среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Bonus in No Limit

Since I have just the bonus of Bet365 abarbeite and there is unfortunately no reasonable Pot Limit tables there, I just take it to No Limit changed. Anders bekomm I unfortunately, the $ 0.25 little rake.

Unfortunately, I was also one of the disadvantages of the NF feel:
I bekomm Pocket 4's limp and me in the pot clean, bring the flop: 4 T T
Class I think, now look how much money I get in the pot. I check, the next is $ 0.60, the third and I called increment of $ 1.20. Both call. So far so good, the turn brought a 5th I check, the next is $ 1.20, the third rise. I increment, it increased. Since then, I sometimes considered. Either he has a high pocket pair like KK or AA or what I was likely something like AT. Anders would certainly not be the first call to explain. Also All In ... Well what can I say? Since my $ 20 went there because the man had good pocket 5's!

Since then, I first intermission ...

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