суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

New month!

Sun Poker: $ 14.40 +
Party: $ 24.40

This begins the month pretty good, I even think that it probably is the first month in which I am the first Make no loss. Since I now probably no more time to play will find, it will be in the profit hopefully stay.

From the session at Sun, there is really not much to tell, just got to wait for my chances and then slammed. Two rather lose-aggressive goods tables, then at least a couple of points. Hopefully, the month as well.

Evening Update:
Since I just did read that people just a little money from Party tournaments, I have to look at and see there: $ 15 ... Not at poker may be wasted. Well, then stop off to the slot machines, a few times already been pressed and it is almost $ 25 which I could then pay off. This has also served to them to pay off. Again, Party was changed. Previously they had to pay at least $ 50 and no odd amounts. This time it went without problems. Thank You Party!

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