суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

On and off ...

Bonus Grand Bay Poker: $ 30 + bonus
Sun Poker:-$ 53.50

After the second e-mail was then the bonus finally on my account of GBP. This results in the following picture at GBP Bonus:
Deposit: $ 50
Payout: $ 113.19
These Bonus: $ 30
Of Profit: $ 33.19

For Sun, it was now rather then return to the "off". Where were my losses today? Once I Top Pair with Mr. "I klau every pot" gecalled. Of course, if and only if he has taken his set.
Then I think A-High-Straight on the River gefolded because there was 4x Pik, which of course I did not and shows me what my opponent? Two Pair, no Pik far and wide.
Finally, then Mr. Lucky. I bekomm Turn on the KT with a A-High-Straight and 2 go with me AI. One of them had also KT, the other AJ, and thus Two Pair and on the River course, he still gets a J! Kotzen To!

Well, I was just before the 900th $ But today would have to actually have the Rake come back, then that would be done. Now I do eh first break and kill a couple of virtual humans.

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