суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

If it goes down times ...

Trident Poker:-$ 28.83

... Then it remains so.
But first I want to tell a beautiful hand. I pocket 9s and the flop brings me my set. A Short Stacked AI goes with me. Now you can see the cards unfortunately the AI at Trident not, but he had pocket Ts The Turn brings a T and the River still a 9th So much for the happy part of today.
Otherwise, I agree with the last hand with my pocket Qs Pocket ace raced against. Shortly before that with my gefloppten A-High-Flush against 86o lost because of the River yes absolutely had to get a full house.
Well, there are again below $ 1000. But it will also go back up. Still, the figures for this month very well. :)

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