среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Work Bonus

Session 1
Today, I wanted something more on my bonus and concentrate myself again in two tight Bet365 tables. The beginning was simply awesome, wanted after the first two hands again to stop. JQs in the first hand, brings me a Top Pair, but unfortunately loses against Pia Flush, $ 4 off. The second hand brought me Pocket J's (which I really hate, it must look at what the times I have already tasted *), the flop has an A in it, but no action. I lose not only against the Ace, but also against his second pair, the 2s. So a PFR can call A2 course, if they would be least suited. No matter, and then it went up, Top Pair, Pair and Mid Q-Set quickly brought me back to a better branch.
RHs Enough for the next $ 20 course, I also achieved and also again in 100RHs 24h, which brings me to $ 1000 Freeroll qualified.
( $12.50 + $20 Bonus ) Result: 13BBs ($ 12.50 + $ 20 bonus)

Free Roll
Well, this time it was nothing. As 66th I am retired and thus no money for me. In the beginning, I had unfortunately Mr. AllIn at the table, so naturally, and his success had Stack tenfold. Once I was able to call and have doubled. This should, however, it also has been. With QJs then I am against KK rausgefolgen.

* My face, which I have already cost $ 12, I should get rid of the past.

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