суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

A weekend

Paradise Poker: $ 2:10
VC Poker:-$ 15:38
Sun Poker: $ 28.67

In short, I look at the NL tables at Paradise Poker, but immediately got canceled because I still had to be away.

Later, I had the desire not to "serious" poker and wanted a few short Stacked with VC Poker exempt. Unfortunately, the shots were not going backwards.

Something gefrustet me, then I just have to take a $ 1000 Paradise Poker tournaments are logged and it even started really good. After the first two hands, I had bought chips by 1000 and later I was able to get some pots. Then, unfortunately, I am against KK when I raced Top Pair AJ had, of course, with K flop. The remaining few chips I verdonkt then. For tournaments, I have somehow not the patience, I think it does sometimes, when I really want, and the time for hab.

Evening Update:
I did a little back and forth about whether I prefer the first Paradise Poker or rather the Sun Poker Bonus abarbeite. In the end I apologize for Sun Poker, and apparently decided was the right place. In the beginning, it was again not good, because my 4x BB increase with my pocket K's was probably not high enough for my friend from Turkey and its 64o-Hand. With the course, he had two more 4s in the flop meet ... Logical.
Then I got my first sought another table and two beautiful. There, I was one with his geriverten Two Pair then All In. Pity that I at the time my Full House already had. In the end then, a couple of Euro Short Stacked stolen, as he and his Pocket 8 AllIn's gone ... And against my pocket 9's first. So it can go.

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