclude in peace.

Two sessions I played today, unfortunately, was the second Something mixed. Unfortunately, I am with my Pocket Pocket against J's K's running, and did so 40BBs lost. The I then at the other tables again achieved. However, I am very loyal to the cards: 1x AA, KK 3x, 3x AK (with whom I have only won 1x).

( $3.50 ) Session 1: +14 BBs ($ 3.50)
( $0.20 ) (Hier war wegen meinen J's Schadensbegrenzung angesagt) Session 2: +1 BB ($ 0.20) (This was because my J's mitigation announced)

Think it is in any case better than Eurobet, especially any time you can make even more than just on its cards. After a mediocre flop here can sometimes steal the pot immediately, not as Eurobet, where until just durchgecalled River.
What I get a 3x already happened, is that once all the people from the table geflohnen bin. Suddenly, sitting only to 3rd At the table, and wonder why so quickly. Unfortunately, Poker Stars yes no avatars as other pages, so that you are not necessarily at first glance, if all seats are occupied.

My FPPs are rising also, there are now 11 pieces. If that continues, I need only 4.5 instead of 22.5 years at the chip-on suitcase. ;)

Another little PL on Sunday

Much time, I had not to play. But then the weather was still good and there was too much else to do (3 shelves built up and in under an hour). ). In the few minutes I was able to play, I think at least FL losses almost getting (+13 BBs).

My first FPP, I also get. Only a few, then I can chip the suitcase of which ... Missing only 7,999 FPPs. Whether I see that as a bonus my goal should register? Believe that would be more of a long-term thing. * G * If I make a FPP would get a day, then I would have the remaining 7,999 FPPs in about 22.5 years. If feasible. ;)

Feroc! = Fixed Limit

So it may well be that something safer FL. But I am now back on the bag. Therefore again a change in system level, I get back on Pot Limit. Unfortunately, there are not many really PL poker tables at Stars, for $ 0.10 / $ 0.25 should be enough, however. I werd not return to 0 BBs back, but the lost werd and they kept me in PL again contribution.

Also in FL can lose money

Thanks to God, not so much. Hab today for the first time really trying. I must say that the Stars poker tables can be very confusing. But I know now that when FL probably still somewhat disciplined play. At the low inserts thinks it is often: "Och, because I can still look at a map!" This way of thinking should I very quickly forgotten and continue to play as I have played in the PL. Sure, we now often times the pot odds for a flush or OESD below, but by the whole Pot have to look that one more good position to do so.

, doch das ist denk ich mal zu verkraften. Today, it was then -20BBs unfortunately, but I think it is time to cope.

Source Converter

I just got a nice hand Converter discovered one of the various hand histories nicely converted. The whole then looks for example So: AK AllIn

In addition to the PP bonus clearing of this morning, I have not played today. It was a birthday in between, of course. :)

Link to hand Converter

Party cleared Bonus

Well that went so fast. Yesterday evening the first 50 this morning and the last 150 raked hands played. Meanwhile, I had $ 20 from more than $ 30, but unfortunately it came with a AllIn my two kings in between, unfortunately, two aces gecalled. die ich Plus hatte. Well, at the end, there were approximately $ 22 Plus I had. So quickly paid $ 50 and $ 72 off. So of course, you can make money.

A bonus Party werd I also clear any time. It is very pleasant, that there just raked hands to be counted, no matter what limit it plays. For the future, I will also consider whether I eventually return $ 0.10 / $ 0.25 in PL Party spiel. Time to wait until I Level 1 behind me.

$ 20 at Party Poker

Well what came because of an e-mail with me? There are now $ 20 at Party Poker, rather than reload, but just so. Withdraw of course, only if you play 200 raked hands. Well, that of course I wanted to just try and got me with the $ 20 ($ 0.75, and I was still there eh) to two $ 0.10 / $ 0.25 PL tables. Was really nice coming back to play with people who at least halfway know what they are doing.
At one table, I had a bit unlucky, so I of the $ 10 only had about $ 4, at the other table ran it better. I had AJo on the hand and the flop brought JJT, all checked the flop, and so I started on the Turn a little to offer, so that even a little was in the pot. After River, I was then and could even AllIn me on the big pot look ... At least until I showed someone his TTs. Table 2 This was done for me. Since then, I really had no desire even more the remaining $ 4 to table a great defense and wanted to do something good. So with the best hand and only callers Allin gone before me, J8o ought to be, with whom I also promptly won against AKs hab. Ok, Next, I AKs on the hand and get me thought: Since gehste times risk, so again bedded and after the flop, I AllIn gone. Neither Turn River still brought me something good, but just my colleagues, with my KQ AllIn callte. insgesamt gewonnen. So, we went further and at the end I still had $ 23.84, also won a total of $ 3:09. For that I actually have my money would not go bad.

Of the 200 raked hands, I now have 51, so I werd just as Sub-Ziel register. Perhaps I am playing the 200 raked hands, and then got more than $ 20, then again I quickly werd $ 50 deposit, and then together with the $ 20 lift off again.

Level 1 at 3

Let's summarize:

Level 1, Experiment 1:
Since I had probably just a special kind of Upswing After within 3 days was the level ended.

Level 1, test 2:
After a bad swing down in Level 2, I once again started with Level 1. That I now but aborted because Eurobet.com not really my side. gehabt haben. In the end I still probably about +100 BBs had.

Level 1, test 3:
Limit: $ 0.10 / $ 0.20 FL
Objective: 500BBs
Location: Poker Stars

And this time I pull through!

TV-Total Poker Night

Well, since Mr. Raab was again invade. Five celebrities and qualify occur in the NL Texas Hold'em against each other. Played: Stefan Raab, Bully, Elton, Heike Makatsch and Sascha. The "normal" was the mouthed qualify (Christoffer) Europoker.net tournaments.
First, of course, each of the halfway mastered the poker hands up over his head, because what those who wish to have included in each table. As what was only bluffing and went with each hand. Christoffer is actually quite cleverly done, it has emerged from the worst kept out and is as simple ITM come with it - for 5 Space already was € 5,000. In the end, he is at 4, because he KK AllIn gone and unfortunately Raab gecalled was ... With 62o, the man against a handful so little chance was clear, at least as the 3rd Six then came on the turn.
Overall, it was quite funny, we could take seriously the whole course not, but yes we should basically nothing to take seriously what Mr. Raab produces.

My favorite player was Bully "is still a card on the River" Herbig, which is really in each hand again, everything can be explained. Yes, I think that it deal only with the woman wanted to flirt.

Incidentally winner was Elton, then in the Bully Heads Up defeated.

My Conclusion
A funny evening with funny poker players. Let us hope that now some people claim to have poker, and these players as role models. Glaub then I have to rest Everlast switch-Ever Rest was the only poker hand, the advertising has made (of Europoker.net apart).

Bye bye Eurobet.com

So that was it for me now with Eurobet. Today, I have an extra long session lodged by the remaining bonus points to grab. When this was done, I leave the table angry. They ran it pretty good today.

It is, however, again typical: I bekomm KK on the hand, set pretty high and still got two callers. After the flop, we AllIn, the winner had at the end J7o on the hand and won, because he Flush on the River has received. Hello? Why they called as a AllIn? weg, mit den restlichen $4 die ich noch bei Eurobet hatte (das andere Geld war an den zwei anderen Tischen). For the first $ 10 off, with the remaining $ 4 and I still had Eurobet (the other money was involved in the two other tables). ) gemacht. Then it ran at once better and at the end I had on the table from the $ 4 to $ 20 (+ $ 16). On 2 ) unten. Table nothing actually happened, and only the flops that I have viewed have cost me money, so I was at the end of $ 6 ($ 4) below. )gemacht. Table 3 was the Successful Este, where I had at the end of the $ 10 for $ 30 (+ $ 23).

Let's summarize:

( + $6 ) Table 1: +60 BBs (+ $ 6)
( -$4 ) Table 2: -40BBs ($ 4)
( +$23 ) Table 3: +230 BBs (+ $ 23)
( +$39 ) Bonus: +390 BBs (+ $ 39)

( +$64 ) Total: +640 BBs (+ $ 64)
Unfortunately, the values are now only roughly estimated, as poker Office no longer works together with Eurobet.

Now I will leave then, however Eurobet.com.

Start: $ 64
Paid: $ 94 (rest: $ 0.70)
Profit: $ 30

Actually pretty good, but that with my level rise lately so shitty ran. Even so, I stand insgesammt back in the black figures. At Poker Stars, incidentally, I will do it again Fixed Limit try, there are limits somewhat pleasing.

Finally, again in the Plus and a decision

Today I played at three tables and two ran it just shitty. , am anderen -30BBs . At one, I had -40BBs, on the other -30BBs. The 3rd However, the table was beautiful. über $25 gemacht. Within a very short time I got there, my $ 10 on $ 25. The cards were also bedevils as: TT, KK, AA, and all won. During the last hand, I was somewhat übermutig and got me back $ 7 cures. . But at least it is for today for a total of approximately 10BBs.

I also believe, however, that I have found my mistake: My pre raises were too low. Normal I angewohnt me with a good set of cards 4BBs, that's for the people at Eurobet.com but do not even have a reason for anyone to expect something better. 5 BBs had a completely different effect. 50 Cent seems somehow as a pain to have exceeded limit.

Something unerfreuliches there also. Eurobet has anything to change their software. This is already complete my hand away History, as it is now in a different file and the old man probably no more tuned. Would not that bad, I finally storing them so that in poker Office. A pity that the new hand in Poker History Office can import, just as the Live Tracker still use it. Therefore, I will once I have the bonus, in the network. I think I sometimes ask me werd where MeiBra plays, there seems to be enough los.

I seh grad that MeiBra which is beautifully written on its side. So it is now official. weiter spielen. After the bonus, I will continue to play poker stars. Bin times tense as there with the bonus points expire ...