среда, 24 октября 2007 г.


Today I have only played at Bet365. verloren. In Fixed Limit ran it is not so good, there unfortunately, I have lost about $ 9. vom Bonus überweisen hab lassen. What, however, is half as bad as I am at the end of the day had 100RHs and I therefore take the first $ 20 of bonus transfer hab. Then I can go back to at least two tables.

As a little bonus, there was a Free Roll at Bet365, the man was allowed to participate only if they 100RHs in the last 24 played. Altogether, about 200 player in the Free Roll it. This time I even managed to ITM. , doch die nehm ich ja auch gerne mal mit. Although only $ 5, but do I also like to give.

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