среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

When the eagle cries ...

Strange headline? Jo, the song is just me and falls just nothing better. * G * Today, it ran fairly relaxed, two sessions, and both were positive. The best ride I was not big on it rum, at the end of it still sounds and Lady Luck will annoy me.

( $5.05 ), Dauer: 30 Minuten Session 1: +20.2 BBs ($ 5.05 or higher), Duration: 30 minutes
( $17.05 ), Dauer: 45 Minuten Session 2: +68.2 BBs ($ 17.05), Duration: 45 minutes
+88.4BBs ( $22.10 ) Total: +88.4 BBs ($ 22:10)

Meanwhile, I really 8th that the tables at least 40% of FSR. Seems to pay off. und an allen 3 Tischen fängt die Action an. Funny, I found today that I so easily found in the Plus and suddenly makes it BÄNG and all three tables, the action starts. Werd me a couple of times now in the hands Replay view, would like to know what I have gained so.

Hab me yesterday, a few replays times. In any case, I find it very beautiful first that in the hands History provides the gemuckten cards. If I am playing again, I werd a few comments about some players later, for example Something like: "He knows not what Pot Odds are!" Otherwise I can draw-erei after the flushing not explain.

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