суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Evil Win

Sun Poker: + $ 6.66

After almost 2 hours to play in a gain of $ 6.66, na least, the number beautiful. In the beginning, I once again caught a stupid table. I think that I am now quite aggressively, but there are still what, yet aggressive, and my Bets reraisen and although I am quite sure that they have nothing eh.

Two beautiful hands is to report, once I had QT and am with 4 people in the flop: AJT rainbow, it was a little. The turn brings the K, which anyone with a Q the Straight. All 4 people go AllIn and, of course, each of the 4 a lady: 4x Splitpot. Pity.
Then there was a fairly large pot, I had Axs and in two of my color. Unfortunately, I was the $ 10 Bet my opponent but then something too high. But I later another large pot with a A-High-Flush cleared.

Otherwise, the earnings are not too high today, a pity really, because I finally awake again was enough. With the bonus is also slow, more than 1 / 4, I now from 1 Bonus, but then again so is a bonus for which I need 500 points. Anyway, it goes ahead and rake back there even more, I am curious how many times has this today.

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