среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Last Match in July

And what a disaster. Since you do not know where to begin. A good example might actually my pocket 7's. The flop comes AA2, everything checks out to me, so something. All Varna, except for one who called. I think to me that he perhaps something more, and we will check both the first-turn, on the flop, he again and I calle. He has AA on the hand. A strange Slow Playing. Then there were the two straights which I had, of course, both against higher Straights have lost. My hand, my flush on the turn, of course, only gave me a little more than the blinds.
Otherwise, I simply did not get tickets, except 38o, I get quite often, and if not, then something like Q4o. The main thing I can not play.

Today werd I can, that has given me the monthly average return spoiled enough.

( -$32.50 ) Result: -33BBs (-$ 32.50)

Now I will go and the monthly assessment.

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