суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Real again Sunday?

Sun Poker:-$ 5.83

It is really again Sunday, it was not until last Friday? The time is simply far too quickly rum. Well, another two weeks, then I have another week off.

You see that horrendous profits at Sun? 37 cents! And so I can really be satisfied. In the beginning it went pretty well, after a few hands, I was already $ 20 plus. The biggest part of it came from someone with KK against my AA wrong. Indeed good.
Then hats caught me angry. I raised preflop with TT and will gecalled. The flop comes 9-high, perfect. I do something that will be increased and calle. The turn brings a J and I check my Raiser also checked. "Very good" I would like to thank me, if he fear of a J, then perhaps he has a lower pair or A9 or something. The River brings a 5 and I check and my first opponent bets $ 15 ... Ui but I think calle. Was he covering up? 85 s. .. I mentioned that even flop in a 5 and he stood on the River Trips get? Afterwards, I still ran well against QQ and already changed the sign in front of my profit or German: Now did - $ 20
Then I caught myself again and got me back a few dollars back fetched. Thus, the session also break even, but again with a couple of bonus points and Rake back there even more.

These few cents so naturally I could not leave, so again at the tables and a little lost.
In the beginning it was really good, maybe I should play after 10 minutes ever stop? In any case eventually came with a $ 5 to the table and played extremely aggressive. With its large Bets managed it, almost every pot to decide for themselves and in the end, he had on his $ 5 over $ 30. The whole time I have been waiting for good cards, so I gave him a piece of the pie away, unfortunately, someone else has the cards in front of me and so had he left the table without money.
Well, I am still in the Plus at Sun, and now it must slow even go up again.

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