среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Reaching for the Stars

Session 1
Today I wanted my luck again at Poker Stars try and got me there, so even at two tables. Have I not won, but it would have been more decisive. Unfortunately, I have a big pot to someone with a straight Pia lost, I would have my Top Two Pair held in the hand. However, I probably would not really expect, that someone with 68 after an increase in the flop. So can go ...
5BBs ( $4.95 ) Result: 5BBs ($ 4.95)

Session 2
Two words to Party Poker: FICK YOU!
It also said it would now have a promise: I will not again play at Party Poker! The only reason would be to their bonuses, which I would then handle and the money immediately auscashen. The remaining few dollars by PP now I let it lie until I again have some money available to make with it. Otherwise, it is just unbelievable what goes on. verloren (trotz $50 Bonus!), wenn ich jetzt sehe, dass mir Party wohl einfach nicht liegt, dann hätte man die sich ruhig sparen können. Altogether, I have to Poker Party lost $ 121.89 (despite $ 50 bonus!) When I now see that my party is not easy, then you would have to be calm save.
( -$16.25 ) Result: -16BBs (-$ 16.25)

Session 3
A little bonus of Bet365 worked. Not long, as usual with me. A set 5er then gave me the necessary BBs given to my party compensate for loss. That was not my goal of the session, but beautiful, that worked. The remaining $ 9 by party, I can pay me now and the remaining $ 0:31 I could not cashing out, I just look at a slot machine at Party challenge. This is the curse hopefully Party!
( $13.75 ) Result: 14BBs ($ 13.75)

Session 4
Many small sessions today. This was more out of pride and out of boredom. I saw that I at Titan Poker nearly $ 2 in the minus. What remains of the poker tournament tips them. Therefore, I am just as with $ 18 at a table set my limits and played. With KsQc I am on the flop, I had absolutely nothing except a Runner Runner Flash Draw. However, the pre-flop so much increased, and there were so many people in the game that I still have to turn times, which brought me a card more black in the color of my King and the pot odds were more than right to draw out the River can be seen. Which of course, the right color. I, too, can sometimes lucky.
Now, in my table only two numbers with a minus in front of it. One would Party Poker, which I have been ignoring. The second is in the Home Game column, but are hardly converted $ 4 and will I get back on Monday.
10BBs ( $9.75 ) Result: 10BBs ($ 9.75)

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