среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Finally, again in the Plus and a decision

Today I played at three tables and two ran it just shitty. , am anderen -30BBs . At one, I had -40BBs, on the other -30BBs. The 3rd However, the table was beautiful. über $25 gemacht. Within a very short time I got there, my $ 10 on $ 25. The cards were also bedevils as: TT, KK, AA, and all won. During the last hand, I was somewhat übermutig and got me back $ 7 cures. . But at least it is for today for a total of approximately 10BBs.

I also believe, however, that I have found my mistake: My pre raises were too low. Normal I angewohnt me with a good set of cards 4BBs, that's for the people at Eurobet.com but do not even have a reason for anyone to expect something better. 5 BBs had a completely different effect. 50 Cent seems somehow as a pain to have exceeded limit.

Something unerfreuliches there also. Eurobet has anything to change their software. This is already complete my hand away History, as it is now in a different file and the old man probably no more tuned. Would not that bad, I finally storing them so that in poker Office. A pity that the new hand in Poker History Office can import, just as the Live Tracker still use it. Therefore, I will once I have the bonus, in the network. I think I sometimes ask me werd where MeiBra plays, there seems to be enough los.

I seh grad that MeiBra which is beautifully written on its side. So it is now official. weiter spielen. After the bonus, I will continue to play poker stars. Bin times tense as there with the bonus points expire ...

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