среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Monthly Review

July went up and down with me. I have often not only won a lot of money, but also often lost again. One reason for this is probably my wechselei between the limits and the game species. Therefore, I suppose it still as teaching money in buying. I hope that with this I now limit my first thing found.

The bonuses were probably those months my life insurance, without them it would not look so good. Approximately $ 40 I owe the bonus at Bet365, the next month I will hopefully continue to expand and I also find the remaining $ 60 pick. Hint: The bonus is only available until today!

Ohje, which was once a really up and down. Level up, down Level, Level change. I really hope that it is now first at $ 0.5 / $ 1 FL. So far makes it really quite a lot of fun, the people familiar for the most part, so things like pot odds, and so it has not ever Drawer many in the hand.

The graphics let me off this time, by the cavort between the various rooms, and limits, which were not really meaningful.

Profit in July: $ 66.10
Real Earnings: $ 43.85
Bank Roll Total: $ 243.18

Rein money from her this time, it was not as much as in June (I have not played today, then there would be more! * Sigh *), but in June, I had even more bonuses ... Believe me. But nonetheless, I am continuing in the Plus and I try to remain constant now. I think that I am on the right track right now. Nevertheless, I have now from $ 200 more than $ 240, if there is the $ 100 to one, which I have wasted at the beginning, but then this is a very good profit.

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