суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


As you may have noticed, is the level indicator disappeared.

This is because, as I do now and then the game changed and got me in the moment in the NL SH feel pretty well. I think I slowly all variants of Hold'em, and can say what I like about what options do. When limit can be beautiful and everything calculate quite accurately calculated. With No Limit, however, may be somewhat better controlled, especially when one bad player at the table. In the NL, the blinds are not so expensive and if you have to play SH, plays a few leaves more than limit, which is of course also be more fun. Let's see how long I stay in the NL ... ;)

This time, there will also be no new target level, but I will after bank rolling targets. At the moment I am still very scarce in the area of NL25, and it is also my current maximal level. Depending on your mood werd I also NL10 play, I will do my daily depending on the form.
NL50 is obviously still some time, but also the werd sooner or later, I can play. Look time, in three weeks I think probably my eh again. Maybe I should try Omaha times yes! ? ;)

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