среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Bet365 bonus done!

Session 1
Today it was me alone, and only that, I RHs the last couple of rum at Bet365 war and no more lose money. It was now really up and down, it was cruel. Ladies lose against a 9er set. My KQ meets flop in the first and the second K. Turn The River, the 7 for my friendship with the pocket 7's. KT meets two times in the K flop and 4 people go out after the increase.
Fortunately, I had, however, even today, again, that I think did not hit flush. Otherwise, I would have been pretty much against someone with his Pia Straight Flush lost. A $ 30 pot, I still won against two other, no idea what they had, not only in my case more than A-High Straight on a colorful board.
Gingrich also really up and down, down only $ 10, then I was again in the $ 10 Plus and at the end there for a few BBs in the Plus meals. In addition to the $ 20 bonus from Bet365, which I fully $ 100. So I will also Bet365 goodbye!
( $4.63 + $20 Bonus) Result: 5BBs ($ 4.63 + $ 20 bonus)

Concluding Bet365
Start: $ 50
Paid: $ 187.23
Profit: $ 37.23
Bonus: $ 100.00

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