суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Shot at NL50

Sun Poker: $ 13:55
VC Poker: $ 2:16

Today, I have a short shot into the NL50 daring. I wanted to just take care snuffle like there is so. Therefore I am at Sun to a NL50 and NL25 to a table. But I must say that it really was only briefly, 34 hands to be exact. A nice Flush has me there, but a few dollars and brought to me I will also be satisfied. Overall, it was pretty satisfying, was the only NL50 table is a lot tighter than the NL25 table, however, was determined only by accident.
The $ 13 profit consist of $ 10 in NL50 and $ 3 for NL25.
For Sun, I have tried all the way, because I wanted to see whether the bonus will be a bit faster. Something went really fast, but still only 0:25 points almost at once, but often.

It is today, I will then leave, did just not a good mood and with anger in the abdomen should we not play.

Nagut, I did not turn my back and still held a round played at VC. Re $ 2 more, somehow NL10 is fairly easy or where it is easier for me to play aggressively. With one hand, I have shaken his head, but after I checked the River hab, I actually had a high Bet need to do. Here is the picture:


Trident Poker: $ 29.04

After 20 minutes, I stopped. At two tables at once, it ran at the same time so well that I even knew where net, I was the first look. Then I got me my first Full House minded, which I find on the River with QT get hab (Board: TT33x) and got as something other than the enemy.
At the other table, it was even more beautiful than I with the A4 BB reingelimpt bin. The board looked at the end like this:

By the River, there were almost no action, was not raised preflop and on the flop, my opponent grad times a few cents. Turn and the River durchgecheckt he also checked to me, because I have it with the sighted to $ 3 Bet tried and hoped that something, and he thinks that I am the pot now wants to steal it. His rise was obviously a nice knot as a gift! Of course, I also raised again and get all his money. He was so kind and has revealed: KK! What do we learn from this? KK is not the slowplayen da! :)

It stinks at Trident

Trident Poker: $ 27.48
VC Poker: + $ 3.96

Yes, Trident is a stench in the air. It stinks after fish. Sometimes I was not really sure if I just Ultra-Aggressiven Könnern games, or whether people are simply too stupid. Meanwhile, I find it in any case, a very dangerous mix. Because either it works fairly well or flying on the face.
Today, it works first, let's look at what the evening brings so.

Now I know what the evening brings it: $ 10 Again! What annoys me was that it would have $ 20 more. But unfortunately I have a friend on my AK, but unfortunately it was KK, and that was not enough for my two boys.
But I rausgeholt later than it actually was almost exactly reversed. My opponent and I had JJ AA, and he wanted to AI, because I do not say no.
Schoenberg was also gefloppten KT and the King-high straight. One simply does not want to stop and put on the River was even the Nut-Flush from my straight. At the time, I also increased for the first time, I ask myself just how much I would have abknöpfen him. The $ 5 Raise he gecalled without reflection.
Schoenberg somehow I found the following picture, even if it is me, in fact, only cost $ 7. But somehow ists just beautiful to look at:

Now even the evening update: After a film ( "population 436", it was quite ok), I am once again at the tables. This time again to relax at VC Poker. It is good if the people a Top Pair enough to AllIn to go. Since VC but somehow just short Stacked people play, it has not all too much. But hauptsache the $ 1000 mark is broken again!

Table Bully was there ...

Sun Poker: + $ 5.10
VC Poker: + $ 1.88

Slowly evades the Trident curse again from me. Only some point, I must also the last couple of hands at Trident. The heb I especially motivated for a day.
Today, the cards were actually not even particularly good, or I was really rare. However, I have almost every hand that I have played preflop geraist and with a CB on the flop then the pot fetched. Did surprisingly well. However, it was only small money halt.

So, now was the evening round at VC Poker. Here again, I have gained a tremendous amount of money. ;)

A bit what

Sun Poker: + $ 3.95
VC Poker: $ 3:04

Not really a lot of what today walked into my account, but at least hiked again was there. For that I got 3x AA today, it is still quite low.
Except for my AA-Serie (2 of them directly row), but nothing happened today. I am fairly quickly from the tables adopted, which are simply not wanted to run. At one table, unfortunately, after losing $ 8, well ...
These are a few points for Sun and a little rake, so I let the Friday evening probably pokermäßig ausklingen.

Nagut, I could not and did a few hands with the children of VC Poker. The main thing, a few dollars more. Only me, it is already 2x happens that I FH floppe and not simply (and not) get action. Until River checks everything to me, and even the smallest Riverbet have all gefolded. Well ...

Och what is the matter?

Bonus Trident Poker: $ 25 + bonus
Sun Poker:-$ 28.85

I really knows what's going on net. Yesterday, I made almost break with games today and grad is still so bad. This time I am again raced against AA, think for today, I let it first. No more pleasure!

Supplement ...

Yesterday, I have only a $ 7,000 Freeroll played, and I am relatively early Ret. Someone said with a pair of 4s than under any pair of Bet AQ my call to have my AllIn itself at the end. I probably just to keep impatient for tournaments.