среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

PP-Slowly, I take it personally

Session 1:
At Bet365 times today, I tried my luck. The tables had written about 30% of FSR, but after a few minutes I again abandoned. There was hardly a flop times, in which more than two players were in it.
Result: 1BB

Session 2:
That must really be true. The power PP deliberately? Today my cards were better times, they were even good, only the cards of the others were even better ... At least according to the River. What have we for example? Yes, it would be like with my Pocket 3's in the big blind, the flop upgradability Q3J me. There was no pre-flop increased, so I QQ and JJ just impossible. The turn brought me a J, and thus a Full House. What I did not know was that my opponent one of the J's. Ideal for me ... Until a Q on the river and he came to the higher Full House.
Then there was my AKs, the flop brought shaped, my K-turn and the river still my ace A. That would be better not come, because it was my opponent then of course his straight, as he J8 on the hand.
My bank roll at Party is already almost gone, I can simply not on this page to make a profit. On all other pages is a plus, I just PP has a big, fat, red minus prior to the number. $ 116 I have already spread to other players. Really sucks.
Result: -20BBs

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