суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Already over half again

Trident Poker:-$ 29.76

Four tables, each with NL20 $ 5, not very professionally, but it brings but quickly points. A bit what I lost, Straight Flush and K-Flush vs vs A-Flush were net so cheap. The last hand was then AA and someone got me gecalled. $ 9, I had at the table, then $ 18th Naja.

Session 2 has me at Trident unfortunately again a few dollars. If I look times the next day to find there is still time to look seriously to play.

* * Hmpflgrz
Well, if lose, then right. Vs. Straight Flush, Two Pair vs. Set, vs. Flush Flush, AA vs. 99 (I had AA!) And no idea how often vs. Top Pair Set.
Am I glad that I am the profits of the last few days quite calmly ignored. Only the $ 1000 I could not come closer!

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