суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Once again Sunday

Sun Poker: $ 8:38

Somehow passes at the weekend the time faster than during the week. This is a problem which scientists should devote even necessarily. But the evening is still young and I hope I later find the time to play a bit.
Previously, there were many small pots and many did my friend, "I raise pre flop with every second hand" to thank. The game was always the same: He raised preflop, now there are two possibilities: a) he missed the flop, and checks or b) he meets and sets the flop was. Of course, a) often happened, and every time we then positioned on him, and what has, then he is out.
Today was strange that whenever I had a good hand increased hab (AQ, AK), then there are many people, when I had a very good hand (AA), then of course all out. No matter, again $ 10 and a few more RHs.

The whole week I got myself on the irregular (or none at all) for updates of Rake Brain annoyed. Sometimes I would read the news, then I would have probably noticed that the update until this Sunday, it is probably because of technical difficulties. Since I am anxious times ...

So, now is also the evening session over and my income has, unfortunately, from $ 10 to $ 8 reduced. Not the world, but also not encouraging. But this time lag probably mainly on the cards, and more than a bad Top Pair today, I could not see.
On the update from Rake Brain wait, I unfortunately still ... Grrrr ...

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