среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The closest bonus ...

Actually, I wanted the bonus at Empire next processing, unfortunately, I had a few problems with the application. Therefore, I will be the next bonus of Wild Jack Poker processing. Supported heard how Bet365 to Prima Network, also tighten again the same tables. This time, however, only $ 50 bonus, but of course, only 250RHs. Should not all too long.

Session 1
A new bonus in mind, a new skin Prima Network and the latest series of High Stakes Poker, because what can go wrong already? Not much, however, has not really much work. With a little luck in the last hand, I think a negative total return to a positive transformation. Much, however, was not released. Regardless, rather than plus and minus a few RHs for the new bonus, it also brought.
( $2.00 ) Result: 2BBs ($ 2.00)

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