среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Home Game

Yesterday, there was again correct cards on the hand. Together with four friends, we have a few hours 0:02 € / 0.05 € PL played. Even if I have this time a few more tickets than usual have played, I did not playable on the hand. Pots shoplift to 99% has not worked, because someone always gecalled. As usual, just as it is on the Home Game. So I just waited until I got to playable on the hand got. That was exactly three times the whole evening.
A A6s gave me for the first time brought a little luck, and I just got hit the 6 and after the flop all out. I think that was one of the few hands that are not on the showdown.
KQ was the second on the flop came even my K, but unfortunately also including an Ass Despite PFR gave me a juicy bet on the flop, but it very well from my counterparts about. A little back and forth and I was with my AllIn Mid-Pair. But it did!
The third hand was the last day, with AKo I missed the flop and the high total Bets have me then also out of the pot. Naturally, I met with my A at the River Runner Runner Flush, the locker for this big pot would have enough.

It was a very funny evening, I was at a Home Game always in the forefront. , doch damit hab ich zumindest meine Negativbilanz bei den Homegames wieder ausgeglichen. For a small profit, it also served, a total of only € 3.75, but so did I at least my negative balance in the Home Games equalized. The biggest gain was probably Bazuka (see blog links), one or the other winning, he has certainly presented differently, but with out bluffing unfortunately it has not worked.

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