суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Happy Birthday and holiday start

( +$30.52 Rakeback) Sun Poker: $ 23:20 (+ $ 30.52 Rake Back)

Fortunately, I was able to leave my durchboxen yet, so I quite comfortable this week fröhnen the cards. My girlfriend is studying until the evening, so enough time.
Additionally, today my birthday, the 26th In the age must be something better on the cards. Yeah ... It only goes downhill. ;)

Today should be a couple of updates. I try my individual sessions are not too long to let enough breaks in between to make.

Session 1
From 12 to 13:00 am Session 1 was very bumpy, but a few good cards have prevented the worst. Actually, it started very well, my first hand (QT) at the same time turned into a full house. The flushing today and were from the textbook: 1 of 3 hit, the others are not very favorable. A nice A-High-Straight River on the case he has done usual.
Total earnings: $ 8.60

Session 2
Another hour is played and it looked pretty bad. A player had 2x exactly the counterpart of my hand. I have AT, he has TT and in a T-flop as a high-Card. Treff then I think on the Straight River, but he has long been his full house on the flop had. In the end it has given me a little money, however, a gift. He AA and I KJs on the flop I flush and straight-Draw and he embeds always something less than the pot, which is then purely rechnerich well enough. Feels still funny with nothing yet clear but relatively too. Well, on the River came my Nut-Straight.
Total earnings: $ 13:55

Session 3
I think this is likely my last session for today. But, now look. My girl needs to learn for exams, so tonight could have a session in it.
The session was quite ok, Trips vs. Flush gave me a little was brought. Only this time it was very, very tight tables, also did little to win points.

Thanks, incidentally, for the congratulations, gifts in the form of money or alcoholic beverages. ;)
Total earnings: $ 23:20

Rake Back
Just, the email came from Sun that my Rake Back arrived. fürs Konto. This again makes an additional $ 30.52 for the account. This is also the $ 900 mark cracked! Something to 4 digits soon.

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