среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

And now again very quiet!

Now I first contract, which led to my little break led to another bloody day on Wednesday: -66BBs
That, incidentally, I lost all the time at Party Poker. in drei Tagen) übrig. Of the $ 50 because I got paid, are now just $ 14:48 (-$ 35.52 in three days) left. Slowly, I really believe that party simply nothing for me.

Today, I am slowly getting there and a little daring in Stars played. eingebracht. Although I did not play long, it has brought me 73BBs. Is it up? Regardless, I will continue to quietly approach.

Sometimes I have to calculate exactly, but I believe that I have since the beginning of the month plus-minus zero is still standing there. This is of course mainly to the nice bonuses, which I have money.
Because in my mind, I think I will be a brief detour to Bet365. There is a $ 100 bonus for 500RHs, I think I will look at me today.

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