суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Next up ...

( +$25 Bonus) Trident Poker:-$ 40.52 (+ $ 25 bonus)

Have only a small play in the morning session, were two or three nice cards and the flop a little taken. But there was actually nothing special in the process for $ 10, it still does.
Otherwise appeared again $ 25 on my account, they probably come from either "George" or "no_luck999." Thank you for whom they are now. :)

A small lunch session on the profit, unfortunately, has somewhat diminished. Was pretty mixed and that has me after the $ 5 cost. No matter ...

Evening Update:
Ouch, that would save me. J-High-Flush vs. A-High-Flush, Two-Pair vs. bad. Good Two-Pair, Trips with bad kicker vs. Trips with a better kicker. My $ 5 profit, unfortunately, in order to convert $ 40 loss. Well, I stay on the $ 1000! :)

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