среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

But now ...

For now really short and flush times, because not a lot really happened. The cards were good and the opponents have also fitted. Many Show Downs had not, because my opponents previously often been out of the pot.

( $6.70 ) Session 1: +26.8 BBs ($ 6.70)
( $7.65 ) Session 1: +30.6 BBs ($ 7.65)
: +57,4BBs ( $14.35 ) Total: +57,4 BBs ($ 14:35)

I am in total again in the black figures, only the BB statistics is still negative. I just hope that it continues like. Unfortunately, the tables are pretty tight at Poker Stars. Look time when the next party poker bonus, then I werd perhaps because the PL tables again closer look.

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