суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Sun Poker-$ 16:19

Ok, now I was really very briefly before full tilt. At each table, I advised against any idiot. But "idiot" is the wrong word, rather against someone very, very aggressive. But once we start to what has annoyed me today:
First With Top Pair Set against losing is not so unusual, it was not won after several Pötten but very nerving.
Second Two times a A-High-Flush to get only small and less money for them.
Third With Full House at the turn against a higher full house on the River to lose.
Fourth My totally unnecessary Re-Raise to $ 10 against the idiot because I really thought that he did not always have something. His AllIn was me then but too weird, it was just $ 10 away.

Now I go round a scream, then a few fish sticks eat and then rest in World of Warcraft.

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