суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

A bit what

Sun Poker: + $ 3.95
VC Poker: $ 3:04

Not really a lot of what today walked into my account, but at least hiked again was there. For that I got 3x AA today, it is still quite low.
Except for my AA-Serie (2 of them directly row), but nothing happened today. I am fairly quickly from the tables adopted, which are simply not wanted to run. At one table, unfortunately, after losing $ 8, well ...
These are a few points for Sun and a little rake, so I let the Friday evening probably pokermäßig ausklingen.

Nagut, I could not and did a few hands with the children of VC Poker. The main thing, a few dollars more. Only me, it is already 2x happens that I FH floppe and not simply (and not) get action. Until River checks everything to me, and even the smallest Riverbet have all gefolded. Well ...

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