суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Sun Poker: + $ 9.50

In very small steps, I now try again aufzurappeln. Sessions let me not too long, so I will not frivolous. Today it for a small profit-enough so that I am up to $ 0.25 again exactly at the level as in the deposit, unfortunately, including the $ 50 bonus. Well.
Today there is really only one good hand to say, with KK, and a $ 2 increase, I am with an opponent and out of position in the flop. This brought me a beautiful king and I checkte. From my opponents, I knew that he enjoys trying to steal the pot, and so I wanted to wait on him. He checkte however. The Turn pairte (great word) the board, so I think fast-Nuts held in the hand (except my opponent would have had a couple 3en). I checkte again, my opponent too. After River checkte again and this time I beat my opponent with a 3 / 4 Potsize Bet ($ 3), I increased to $ 10 and was gecalled. A few hands before I had something with QQ bleed, it did quite well.

Otherwise, I have not made me more aggressive to play so if I am out of position. Think this has cost me more than it has. Even with the Re-Raises I should be a little more on the eighth and opponents get back on the right opportunity wait.

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