суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

It stinks at Trident

Trident Poker: $ 27.48
VC Poker: + $ 3.96

Yes, Trident is a stench in the air. It stinks after fish. Sometimes I was not really sure if I just Ultra-Aggressiven Könnern games, or whether people are simply too stupid. Meanwhile, I find it in any case, a very dangerous mix. Because either it works fairly well or flying on the face.
Today, it works first, let's look at what the evening brings so.

Now I know what the evening brings it: $ 10 Again! What annoys me was that it would have $ 20 more. But unfortunately I have a friend on my AK, but unfortunately it was KK, and that was not enough for my two boys.
But I rausgeholt later than it actually was almost exactly reversed. My opponent and I had JJ AA, and he wanted to AI, because I do not say no.
Schoenberg was also gefloppten KT and the King-high straight. One simply does not want to stop and put on the River was even the Nut-Flush from my straight. At the time, I also increased for the first time, I ask myself just how much I would have abknöpfen him. The $ 5 Raise he gecalled without reflection.
Schoenberg somehow I found the following picture, even if it is me, in fact, only cost $ 7. But somehow ists just beautiful to look at:

Now even the evening update: After a film ( "population 436", it was quite ok), I am once again at the tables. This time again to relax at VC Poker. It is good if the people a Top Pair enough to AllIn to go. Since VC but somehow just short Stacked people play, it has not all too much. But hauptsache the $ 1000 mark is broken again!

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