суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Vacation almost over

Sun Poker: $ 15.80

Actually, my vacation already gone, and it's just the normal weekend before going back to work. The good is that I have in a month again a week's holiday hab.

Today, I have lunch once more to the Sun Poker Bonus worked and learned something: Pick the right tables. I was at two tables, which was a fairly passive, it was hardly increased, and an increase in almost all went out. That was especially nice if it was someone has managed to get to the pot. At the other table were two aggressive players sat and each Raise after the flop was a Re-Raise, just to see if it really was. From the table I then quickly passed me and I still wanted a passive. Already klappts well with the neighbors.

My bank has now rolling for the first time the $ 700 mark cracked! :)

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