суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Since I am again

Paradise Poker:-$ 0.20
Sun Poker: $ 21:38

The last few days it was a little stressful, and only long work, then a birthday. That is why I am only now returned to the cards come.

Until now, not much happens. Have a few RHs in Paradise, and I gathered around the break-even time. Think later, I will go one more session to appeal.

So far, Sun again, and finally it is again an increase from the figure was actually quite funny and enjoyable to play. At best, I was actually the first hand with my second Table. I sit me out, wait a round of the BB and then get KK on the hand. Then I could look like all first to SB folden out and I had no hope at some money. But there goes my (unfortunately Short Stacked, but otherwise it probably would have not made) friend on the SB AllIn even with its $ 7, and he shows me KTs, but my kings.
Funny then later was still a little discussion between two players. One is AllIn with 77 and is gecalled of Q6o. A lady appears on the flop and the pot goes to the player with the lady. The then makes it funny that he goes with 77 AllIn thus suspending the other makes it funny that he Q6o called. There were "evil" and "poverty" fought against one another.

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