суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Sun Poker: $ 30.55
Grand Bay Poker: $ 33.19

But not too much to talk about any Upswings, otherwise Lady Luck still comes and takes me back my good cards away.

Was a rather brief session at Sun, but is also very good. Major donors were Mr. AK, which has a K on the flop has taken and thought that he was so quiet times AllIn go. Only stupid if I did Pocket T's and my set meet. So it makes it fun. * G *

Afterwards I sometimes with the bonus of Grand Bay Poker started. I still do not how many RHs I actually need. But at some point I have werd times a reply from the support. Something between 100 and 150 should be. They are playing fast. At GBP werd I probably something as a player trying Short Stacked and the NL20 tables to graze.

A little later * *

Nagut, that was easier than I thought. Meanwhile, I also support replied. For the $ 30 bonus just need 100RHs, I quickly played at 3 tables. Short Stacked (with $ 5 to NL20 tables) to play was quite funny. On a table from the first $ 5 through $ 25, and almost everything was done by the same person, to the $ 30 profit, the added bonus of course. For the month to go further ... Look how long times GBP needs to the bonus to move out, so you can hear not only good for running.

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