среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Long Session

Today was my last working day, I now have a first-week holiday. To celebrate the occasion, I now have a longer session Poker mess. Entire 90 minutes I played, both at Party Poker as well as Bet365.

Party today was funny, especially the people were so easily assessed. Two had impressed me. Once again, there was a 75% Mr. FSR, this has also increased use of the buttons, as soon as he was off, his Bet already there. That he was never in the hand it has had less disturbed. I should make it pretty.
My second favorite was Mr. Vorhersehbar. Quite often I was alone with him in the flop when I saw it was, then he gefolded to 85%. Except, of course, what he had really strong on the hand.

When it ran Bet365 mixed. Especially at a table, I have lost almost $ 20. I really do not know exactly why more times. Remember, I can only to a handful, I am there with my Straight J-High against a Straight Q-High running. That's poker.

Party Poker: $ 15:25
Bet365:-$ 13.75
Total: $ 1.50

A dollar and fifty cents. The thing you must do is look at the tongue pass. No matter, at least, the next 100RHs managed. So I will just take me back $ 20.

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