суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

One can not always win

Dream Poker: $ 5:17 -
VC Poker: $ 14:09

Today I again for a little NL20 Dream Poker played there, and tries to finally freizuspielen bonus. Then, I can spend my money there once again pull off. If not, of course, so well today. At one table, I have more than doubled, but on the other it would simply not work.
For VC Poker I then again a little NL10 tables and grazed my losses somewhat minimized. If things continue this way, then the month, but still quite profitable.

Edit: So, even a small Dream Poker Session lodged and from the $ 20-only-$ 5. Sounds better ...

Edit 2: A little child in VC Poker gutted and there is a few dollars dusted. Sometimes it is really a shame if the opponents are only $ 2 to the table with it.

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