суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Sun Poker:-$ 5.92
VC Poker:-$ 0.60

Today times a day in a red, but I think the losses keep within bounds and it is slowly but surely advancing with the bonuses. A beautiful thing offers from VC Poker to report there for October just $ 10 for nothing, it only needs the code by the Cashier at home. In VC I currently stand at $ 42.51 and $ 10 with at the beginning that I get there. Apparently, it also gets another $ 35, if you have enough of the items collected there. This is, however, not so fast ...

The rake with the back seems not at all as to be unprofitable. Yesterday, I got $ 8.62 an Rake caused them and get $ 2.76 back. At the end of the month could not little. If I do well again at Sun would win. * G *

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