среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

$ 20 at Party Poker

Well what came because of an e-mail with me? There are now $ 20 at Party Poker, rather than reload, but just so. Withdraw of course, only if you play 200 raked hands. Well, that of course I wanted to just try and got me with the $ 20 ($ 0.75, and I was still there eh) to two $ 0.10 / $ 0.25 PL tables. Was really nice coming back to play with people who at least halfway know what they are doing.
At one table, I had a bit unlucky, so I of the $ 10 only had about $ 4, at the other table ran it better. I had AJo on the hand and the flop brought JJT, all checked the flop, and so I started on the Turn a little to offer, so that even a little was in the pot. After River, I was then and could even AllIn me on the big pot look ... At least until I showed someone his TTs. Table 2 This was done for me. Since then, I really had no desire even more the remaining $ 4 to table a great defense and wanted to do something good. So with the best hand and only callers Allin gone before me, J8o ought to be, with whom I also promptly won against AKs hab. Ok, Next, I AKs on the hand and get me thought: Since gehste times risk, so again bedded and after the flop, I AllIn gone. Neither Turn River still brought me something good, but just my colleagues, with my KQ AllIn callte. insgesamt gewonnen. So, we went further and at the end I still had $ 23.84, also won a total of $ 3:09. For that I actually have my money would not go bad.

Of the 200 raked hands, I now have 51, so I werd just as Sub-Ziel register. Perhaps I am playing the 200 raked hands, and then got more than $ 20, then again I quickly werd $ 50 deposit, and then together with the $ 20 lift off again.

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