суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Semi Bluff

VC Poker: $ 3:12
Sun Poker: $ 4:11

Today, I wanted to try something, sometimes it happens that somebody from my CB geraised and I will be the tail einziehe. This time I wanted to try, whether it is serious about. I get A3s in the hand and the flop brings 455 with a card of my color. So an Inside Straight Draw, and a backdoor flush Draw, I do a 1 / 2 pot CB and increased again to the pot. As I thought to myself: "This is not!" Eh, since he only had $ 3, in AllIn I thought, and not that it is still called. Did he but with A4.
"Pity" I thought to myself there, as are the $ 5 halt lost ... Lady Luck was very courteous to me and gave me turn and river in the correct color.

Now I have a round of poker played at Sun ... About 3 hands. In the 3rd I hand the AllIn ShortStacked a player with AKo gecalled, he revealed A4o, which brings me a flop K, and then the following ...

... Somehow it has completely dismantled, and Sun has some time before I was able to re-connect. After a few minutes, my money and the money of my former opponent with me on the account. However, I am just full of the joy.

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