суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Sun Poker: $ 37.96

So, now we play the same game as yesterday. Short sessions, with breaks in between. Hopefully with a good starting the same way as yesterday.

Session 1
First, I found it very nice to my friend with AA, that he me with 97s, SB has reinlimpen, the flop has brought me two 9er and his showdown (unfortunately very small) stack. A straight on the River, the remaining dollars. :)
Total earnings: $ 18:51

Session 2
Ok, that was a very short session. Can me at the moment is not so great focus and I can not decide whether I just warm or cold. Well, perhaps later in the night again.
Total earnings: $ 20.81

Session 3
That was again a productive session. Mainly an AI with my AA, I owe to the profit, which was 64s (and a flush Draw) gecalled. AA has held, and thus it was mine. A little, I lost with AK, which has the 4th River A color map that was brought to me and then too hot.
Total earnings: $ 37.96

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