суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Halloooooo Sun Poker

New providers, new happiness ... Not until now. In any case, I am at Sun Poker and wants logged got a few experiences with Rake Back collect. Times look like and whether it works for me is absolutely worth it. Incidentally, I have since also two bonuses for elimination.
Schoenberg is that the bonus is also used to play. So now I paid $ 150 and I am there now on $ 300th Unfortunately, it ran at Sun Poker is not soooo good, because I am an aggressive player or two, and eventually even with AQ raced against AA. It's a good thing that my opponent was short Stacked and therefore not much I could lose weight. Even I had to again find that a A-High-Flush is higher than other flushing. This experience, I could also return to my players. Here it was again a great pity that my opponent was short Stacked. Because on the board was a K-High-Flush and I had the appropriate Ass The pot was not at all times so small, I think he would also be more money gecalled.
The software from Sun is not bad, what pleases me is not so again that Poker Office is not supported. The Cashier, I find there are not so succeeded, mainly because every time you go strictly by its current account balance to learn, and even then it gets to be difficult out.
What I do well is the display of the MPP (the points where you need for the bonus), which you can see right on the table, so you always know how rewarding the table.

The numbers today:
Sun Poker:-$ 9.70
VC Poker: $ 8:24
Lotto: 3 ... ;)

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