среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Finally again ...

Was this nothing more to read. After the home game with me, I first made a small break, which for the most part, it was simply that I just days later the dead came from work. Today I did it again, but finally managed to play ...

Session 1
I wanted to continue my work bonus and I therefore once again to tighten the tables of Bet365 daring. There is really nothing special to report. There was little play and if you rarely with several opponents. Once I had got my happiness and OESD taken on the River (of course with the right odds), but also 2x bad luck, as my AA against a straight hit and my QQs against comradely. Nevertheless, it has a small profit for the meals.
The next 100RHs are also full, so again collect $ 20 bonus. If the bonus is there, then I have two beautiful intermediate objectives. Once my real profit is then $ 100 and my bank roll then rises to over $ 300th
( $8.50 + $20 Bonus) Result: 9BBs ($ 8.50 + $ 20 bonus)

Session 2
The nice thing about poker is that it is really quite easy to play along. Therefore, once again a small WoW-Poker-Session at Titan Poker. Of course, again only in the lowest limits. But every cent in my bank roll counts!
Earnings: $ 0.75

Session 3
Finally, I am still somewhat Bet365 bonus and had also worked a few RHs together. Now missing only about 50RHs, I can also back off me and then probably concentrate more on stars.
The session gave me a couple of tickets brought twice QQ and KK times, with both, I have gained a little. Much now I owe my special friend with 80% and 25% FSR PFR, but after almost every increase after the flop eingekniffen tail. I was at least well-paid.
( $10.00 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 10.00)

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