среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Thank god it's Friday

This past Sunday is really my luck. . In the morning, only two tables filled with poker stars, these were of course very tight -32BBs .... Since my nerves went on, I just got a bit of money to Neteller Party Poker pushed, as well as Pot Limit just fits my level. und am späteren Abend dann meine dritte mit -64BBs . In the early evening, I had my second session with -43BBs evening, and then later on my third with -64BBs.

It ran so well but with $ 0.10 / $ 0.10, but since it may not have such a great difficulty difference? Had I was just lucky? Did I now just bad luck? Should I return to Poker Time and $ 0.10 / $ 0.10 up to the end of my life? Questions about questions ...

Rounded makes for the day: -139BBs

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