суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Crazy Poker confusion

Crazy Poker: $ 9:42 -

Today, I really wanted some quick RHs at Crazy Poker and got me for one hour at 5 FL tables. That should be the long session yesterday, actually quite a lot RHs.
Since I did not return to an e-mail had to wait, I live with the spoken Support and was told that I had about 145RHs. That, however, was not up to date because the system is only updated every 45 minutes. So, I just an hour later asked again because everything would be up to date. The response from the Live Support: 75RHs. Since then, I was somewhat confused and after a little back and forth, rausgestellt that the entire probably just a few problems and has not properly updated. The last word was 163RHs then, but I still hope that this is not all. I got the good side of a page and get on the RHs I can look myself. Well, the last 37RHs I would probably still somehow.

On the outcome itself is not much to say. At 5 tables, I am not really that good. The $ 9 is a mixture of bad calls and some bad beats. The main thing the bonus comes soon.

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