суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Trident Poker: $ 29.04

After 20 minutes, I stopped. At two tables at once, it ran at the same time so well that I even knew where net, I was the first look. Then I got me my first Full House minded, which I find on the River with QT get hab (Board: TT33x) and got as something other than the enemy.
At the other table, it was even more beautiful than I with the A4 BB reingelimpt bin. The board looked at the end like this:

By the River, there were almost no action, was not raised preflop and on the flop, my opponent grad times a few cents. Turn and the River durchgecheckt he also checked to me, because I have it with the sighted to $ 3 Bet tried and hoped that something, and he thinks that I am the pot now wants to steal it. His rise was obviously a nice knot as a gift! Of course, I also raised again and get all his money. He was so kind and has revealed: KK! What do we learn from this? KK is not the slowplayen da! :)

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